The Titanic II Project to Set Sail in 2022

The Titanic II Project to Set Sail in 2022

Mar 30, 2020Manuela Mitevova

When it comes to ships, there simply isn’t one more legendary than the RMS Titanic. Just two days away from its scheduled arrival, the apparently ‘unsinkable’ ship sank in the North Atlantic one morning. April 15, 1912, will forever be remembered as the date of this catastrophe. The sad event has since inspired a huge cult following, mostly thanks to the blockbuster film Titanic, but now, an ever more real sequel is in the making- a Titanic II ship which is to set sail in 2022. We have all the details about the exciting project.

The Titanic II Idea

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The Australian billionaire Clive Palmer certainly doesn’t lack ambition. He is planning to get even richer from his newest investment- the planned Titanic ship, which is set to replicate exactly the experience from over 100 years ago, albeit in more modern and safe conditions. There is no doubt that Titanic II will be a great success, especially with so much financial backing from Palmer. How different will the second Titanic be though?

An Upgraded Version

Naturally, no one wants the new ship to meet the same fate as the original Titanic, which is why special safety measures are being taken. To avert a disaster, the builders of Titanic II are giving the ship some anti-iceberg upgrades, to provide greater durability of materials, as well as more stability to the ship itself. On top of that, modern navigation systems will be helping Titanic II predict changes in the open waters and so avoiding surprise encounters with icebergs. The new operator company is making sure all goes smoothly!

Different Operator

The original Titanic operated under the White Star Line company, which inspired Palmer to found the Blue Star Line for the new Titanic endeavor. The similarity in the company’s names is just another small touch to help future guests feel like they are experiencing the real deal. And Palmer, with his net worth of $1.8 billion, will also make sure there are enough lifeboats onboard. 

Lifeboat Security

Once Palmer announced the Titanic II project back in 2012, the public quickly reacted with jokes about the need to add a few lifeboats. Naturally, the safety measures will be different this time, and the number of lifeboats on board will be more than sufficient. The Titanic II will not, after all, be an identical replica of its predecessor and will include new technology and safety measures. It will also set sail from a different harbor!

Starting in Dubai

Unlike the original Titanic which began its journey in Southampton, England, in 1912, heading for New York City, the new ship will make its first trip from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Its final destination will also be New York City, so the ship will replicate some of the actual trip as well. But it will also sail to Southampton soon!

The Original Route

After reaching New York City from Dubai, the Titanic II will add more trips to its schedule, traveling from New York to Southampton and back. These trips will be the regular routes in the summer season, although Palmer is exploring different destinations for the future. But the class separation on the ship will remain the same as in 1912!

Separated by Class

In 1912, the Titanic was strictly separated by class. This was clearly depicted in the movie Titanic as well, and the new ship is set to repeat this. It will be split into first-, second-, and third-class accommodations, naturally reflecting the comfort the guest will pay for. The Titanic II team even made a video to show everyone the experience!

The Promotional Video

Even though we don’t have exact details of the look and feel of the Titanic II just yet, the promotional video which was released offers some hints. The video depicts the crew, as well as the passengers, in period costumes of the 20th century, making the trip even more true to life. What’s more, guests will also get to eat in the original restaurants!

The Original Restaurants Replicated

Titanic II will make sure the experience is as close to the original as possible, which is why Palmer instructed the builders to create replicas of the original amenities and restaurants onboard. The eateries and dining rooms will be identical to the original Titanic, and the decoration of the whole ship will make everyone feel like they traveled back to 1912. And 1912 is an important date which Palmer wants to pay homage to!

1912 Versus 2012

Palmer first announced the project in 2012, exactly the year which marked the 100th anniversary of the RMS Titanic. Palmer planned to tie the history of the ship to its future, and he shared that his plans with the project were much bigger than just recreating a replica. He wants to turn it into a fully operating cruise ship. But sometimes, construction problems get in the way!

Delayed Construction of the Titanic II

Wherever there is a lot of money, there will be financial disputes. The construction of the new ship was too, hindered by this. It was set to begin sailing in 2016 already, but due to a feud that shut down construction from 2015 to 2018, that didn’t happen. The dispute was between Palmer and a Chinese business responsible for the shipyard where the Titanic II was being constructed. It was eventually resolved in 2018, but now a rival is threatening Palmer!

A Chinese Replica

Titanic II is not the only replica being constructed in the world. China had a similar idea, and a Titanic ship is now being built in the Sichuan province, aiming to act as a stationary tourist attraction, rather than a cruise ship. In the end, it should not hinder Palmer from his plans. But when will the Titanic II itself set sail?

Boarding in 2022

Ready to launch 110 years later, the Titanic II is scheduled to begin its first journey in 2022. If everything goes according to plan, this will be the start of the long cruise ship life of the new project, taking guests to many exotic locations. But the Titanic II isn’t without controversies

The Controversial Palmer

The man behind the Titanic II, the Australian billionaire Palmer, got rich in the mining industry. With all his new money, he decided to start dabbling in politics, a move that many did not appreciate. Of course, this made him a highly controversial figure, which is why his newest project, the Titanic II, was also under fire from critics. There is a solution for anyone who doesn’t agree with Palmer though. Visiting the original Titanic!

The One and Only Original

If you are not one of those people who would pay money for a recreated experience of sailing on the Titanic, maybe you would like to visit the sunken wreck. A handful of companies are already planning unique trips to go underwater, but no details are yet known. However, you can be sure that the experience will cost you maybe even more than $100,000 per person.

We are definitely very intrigued and excited about all the possibilities of the new Titanic II. What Palmer is building seems like a great experience for history or film fans, and we can’t wait for the ship to finally set sail in 2022. And what about you? Would you want a sailing trip on such a legendary ship?