Amazing Burning Man Pictures

Amazing Burning Man Pictures

May 25, 2020Mourad Awad

We all know The Burning Man, a famous festival in Black Rock City, located in Nevada desert. Some say it’s about art, while others believe it’s an influencer party. But hold on - it’s much much more than that! Some of the pictures we gathered show Burning man from a completely different side. Keep reading to discover the most exclusive shots from the world-famous festival! 

The Dangerous Ladder

One of the most amazing things about Burning Man is that all attendees have to participate, one way or another. Some people volunteer and others create artwork. This particular piece is like a circular ladder, but not many folks would be open to climbing it. It seems pretty dangerous, but the pictures are beautiful.

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Radical Inclusion

The law regarding radical inclusion reads, "Anyone may be a part of Burning Man. We welcome and respect the stranger. No prerequisites exist for participation in our community." Anyone is allowed to participate in Burning Man as long as you follow the ten rules. However, as we'll talk about later, some groups are disproportionately represented despite the rule. 


Although a Radical Inclusion law is in place, the festival has been criticized for its diversity problem. According to a 2014 survey, 87 percent of attendees were white, while 6 percent were Latino, and 6 percent were Asian. Finally, only 1 percent of the attendees were black. Lee Harvey claims that “I don’t think black folks like to camp as much as white folks… We’re not going to set racial quotas… This has never been imagined by us as a utopian society ”.


Aside from simply sharing and trading, people are encouraged to participate rather than just observe. This is because the festival runs on the idea that social or individual change can only come about with deep and personal participation. So, new members are encouraged to learn the Burning Man Lingo and hop around and meet other attendees.

Save Water, Shower Together

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to shower at Burning Man. There are a couple of catches though. One, the "showers" are really foam baths full of bubbles. Second, it's a communal event, so everyone takes baths together. Third, and most importantly, you have to wash at least a dozen people before taking your own bath. Yes, Burning Man is a very tight community!

Radical Self-Reliance

Since the festival usually takes place in the middle of the desert, the conditions can be uncomfortable, to say the least.  If a burner requires special accommodations, such as a special diet or medications, they are required to bring that for themselves. Most people end up trading for necessities, but a few types of trades are banned for liability reasons. It's best to bring the supplies you need yourself.

A Summer Tradition for Friends

In 1986, Larry Harvey built a 9-foot sculpture of a man-made of wood, and at the end of summer, he burnt it on a beach in San Francisco. This became a sort of ritual for him and his friends, but every year, more people wanted to participate. This enticed Larry to continue doing this, making the sculpture increasingly bigger as the years went by. In 1987, the sculpture measured 15 feet, while two years later, it was almost three times as tall!

Lights and Love

In 1991, neon lights were added to Burning Man as there was a risk that people might get lost in the desert, and it can be very dangerous. A group called The Black Rock Rangers was founded by Michael Mikel, who also goes by "Danger Ranger," and its purpose was to keep everybody safe and break up any fights or incidents. 

Growing Popularity

In 1991, Harvey got a permit to hold the festival, and that year, only 250 people attended the event. However, it was getting increasingly bigger, and by 1995, around 4,000 people attended. By 1997, 10,000 were there, and this number shot up to 25,000 people in 2000, and by 2010, more than 50,000 people showed up.

Communal Effort

Community spirit is central to the Burning Man experience. The participants always try to help a fellow burner in need. It's very friendly, and most people are pro-active in helping other members. Whether it's a bottle of water, extra clothes, a little food, or just a shoulder to cry on, someone will be there. If there is anything someone can do to help a fellow participant, they'll usually do it.

Their Own Language

Burning Man is more than just a random event that people show up to. The "burners" must participate too, and they have their own dictionary. For instance, they call the land "The playa," which means beach in Spanish. People new to the festival are encouraged to learn the language and participate.

Burning Man Goes to Hollywood

Burning Man is a very unique event, and because of that, it has been referenced many times in pop culture. There is an episode of Malcolm in the Middle that focuses on the festival, and other famous TV shows that mentioned it include The Simpsons and South Park, as well as the video game "Watch Dog 2".

Sharing is Caring

The only thing you can buy at Burning Man is ice coffee. That's not too worrying, though, because people attending the festival love to share! There are specific camps where you can trade or share anything you have with other attendees. The festival relies on this communal effort of sharing, and members are usually more than happy to comply.

A Place to Mourn

At the festival, there is a temple built in the desert for people to mourn their loved ones. Burners who are grieving are encouraged to write a letter and leave it at the temple. At the end of the festival, the temple is burned, and during this ritual, some like to spread the ashes of their loved ones.

Not Just Hippies

Burning Man isn't just a festival for hippies. Many rich people attend the event too, usually in their RVs, allowing them to create their own little camps. They even sometimes come with bodyguards and chefs! Also, people build beds for them and bring air conditioning, even though they're in the desert! Usually, these types of attendees do their own thing and don't really intertwine with the other members.

Destroying the Spirit

A lot of people have complained about the luxury camps as they ruin the spirit and vibe of the whole festival. While other burners are trading, sharing, and exploring, rich people come with pre-made food cooked by a five-star chef, and even their own A/C! Larry Harvey insists that he does not discriminate based on what people bring, or how much money they have, but he did admit that some weren't following the rules as they isolated themselves from the rest of the burners.


If you can't make it to Nevada while Burning Man is happening, don't fret! The festival has inspired many people around the world to host their own events with the same spirit, in places like New Zealand, Australia, New England, Kiwiburn, and China. Although very similar to Burning Man, they are not all officially affiliated with the festival, but they are still held with the same spirit.


As cash exchanges are forbidden at the festival, it is highly encouraged to give gifts. It is nearly like a trading system where people do something in exchange for something else. Originally, at the very beginning of Burning Man, gifting meant exchanging favors, but throughout the years, the gifts have become something more physical.


To keep this tradition of gifting alive, there is nothing for sale at the festival, aside from coffee and lemonade at the center camp. Once you're at the camp, you must rely on sharing and trading for anything. Thankfully, the members are very communal and are more than happy to share anything, from art to massages.

Rule Not Followed

After the festival, most of the trash is cleared from the desert, but San Francisco residents have claimed that attendees throw their trash all around the city. There is a "Leave no Trace" rule in place, but sadly, many people tend to disregard it. An environmental organization, Sierra Club, heavily criticized Burning Man because of the "hundreds of thousands" of water bottles discarded in the area.

Hugs and Virgins

In the language of Burning Man, first-timers are called "virgins". When they first enter the camp, they roll in the sand and shout "I'm not a virgin anymore!" three times. After this ritual, they can then enter Burning Man. First-timers are supposed to be greeted with hugs for the entire weekend too. There's even a "Hug Deli" where you can exchange different hugs!

The Van der Graaf Generator

You might remember seeing a small Van der Graaf generator back in high school. This is like a huge version of it, and it’s incredible. Interestingly, most people think that only celebrities and influencers go to Burning Man, but that’s not true at all. There are no limits, even regarding age. You just have to follow certain rules.

Laws Of The Land

As the festival grew bigger, Lee Harvey realized that there has to be some sort of rules to keep the festival from descending into complete chaos. He then came up with ten rules. The rules are: radical inclusion, gifting, decommodification, radical self-reliance, and radical self-expression, and communal effort, civic responsibility, leaving no trace, participation, and immediacy.

Radical Self-Expression

Everyone at Burning Man is encouraged to express their creativity in whichever way they see fit. People make art projects and personalized gifts. Other forms of expression include the types of clothing people wear. Some of them wear outlandish costumes. Some people wear nothing at all! For some people, creativity is easier to express without clothing.

Civic Responsibility

Since so much free stuff is given out at Burning Man, burners will often create scheduled events. Live performances, wine tasting, making art, and lots of other activities happen at Burning Man. They're all free of charge, but the leaders of these activities are still bound by federal, state, and local laws. It's the leaders' job to make sure that those are being followed, and it is their responsibility if they aren't.

Leaving No Trace

This rule is very specific. Everyone is expected to clean up after themselves at the end of the festival. Trash, tents, food, and other waste is to be disposed of properly. The idea is to leave the place of the festival better off than when it began. Anyone who comes back to the festival grounds when it is over shouldn't even know that the festival had happened. Ideally, the place is left better off than when it began.


The "immediate experience" is one of the most important facets of Burning Man. The idea is that the participants should live in the moment and use the festival as a means of discovering their true selves. Love, nature, and community are all directed at helping the participants seize their time. Contact with the outside world is mainly forbidden, and the experience can't ever really be replicated.

The Couple

Another incredible piece for Burning Man. It’s true of what they say that bringing artwork to the event could end up being incredibly expensive, but there are some mistaken preconceptions. Theresa Christine from INSIDER said, “It's a myth that you barter at Burning Man and must always have something to trade in order to receive something. As an attendee, you are given the responsibility of bringing a gift to share with people.”

The Alebrije

For some reason, this particular artwork reminds us of Alebrijes from the Pixar film ‘Coco’, which are colorful spirits that guide the dead in the afterlife. Mexicans make Alebrije figurines that anyone can buy. The first alebrijes, along with the term, were coined by Pedro Linares, who had a dream while sick of an enchanted forest.


We have discovered that this piece is called “Mariposita”, which translates to “little butterfly”, and it was created by New York artist Chris Carnabuci. There seems to be a sense of freedom in this Nevada desert, where sculptures like this one look even grander. At night, this one had a bunch of colors, and it was just as enchanting.


While other artworks are designed to burn at night, this one is so much better in the daylight. There is an incredible play of light in this image. It’s so polished that it’s almost like water. Interestingly, it was created by artist Michael Benisty from steel and shined to perfection by hand. Anyone would want to see it up close.


One thing to keep in mind is how dry the air gets in the desert. Even in the middle of the night, the air can be dry and hard to breathe. A neckerchief can be a handy tool to have around, as are sunglasses. But be careful, enjoying too much alcohol in the hot sun can make you ill. Let's hope this woman didn't find that out first-hand!

The Bigger Camps

Some of the bigger camps like to take photos together. You meet all sorts of friends and interesting people at Burning Man. The bigger camps can accommodate hundreds of people, and sometimes you meet friends for life! More than a few couples have begun their relationships at the festival, after they tell each other their real names, of course.

Animal Costumes

Animal costumes and motifs are popular at Burning Man. Do they make the participants feel closer to nature? Are they honoring a lost pet? Should we even ask? It really doesn't matter. It's all a part of the idea of radical self-expression, which is one of the ten rules.


Surprisingly, one form of art that you won't find a lot of at Burning Man are tattoo artists. It would seem like a natural fit with the desert and artistic activities. People have tried, but it almost never works. Blame the conditions. It's hard to keep a sanitary environment when you're on the playa. 

A Family Affair

Even though you generally will meet a "new" family out on the playa, some people like to make Burning Man into a family affair. Sisters, brothers, cousins, moms, dads, etc. all come out together sometimes. In the very first public iterations of the festival, kids were allowed, but that was soon nixed the next year.


Oddly enough, fur shows up quite a bit in Burning Man costumes too. Normally, at an environmentally-friendly festival like this, fur would be frowned upon. Many people will either wear fake fur or wear rabbit fur. Wild rabbits are a big problem at Burning Man, and participants are encouraged to catch them and eat them. Some people even use them for clothes!


If you want to stand out in a crowd, usually wearing sequins or Swarovski crystals is a good way to do it. Not so much at Burning Man. The crystals tend to reflect the sunlight, and that is the last thing most people want in the hot desert. Not that many people complain, but as part of the "civic-responsibility" rule, you might want to take them off. Or leave them at home.


Many celebrities attend Burning Man. As we mentioned earlier, some of them like to attend in luxury RVs and high-end camps. Others, like Paris Hilton and Cara Delevigne in this picture, tend to be a little more low-key about their participation. If you go, you just might run into someone famous. Just make sure to use their playa name.

Company Participation

Corporate sponsors are not allowed at Burning Man. However, that hasn't stopped some companies from advertising in a way at Black Rock City. They simply send their employees and they do the rest. One example is Victoria's Secret. They have sent all of their "angels" models to every festival since 2016. They usually cover their faces, as seen here, not to be recognized.

Photo Shoots

To go along with the celebrities and corporate sponsors, a lot of artists use Burning Man as a backdrop. Unfortunately, advertisers have also gotten into the mix. It's a perfect post-apocalyptic background for many types of photos, and there's really nothing else like it.

The Elephant

Travis C. told Bored Panda, “Burning Man 2019 was amazing in so many ways. It was my third year and likely my favorite so far as each year you start to better understand the parameters and limitations of the experience.  For example: which fabrics repel dust and which attract it. Which foods reheat well and which do not. Can I wear heels while in drag or will I sink? The entire experience is not only a social experiment but also layered with smaller experiments of life in an alternate universe.”

The Burning Man

While the event goes on for a whole week, on Saturday, the Man burns, which is indicative of the name. Theresa Christine from INSIDER said, “Many people know about the Man — the effigy after which the whole event is named —burn on Saturday, but fewer people realize the yin to this yang is the Temple burn. The Temple is a structure where Burners head to let go of things, whether it's pain from a lost friend or family member, a breakup with a partner, or the death of a pet.”

The Barter System

As cash exchanges are forbidden at the festival, it is highly encouraged to give gifts. It is nearly like a trading system where people do something in exchange for something else. Originally, at the very beginning of Burning Man, gifting meant exchanging favors, but throughout the years, the gifts have become more physical.

The Bees

Every piece of artwork has a huge meaning, behind whatever is shown. This pair of bees might be a commentary on the fact that the insect that produces honey is slowly decreasing in numbers all over the world. That’s a huge concern because, without them, flowers would not reproduce. Without pollination, there would be no food.

Let It Burn

It’s incredible what humans can do when they let creativity flow. There is a lot more to this event than just a couple of parties. Unfortunately, some tickets can cost more than $1,000. Not everyone will get to experience it. However, if you can, try it. There is something in it for people from all walks of life. It’s not just a performance, party, or regular musical festival. It’s a lot more.

Scoop The Poop And The Moop

One of the words from the Burning Man lingo is "moop". It's an acronym that stands for "Matter Out Of Place". Volunteers clean the area of moop before the festival-goers arrive to give them a clean slate. Littering is, of course, forbidden (see: Leaving No Trace) and attendees must use porta-potties. That last bit is one of the few things that can cost you money at the festival. It's a $125 ticket if you soil the ground.

Burning Man Fitness

There are, of course, many activities at Burning Man. Really, there is something for everyone! Beyond art, music, and drinking, there are also lots of healthy activities as well. There are normally roller skating parties, meditation, pole dancing, and even fitness classes. There was a marathon, but you have to be pretty brave to join it in that kind of heat.

Creating The Peace

Many business and community leaders have followed the principles behind Burning Man, including the ten rules. One of the most famous was Dustin Moskovitz of Facebook. He followed the first principle of radical inclusion and invited the Winkelvoss twins to be part of Facebook. These events were dramatized in the 2010 movie The Social Network. The purpose of the rules was to avoid conflict, and they worked...eventually.

Changing Your Identity

Most of the participants at Burning Man don't even know each others' real names. They give each other meaningless temporary names that are referred to as "Playa Names". The key is that you don't get to come up with your own name. Someone else has to give it to you. These names are always friendly and add to the communal aspect. You can become a totally different person!

Don't Try And Sneak In

Every single car is checked before entering Burning Man. Why? Well, the main reason is to make sure that people are not sneaking in. Despite all of the free-spirited fun, you still need a ticket to get in. The cars are checked by the festival organizers though, and not the police. They typically don't confiscate anything.

The Cool Kids Ride Bikes

The best method to get to Burning Man? Ride a bike! Bicycles fit into the Burning Man ethos perfectly. They are personalized and environmentally friendly. It makes it easier to get around the camps too. Many people will specially decorate their bikes with paint, feathers, or whatever for the festival. A few people even buy special bikes or ride unicycles.

Burning Man Photos

Every year, the imagery of the festival gets crazier. So, it should be no surprise that professional photographers love to attend Burning Man. There are amazing artists and lights, and lots of crazy and bizarre costumes. Photographers must sign a contract with the organizers to enter, and there are various conditions that must be met. There are privacy issues involved, but more importantly, the organizers want the festival to feel as liberating as possible. Any photo that could be objectionable is subject to censorship.

Playa Foot

The name of the place where Burning Man is held is called the Playa. Even though it is in a desert, the most abundant material on the ground is an alkaline residue. This material is lighter than sand and is a result of the area being an ancient lake bed. Some people are allergic to the residue, and if it enters a cut or other part of the body, it can cause a painful reaction. This is commonly referred to as "Playa Foot".

Clear Skies

One of the few permanent structures at Burning Man is the Black Rock Observatory. It was built in 2014. The observatory has two twenty-foot domes and a twenty-inch telescope. Due to the lack of light pollution in the desert, it's much easier to see all of the stars and planets in the night skies. Participants can see as far as Jupiter, Saturn, and even all the way to Neptune!

Hugs, Not Drugs

Illegal drugs are not allowed at Burning Man, although obviously, a lot get in. Despite the police checks and efforts of the festival organizers, drugs, especially psychedelics, make it into the festival. Not everyone does drugs at Burning Man though. There are two camps that are specifically set up for sober people: Anonymous Village and Run Free. These camps are devoted to those who want the experience but don't want drugs.

The Ballerina

Now we're going to take you on a tour of some of the coolest and most interesting art projects ever seen at Burning Man. Most of them are anonymous because remember, everyone gets a different name. This is a 24-foot high ballerina sculpture. It's an impressive creation, and the picture was taken at exactly the right moment at sunset. It almost looks like a beautiful toy, only giant-sized!

Shining Through

Another giant-sized statue of a woman, this one is 50 feet tall and made of metal and plexiglass. Notice how the figure appears to be holding two torches in her hands. These two are not even the tallest sculptures at the festival. Keep reading, because the next picture we have will give you an idea of the scale of this particular statue. It will blow your mind!

Crude Awakening

The tallest structure ever built at Burning Man up until that point in time was called Crude Awakening. It was a 99-foot tall sculpture of an oil derrick, and it produced a 1000 foot tall column of flame. They used 900 gallons of jet fuel and 2000 gallons of liquid propane to do it. It was one of the most impressive performances ever at Burning Man, and it left many participants in awe. However, many from inside and outside the community found the use of fossil fuel to be wasteful and not keeping in line with the Burning Man ethos.

The Response

The organizers took the criticism to heart and had a unique response. They built 30- and 50- watt solar arrays as permanent installations the same year as Crude Awakening. These solar panels create a carbon offset of 559 tons annually. Most of the power for the festival that is not user-generated is now provided by these solar panels. It's a pretty great way to use the hot sun of the desert!

The Jungle Gym

This structure looks almost like a pyramid-shaped jungle gym from a playground. If you look closely, you'll see others like it in the background too. Artificial light is a popular medium to work with at Burning Man. It contrasts beautifully with the night sky and it's a fun challenge to keep it environmentally friendly. Also in this picture, someone has dressed up as Tron from the eponymous 1982 movie. Even costumers work with light!

The Light Shark

This is another cool installation that uses light as a medium. It's made out of metal and LED tubing. You can just walk right in and settle down. Like all art installations at Burning Man, the intent is that this is burned to the ground at the end of the festival. The artists are responsible for disposing of their own waste, just like everyone else.

Squid On Fire

Another popular medium to work with for Burning Man installations is fire. Ever since 2007, when the Crude Awakening performance happened, fire has become an important way for artists to express themselves. Like artificial light, it also contrasts with the desert skies. It has the added benefit of not using electricity. This sculpture is really impressive! It looks like something from a Mad Max movie, but it's real!

Combining Both

Some artists like to combine everything. This is a brightly lit sculpture that looks like a rocket ship! You can climb right into the middle or top and use it like an observation deck. It's a testament to the artists that work on the art at Burning Man. In 2018, there were 383 pieces of placed art at the festival, and probably even more in 2019, although that figure is not public yet.

The Burning Man Temple

The most important building at Burning Man is the temple. Even though most of Burning Man is highly decentralized, the Temple serves as the center for spiritual activities for the festival. This is where people get married, mourn loved ones, and perform rituals. The Temple is built every year, and every year it is a little different. The 2018 version is pictured above, and like every other structure at Burning Man, it's burned at the end of the festival. 

Under The Neon Lights

Here's a group of campers underneath a simpler statue. It's a wire-frame that is ornamented by simple LED light ropes. They're the same ropes that you might see on a Christmas tree. These kinds of art are common at every Burning Man festival. Not everything there must be 100 feet tall. All forms of self-expression are encouraged, and some of the simplest ones are some of the most beautiful.

Spider Fire

Some of the sculptures at Burning Man serve a dual purpose. This giant spider also serves as a heater for the cold night air. There are a lot of dual-purpose installations like this, and really they serve a third purpose: attracting new people to their camps. As stated before, people are encouraged to jump around to different camps. What could possibly attract more people than a giant spider stove?

Legos and Rabbits

This is a cool ride, and it's every kid's dream. A real truck that is mostly made from Legos! You see all kinds of "mutant vehicles" at Burning Man. One thing you won't see is guns. They're banned from Black Rock City. You will see lots of rabbits running around, and if you can catch one, you're allowed to eat it. For whatever reason, people love to bring bacon to Burning Man too. It has become a very popular snack!

The Size Of Burning Man

This is a really great view of the entire festival. The giant fire in the middle is the actual Burning Man sculpture, lit up to signal the end of a festival The festival accommodates exactly 70,000 people per year (plus staff). Most people will stick around long enough for this moment because it's the climax of the entire week. It can be a spectacular view, and well worth the effort to stick around.

What To Wear

Now we'll take a look at some of the amazing fashions you might see at Burning Man.  This couple appears to be going for the whole apocalyptic vibe. Unusual, movie-inspired costumes are common at Burning Man, especially those inspired by the Mad Max films. It looks like this one was no exception. 

The Natural Gas Mask

What better way to ensure that you have fresh oxygen than by using a houseplant? The theory here is obviously that the plant gives off pure oxygen. The woman wearing it is either protesting greenhouse gases or simply presenting a new invention. Either way, it's a pretty cool idea. We bet it keeps all of that playa sand out of her lungs for the whole week!

Facepaint And Fresh Faces

Painting your face is a common fashion activity at Burning Man. Some people go all out, and some people go with a more conservative approach. It looks like these two went with the latter. It's probably good to use a bit less since the heat melts most facepaint. Having plenty of sunscreen is important to keep the sun from burning your skin too.

Less Is More

It's hard to keep cool in the heat! Some people go totally naked but the more common approach is to wear a swimsuit or bodysuit. It looks like these two have gone with a bit of a combination, and the gold jewelry and feathered crowns make them look like queens of the desert. Just remember that it gets cold at night!


Making jewelry is an important part of the desert culture. It's no different at Burning Man. Sometimes, as in this shot, jewelry can be taken to the extreme. It's a good commodity to have though. Someone will always want to make a trade if it involves cool jewelry. Want some water for a cool piece of turquoise or jade? It sounds like a great deal!

Yin And Yang

Yet another common choice for clothing at Burning Man is for groups to wear themed clothing. Not a uniform, because that would be contrary to the spirit of the festival. This one is a good example. These two ladies have dressed in similar outfits of opposite colors. This emphasizes the individuality of the festival, while still maintaining a spirit of community. The straw parasols are perfect for keeping the sun off too!

The High Priest

Pseudo-religious gear is popular at Burning Man. It is possible that this man helps running the Temple, which would make his look here appropriate. There are no formal religious entities at Burning Man, but there are a lot of spiritual experiences to be had anyway. Whether it's mourning a loved one, practicing transcendental meditation, or just trying to feel some good vibes, it all happens at the festival.

Riding Away

This man appears to be dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates Of The Caribbean. The big difference is that he's also riding a giant motorized skateboard of some kind. Generally, motorized vehicles are impractical at Burning Man due to the lack of a reliable source of fuel. This one looks like it's probably running on a low-power engine that might only need a little bit of fuel per day.


The most popular accessory in the costumes at Burning Man? Why it's feathers, of course! Whether you use them as wings, a headdress, or simply as an accessory, feathers are everywhere. And why not? They look cool and don't get messed up in the heat. Plus, they can be used to spruce up any piece of clothing and make it look special - or bizarre!


In heat and cold, it's always a good idea to have something to cover your head. Headdresses are a popular item, but the weather is only one reason. Feathered headdresses are also connected with desert culture. They are easily customized, and they are not an item that one would wear much outside of a special event. They really can fall into the "radical self-expression" category.


It's not just feathered headdresses though. People find all kinds of ways to express themselves. This woman is using plastic tubing. It's a very Electronic Dance Music-inspired outfit that would be right at home at a rave. And she even found a very discreet place to hide a bottle of water on her skirt. Brilliant! She could even use the plastic tubing as a straw!

Colored Hair

Another trend that you'll see a lot at Burning Man is colored hair. Hair is just a natural outlet for self-expression. You'll crazy hairstyles and Day-Glo colors all over the playa. Some people match their hair color to their outfits, others just make their hair whatever they want it to be. It looks like this woman has matched her hair to her sequins!

Bring A Friend

These two are both in shocking pink...maybe they knew each other beforehand, and maybe they didn't. Burning Man is a good place to connect with all sorts of new people. It's a great bonding experience for any group of friends. Staying out under the lights of the desert at night, and surviving the heat of the desert by day will do that for you. 

Sometimes, More Is More

Some people change their costumes for the evenings too. And why not? It's cold in the evening! This man has a full praying mantis outfit on. It's hard to imagine that he's not sweating profusely in that outfit. He's standing right in front of the Burning Man effigy too. We wonder if it's hotter in his costume!

Burning Man is a truly unique and special event, and these photos do a great job of showcasing that! Born out of a tradition in the 60s, it is now one of the largest festivals in the world. Why not plan a trip to attend it with your friends? 

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