20+ Unusual Coincidences That Are Hard To Believe

20+ Unusual Coincidences That Are Hard To Believe

May 25, 2020Mourad Awad

You know those weird little coincidences you see in everyday life that make you gasp? From a news reporter talking about a suspect that looks exactly like him, to a father's head that looks exactly like a chocolate marshmallow, in this article, we've listed some strange, yet hilarious coincidences! Let's get to it! 

Reflecting Art

Whether we know it or not, we all have an eye for art. All of us can see the beauty in creative work around the world. It's amazing what some people can come up with just a bit of paint. However, we bet this man never imagined that he would see himself so clearly in this portrait.

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Gene Simmons's Ice Cream

In this Spanish middle school class, as the kids were learning about food items, the teacher attached small pictures of food items onto students' chairs. She probably had no idea that her ice cream would be devoured by none other than Kiss' Gene Simmons! With that massive tongue, the ice cream stood no chance.

Too Many Copies?

Running into twins is already freaky enough, but imagine seeing two pairs with the exact same facial expression right next to each other? You would probably react like the twins on the left. What makes it even more freaky is the fact that they're dressed the same, have the same hairstyle, same glasses, and same color bags.

Not the Best Incognito Mode

Being a local celebrity has its perks, but it can be a little annoying, especially when you're just trying to have some time away from the spotlight. It might be a little difficult to do so, especially if your name and face are on every television and newspaper. Perhaps this man should consider wearing a hoodie and dark glasses too?

A Glitch in the Matrix

This is another glitch in the Matrix. It really has to be. Well, the explanation is probably that all these girls were friends, and they bought their hats together or even coordinated their outfits for that day. Still, they all look fairly similar too with blonde hair, but that sometimes happens in countries where there is not a lot of diversity.

Where Are You Going Rainbow?

You are probably familiar with the story of the Leprechaun and the rainbow, a story we all heard as children at one point. It's simple - just find the end of the rainbow, and in the end, you will find a huge pot of gold. Well, this rainbow led to another treasure - the strip mall! Perhaps the pot of gold is actually amazing discounts and savings?

Those Probably Belong to the Singer

Of course, we have no idea if those two trucks belonging to the world-famous singer, Taylor Swift, but those two together at that moment were fantastic. Taylor is actually a company that sells ice cream, soft serve, and griddles. Meanwhile, Swift is a business dedicated to transportation.

What Babies Really Need

Obviously, this supermarket knows exactly how to cater to their customers and how to sell their merchandise properly. Only parents know that you need a little wine or a beer every night to survive the gruelly task of raising children. Luckily, this store has everything they could want nearby.

A Mountain in His Honor

Imagine chilling on the beaches of South China, minding your own business, without a care in the world. Then, suddenly, you realize that the mountains behind you are acting like your shadow! He was probably as surprised as us when he saw the photo. What a strange coincidence!

Most Need Both Hugs

If you have to pick between hugging Jesus and hugging a cat, which would be your choice? Of course, the world would be fascinated to learn that Jesus is real. However, we should know that cats are some of the most adorable pets out there, and they provide comfort in the darkest of times. 

It's Broken Then

We have all heard the saying "if ain't broke, don't fix it". It's supposed to mean that you shouldn't mess with something that's alright. However, this ad changed the slogan to something else, and it looks like someone might have taken it a bit too seriously. Maybe, it was done during a drunken night.

Having a Snack!

What on earth is going on here? This hungry pelican opens its bill like a basketball net and slam dunks this catfish easily!  American photographer John Dykstra was at the right place at the right time to capture this jaw-dropping moment on Lake Marsh in Minnesota. RIP, little fishy. 

Mud For Everyone

Following what is going to happen in less than a second after this photo was taken, perhaps these girls should head back to the beach to clean themselves up. Or, maybe they're still heading to the beach, and in that case, we hope they took it in good fun. After all, how boring would life be without a little banter?

Is That Jesus' Dog?!

This photo is timed so incredibly well that this cute doggie looks like it's walking on water! This looks like it was taken at a dog fair, as people in the background look fascinated by the scene. What other tricks does this dog know? Can it split the water like Moses too? We bet it won first place!

A Complete Disaster!

Schoolboys are always up to some kind of shenanigans! Here, these two little pranksters thought it would be fun to knock this massive stack of crates down and make a huge mess. Teenagers always go through this pranking stage; it's like a rite of passage. We just feel sorry for whoever had to clean this mess up!

It's the Wu-Tang Clan!

Obviously, these two girls have nothing to do with the American Hip Hop group, but it's awesome that they decided to sit together, and their last names just managed to fit the band's name. The original members of the Wu-Tang Clan were RZA and rappers GZA, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, U-God, and Masta Killa.

Surfing the Waves

Siofok, Hungary, is one of the most luxurious holiday spots in the world. With its beautiful beaches and many attractions, it is not surprising that this region gets many visitors every year. There is only one drawback - the weather. As it experiences a very wet rainy season and some flooding, the only ones who seem to enjoy these are the bus stop surf models!!

He Better Run

Well, of course, this man's background has been checked before he was hired. But there's a small misdoubt that some of the facts might have been missed. Anyway, we'll all hope it's all just another funny coincidence! 

Failing At The Sea

We don't know how they managed to get into that position, but our best guess is that they were just hit by a massive wave! The photographer managed to capture this moment right before disaster strikes, and judging by their facial expressions, they all know that the boat is about to go down.

A Bird in The Hand is Always Better!

It seems like this beautiful cat got this bird, and then they thought: "Okay! I caught it! What do I do now?" It's probably lunchtime for the kitty, but why did it have to pick such a beautiful bird to prey on? Couldn't it have settled for a street pigeon? Nope. Only the best for this blue-eyed kitty!

Not The Best Concert For Her

Imagine you were having such an excellent time at this music festival when all of sudden, out of nowhere, splash! A cup of water to the face! Well, we hope it's water. Perhaps she was blocking someone's view, and they just had enough? We hope those phones didn't suffer too!

That's Going To Hurt...

One minute you're at the pool showing off, and the next, you're at the emergency room getting stitches, with bandages all over your head. We're guessing this showoff was attempting some kind of flip but timed it completely wrong. There's only one thing we can say - OUCH!

Too Many Ladies

Maybe these girls agreed to be in the same place, at the same time, and dressing that way. Otherwise, it is too coincidental to capture an image like this. Maybe they are twin sisters, but it is very interesting how similar they look in this picture.

He's Trying His Best... Almost

These games seem quite barbaric for 2019, but here we are! We're not exactly sure what the cowboy (is that what you call them?) is up to, but it seems like he's tryna get onto that cute little bull. However, judging by the look on his face, things aren't exactly going right, and he may have hurt himself milliseconds after this photo was taken. Couldn't you play football, basketball, or even baseball?

Throwing Like a Champion!

It's really fun to be a kid. You can almost do whatever you want, with little or no repercussions most of the time. This kid seems like he knows that, because judging by the cheeky look on his face, he understands that he will always get his way! We're guessing he's not a big fan of pasta, or perhaps he just had enough.

A Very Courageous Crow

Why are crows always such pests? This eagle is daydreaming, minding its own business when this annoying little crow comes poking at it from the back. Perhaps it wants to hatch a ride somewhere? You might think it's funny, but it actually happens! Look up pictures of crows riding on eagles on Google, it's fascinating!

That's My Milk!

How adorable! This cute little puppy is minding its own business, enjoying a bowl of milk, when this cat pounces and probably puts milk all over the place. If these two are going to be growing up together, they better start getting used to it. Perhaps next time their owner should think of giving them each their own bowl?

Why Are You Attacking Me?

This seems like too little an indulgence for lunchtime, so we're guessing this kittie just wanted a little snack! We don't know if it managed to catch the little lizard, but judging by the cat's face, it got away at the last second! This photographer managed to catch a cool moment for sure, and perhaps even the last seconds of this lizard's life.

Death's Dance

There can only be one song playing while this photo was taken. Yes, of course, it's "Thriller" by Michael Jackson! All this fly needs is its family to join in for an amazing dance routine that will never get old! Unfortunately, this is all fantasy as this fly likely died the second after this photo was taken.

Everyone Jump to the Pool!

The dog's facial expression couldn't be funnier! It seems like it's thinking: "Oh, no! Big splash incoming!" and it's not wrong. Its owner is also pulling a funny face, so perhaps that's where the dog learned to do so. We hope that doggie didn't swallow any water on its way in!

Clone or Time Traveler?

Do you know Mesut Ozil, the professional soccer player who plays for Arsenal FC? What about Enzo Ferrari, the Italian sports car manufacturer responsible for the legendary car brand of the same name? Do you see anything weird? They look exactly the same!

Goodwill Huntington? Where's This?

Maybe Matt Damon and Ben Affleck lived near this weird coincidence when they were writing the script for the famous movie. It makes no sense that these two stores were always together. Well, no one would have noticed anything weird until after the film came out. Still, it’s funny when you encounter this stuff.

Playing With the Ball!

Give me that ball! Usually, you see little puppies playing with such balls, but this is one agile cat! It seems like it would do anything for that ball, and the photographer who snapped this couldn't have timed it better! We just hope that nobody entered the room while this was going on. That would have ended badly for the cat.

Where's the Cat?

This family probably loved their pet so much that they decided to have a portrait of him framed. Well, it looks like the cat adored the picture because he was hiding behind it, creating a perfect moment. It’s almost a bit surreal, but obviously, hilarious. We wonder if the cat was even in that position behind his hiding place.

Reunion of the White Council

This is another instance where we have to wonder if we are actually inside the Matrix. How come all the white-car owners decided to pump gas at the same time? Could it be that white is really the most popular color in that person’s hometown? That might explain a few things, otherwise, this coincidence is a little too freaky.

Nothing is Written in...?

Well, it looks like the person who made this plaque was really into irony or philosophy. It truly makes you question the meaning of life. “Nothing is written in stone” was actually carved into that piece of stone. There is something almost poetic about it. The phrase was originally meant to state that we can do anything with our lives.

Is That Him?

You know that spiderman meme, where he sees another version of himself and points at him? This is like the real-life version of that. This news reporter was unlucky as he looked exactly like the bank robber. Or did he lead a double life? People may start accusing him of that, so he better watch his back.

Born to Succeed!

Parents always encourage their children to be successful in life, suggesting careers like medicine, law, or engineering, but Matthew was a very unique case. It is almost like his destiny was set before he was even born. There was no way he would be anything else than a correspondent. Or perhaps this was just an error in typing?

Hey! That's Me!

It seems like the art of bird watching is still pretty popular. The best thing is that this kid doesn't even have to leave his house to see these beautiful birds. Also, they seem to just appear when he wants. This is not bird watching; it's bird attracting, which is a whole other art. You don't need your binoculars, just grab your book, and the bird will come to you!

Their Work Uniform

It seems that these guys probably shop at the same store. Maybe, there was a sale, and they all happened to like the same color. Our modern-day consumer lifestyle makes it possible for such availability of the same product. It would have been crazier if the guys were all in similar pants as well that day.

The Best Use of Puns

We love it when people make jokes with puns or homonyms, but this is a whole new level of cleverness. "The Property Shop" is right next to the "The Proper Tea Shop". There might be more words in the second shop, but they sound exactly alike. Although, we bet some mailmen might have gotten confused sometimes. 

Don't Go There

Unfortunately, diabetes is one of the worst diseases that millions of people around the world are suffering from. Sadly, part of the reason why it's become such a problem is our culture of fast food, which includes restaurants such as McDonald's. They really shouldn't have placed those two ads together.

What Are the Odds?

Only experts mathematicians would be able to calculate the odds of seeing two cars with almost the exact same license plate. This means that they were produced in the same place, at almost the same time. It's a pretty hilarious coincidence, but it can also tell that this town loves Toyota Camry vehicles.

No Time For Diets

Obviously, if Krispy Kreme is going to offer such a huge sale of doughnuts, then no one will go to Weight Watchers' meetings. It's hilarious that the good folks at Krispy Kreme added that poster right next to where Weight Watchers could be. It seems a little mean-spirited, but it's also smart.

Show-Off Man

Many men still don't know how to shop without their mother or female friend. This guy is one of them. He wanted to look just like the man on the shop window, so he asked the store's personal shopper for a little help. He got a few outfits, and a few weeks later, while passing by the store, he noticed that he looked exactly like the guy in the advert!

He's a Famous Guy

No one should use stereotypes, but this man was really rocking the “lumberjack look”, which might explain why he seemed to be immortalized in that pair of socks. He has the red-checkered shirt with the cap as well as a beard. We do wonder if that’s his normal look or if it was Halloween. Either way, it’s pretty cool to find socks that look like you.

Two Masterpieces

The Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago hosted a special day called "dress like your favorite painting day," so you can bet that there would be some pretty unique and bizarre outfits to match the artwork. This cheeky fellow decided to work smarter and not harder, matching his Michigan alum and track jacket perfectly with this painting. 

Not the Best Memorabilia

These days, many people collect memorabilia or personal items at milestones in their lives, such as the birth of a child, a promotion, or their wedding day. This newlywed couple decided to collect the local newspaper on the day of their wedding, and it doesn't seem like it's foreshadowing a successful marriage!

Chocolate Man

There is nothing more boring than a PTA or anything happening at school for that matter. But as a parent, you know it's your duty, so you go and try to put on a smile, shaking hands with your frenemies and laughing at their jokes. Luckily, among all this boredom, there can be some amusement. Look at this guy's head! It looks exactly like a chocolate-covered marshmallow!

Look in my eyes! You hear? You in my... 

It seems that during a game between Spain and Germany, when the score was still 0-0, the cameramen captured a pretty funny shot. One of the team’s coaches looks like an alien because the scoreboard is also covering his nose. Meanwhile, the man right next to him looks worried, which makes the situation even more hilarious.

A Chicken is a Chicken!

What are the odds of capturing a photo like this? Do you simply leave a chicken on top of your car, with hungry tigers around? We bet this photographer will remember this picture for the rest of their life. We just hope they weren't too close to the action because the tiger might still be hungry after eating that little chicken.

I’m Fed up With You!

I've never done horse-riding before, and after seeing this photo, I doubt I ever will. Here, the horse seems like it's fed up with its owner constantly smacking it to run faster, and decided that enough was enough. When you go horseriding, it's important to remember that you're dealing with an animal of absolute strength, so you have to respect it.

That's a Lucky Guy!

We are not sure if that number has any particular meaning for this guy, but it seems that it is persecuting him. It may seem like a coincidence, but it is very strange that it is repeated so many times in his life. If we were him, we would gamble or play the lottery using that series of digits in some way.

A Snowball Fight With a Smile

The funniest thing about this whole photo is the fact that this guy is still smiling. We bet that a couple of milliseconds later, his face and whole demeanor changed completely! This photographer managed to capture this photo at the exact moment. Did anybody say snowball fight?

No One Told Them It Was a Bad Idea

This horse just found out that the Santa in the sled is not legit, so it decided to play a little prank on the phony character. However, that is pretty hypocritical from this horse as it is not a reindeer. But you never know, we're in 2019 now. Perhaps the horse identifies as a reindeer, and we must respect that.

True Bros

When Mario Bros was first released by Nintendo in 1983, no one knew how popular it would become. In fact, it became so successful that even some restaurants have been named after the legendary brothers, Mario and Luigi. They aren't just unassuming plumbers after all! They've clearly expanded their business.

Gandalf Uses Public Transportation?

You're going to work, and as your usual subway stop is facing major disruptions, you decide to take the bus instead. Suddenly, something in the corner of your eye grabs your attention. Is that Gandalf the grey? Wait a second - is that another Gandalf? What's going on? This must either be a dream, or I need to get my eyes checked.

I'm Flying!

Let's have a moment of silence for our fallen brother. Our favorite part of this photo is the spectators in complete awe at how high the biker is going, but also because it seems like he's lost control of his bike! We're happy that this is not a video, because we really don't want to see how this ended.

The Best Legs In The World

Obviously, we know that those sexy legs in stockings don't belong to the men in the ad above, but it's crazy that they were positioned almost exactly as the women should be in the ad below. It's also extremely hilarious because we have always found the notion of men dressed as girls so funny.

The Lego Man

It looks like this image could be the plot of a new Lego movie or even Playmobile, which is very similar. But, it's funny to think about taking this image. Some friends probably noticed that this man was dressed exactly like the Lego figurine, and they got him a pretty similar mug to make the whole thing complete.

These Girls Would Regret That Idea

This is what you call having no care in the world. Judging by the size of that wave, their heads might be at the bottom of the ocean soon, and we have no idea how they will get out of it then. Or, perhaps they're smarter than we think and calculated exactly where they could do this without being washed over by the waves.

That Looks Suspicious

We think it might be a little too obvious if the thief that stole that Nutri Bullet actually started selling it right next to the missing sign. However, it could be that someone selling one decided to capitalize on the opportunity, as now someone else was really in need of one. Either way, we wonder of Nutri Bullets are really that useful.

Tums and Tacos Go Together

Unfortunately, it takes a strong stomach to be able to digest Mexican food without a bit of help. This story understands it. Luckily, modern medicine has made it possible to eat whatever we want without any problems, and we can buy antiacids almost everywhere in the world.

The Trends of Today

This is what happens when people buy what's trendy instead of really following their tastes. Sometimes, you end up dressed just like everyone at that party, and these girls were all in the same shoes with skinny jeans. No girl likes looking like everyone else, and this is just the worst situation ever.

The Best Placed Posters

It looks like the people at CBS know exactly how to catch their viewers' eyes with their clever poster placement. There's a show on Wildlife Photography nearby, and they are also promoting the new Arctic Monkeys album. What better way to do it than by choosing that particular picture of a monkey?

Finding Yourself In Nature

Now, this is one of the craziest images on the list. It's such an insane coincidence that most people won't even believe it. However, one Redditor user posted a picture online saying that this wife had found a rock that looked exactly like him. What are the odds in this situation? We are baffled!

The 'Games of Thrones' Promotion

The world has no forgotten how big 'Game of Thrones' was, even though the original show has ended. The advertising for the HBO hit was massive, and "All Men Must Die" is one of the mottos of the show, "Valar Morghulis". However, someone also decided to add a sign for a retirement home, and that's just funny.

Real-Life Human Shrek

It's not easy to make a sequel that exceeds the first story, but 'Shrek 2' was so good that we could argue it's better than the first. In it, the beloved ogre turns into a human, and that's his look. Obviously, it seems like there are a bunch of Shreks out there in the world. That's not a bad thing at all. 

And There Goes the Cake...

We bet this woman is having a much, much worse day than you. After spending the whole day baking a cake for her sixteen-year-old diva, and with everybody waiting in the living room for the special moment, mommy slips up and drops the entire cake on the floor. Her husband doesn't look too worried, though. Or perhaps he still hasn't realized whats going on.

Are You Sure We Fit?

This might just be the most ironic image we have ever seen. We all might have seen a truck that couldn't quite go under a certain bridge, but this one bears the motto of a company that says "We Fit", which is obviously not the case here. We just hope that no one was hurt in this accident.

A Moving Cone!

Usually, children grow up and leave their childish games behind, but sometimes, that isn't the case. All over the United States, thousands of people are participating in highly competitive games of hide and seek with massive cash prizes for the winners. This guy decided to hide in plain sight, camouflaging with an area under construction. Let's hope he won.

Invisible Slippers

Everybody loves camo. It's like a trend that never dies. But here, this is not army camo, but a "hidden in plain sight" type of camouflage. This pair of slippers can be considered the king of camo. If you haven't seen them yet, look closer. And they're only $1.99! Hats off to whoever made these.


Having house pets can be both rewarding and heartwarming, as they become part of the family and hold a special place in your heart. If your cat went missing, you would be worried and start panicking. Thankfully for you, you don't need to deal with "camouflage cats" such as these.

Does Your Hair Need Water?

Are you bored of having the same old haircut? Do you want something different? Just ask your hairdresser for the "palm tree." This new look will definitely catch everyone's attention and transform your look completely. Oh, and more thing - this haircut will also get you closer to nature. You know, one with the trees, and all that.

We are Going to Fell

Life as a street sign must be really uneventful and without companionship. Street signs are usually boring, bearing the name of the street, but this one decided to fully immerse into the street that he represents. That sign has been falling for years - when will it finally completely fall and hit the ground?

He Almost Escaped!

Life as a street sign must be really uneventful and without companionship. Street signs are usually boring, bearing the name of the street, but this one decided to fully immerse into the street that he represents. That sign has been falling for years - when will it finally completely fall and hit the ground?

A Very Dangerous Selfie

Nowadays, many of us will do anything for an amazing Instagram or Facebook profile photo. Well, you certainly can't get cooler than this one, but judging by the shark's expression, it's not very happy to be taken in a photo. We just hope this young man wasn't attacked following this photo.

Lunch is Ready!

Usually, when we think of owls, we think of the boring ones who sit on a tree hooting all night. This one is a little more active, and at the time of this photo, it was lunchtime! That cute little mouse has no idea what's about to happen! The photographer could've tried helping out instead of snapping this (amazing) photo.

Holding the Moon for You

Look at the progress science has made! It seems like astronomers have really stepped their game up. After spending years studying the moon and how to reach it, they've come across something that will change the entire course of human history. Now, instead of taking humans to the moon, they have brought the moon to humans! That's absolutely groundbreaking!

We Know Who Scared Who

Wow! How can something so small strike fear in such a big dog? Well, dogs aren't used to these little creatures, so they are often afraid of them. How did the dog manage to get in such a position tho? Was it bouncing out of fear, or is it just the photo that looks like that? Anyhow, the photographer caught this at the perfect moment!

That's a Weird Couple

Well, this is incredibly awkward. They say that women try to find dating partners that are similar to their male role models, but this is just freaky. You might have heard of the legends regarding “doppelgängers”, which some people believe are bringers of bad luck. However, modern media uses the word as just a random person that looks like you.

This is My Car!

Everyone has that one friend who has a custom plate that was fun for about two days when they first got it. It is purely done out of vanity. However, this one is actually quite witty, and the dog is adorable! What came first, though? The car or the number plate? I guess we'll never know!

Not The Best Moment For Fishing!

Who on earth goes fishing in such terrible weather conditions? He doesn't seem phased at all, sitting comfortably, waiting for a bite. We just hope that he wasn't the one who ended up being a victim because those look like some heavy winds. You can fish tomorrow, dude! 

I Want to See that Musical

If you are a big movie buff, you've definitely heard of or seen Jack Nicholson in action. He is best known for his roles in The Shining and One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. But here, it seems like he is starring in a movie that will surprise anyone - Les Miserables! Look at how perfectly his face lines up with that banner!

Burger-Obsessed Road

It looks like the people of the town love burgers so much that they have a road called Burger Addition. Naturally, there has to be a burger joint right on that spot. Americans cannot get enough burgers, and it's almost considered the signature dish of the United States all over the world.

The Eiffel Spider

We have all heard the song about the Itzy Bitzy Spider, but you have probably never seen any arachnid that can recreate the Eiffel Tower this perfectly. It's truly remarkable that perfect almost all our buildings were really inspired by things experts saw in nature. Some people are afraid of these insects, but we cannot deny this beautiful web. 

Yeah, There's The Moon

Well, what an amazing coincidence that the sign was pointing right at the Moon. It's also not easy to see the Moon in broad daylight, but it can happen sometimes. Otherwise, this image would have been taken at night but that road sign wouldn't be seen. On the other hand, we really have to wonder why the sign is there at all.

The Avocado Rock

Can you imagine breaking a rock that looks exactly like an avocado? Americans are currently obsessed with anything regarding this ingredient. We eat guacamole like there's no tomorrow. Maybe, this is an illusion now. We're seeing it everywhere we go. Either way, we would definitely keep it.

The Disappearing Building

It's insane that the owners of this building decided to choose a new color for it that matched the color of the sky on that exact day. It looks like the building is slowly disappearing as they paint it. Could this be what some people call "a glitch in the Matrix"? Is that movie more than real than we thought?

Matching the Road

It's hard to believe that this picture actually happened, and it's not some sort of Photoshop work. However, these gorgeous puppies match the roads perfectly. It looks like a spot that is going through a re-pavement, and soon the brown part might be gone for good. It's such a crazy coincidence!

Two Different Landscapes?

Taking a picture of the skyline over a city can turn out beautifully, but this one is a little freaky. It seems like the photographer actually snapped pictures of two different places and blended them together. However, it's just one image of the same spot at one moment. It's so perfectly shot to make it seem like it's divided in the middle.

The Spot 

It looks like this cute puppy was born with a singular spot that looks like a replica of himself. Isn't that adorable? We can almost call puppy-ception in reference to the Leonardo DiCaprio movie, 'Inception'. Every dog has unique spots just like humans have different characteristics, and this is awesome!

Almost There

This is just freaky! Playing the lottery might not seem like a huge thing now, but some people still enjoy it. However, we cannot believe that this ticket ALMOST had the winning numbers. It's too coincidental that they all were just minus one. Could this image be doctored? We think not.

The Air Jordan Cucumber

We can find all kinds of crazy things in nature, and this cucumber is no different. It's crazy that that particular slice showed the logo for Air Jordans. At least, that's what it looks like. The other slices seem normal, but we are glad that the cook noticed this anomaly at that moment so that the internet could enjoy it. 

The Perfect Tool

Aren't bugs the worst? Especially cockroaches that get all in your personal space and make you uncomfortable. Usually, our first instinct is to pick up whatever object is next to us and send them to cockroach heaven (or hell). But if you really want to do it effectively, next time, use the Smashing Book!

That Women is in Real Danger!

Working every day from nine to five definitely takes a toll on us both mentally and physically, and as a result, we take up habits to deal with that stress. This woman seems like she's had a tough day at work, resorting to nail-biting. We just hope she doesn't see the main headline in that newspaper!

Who Do You Think You Are Dude?

Don't worry, this man is still alive and well! This is Kevin Richardson, a South African zookeeper who has worked with numerous animals in the African wild. He is not just any zookeeper. He is known as the lion whisperer. Yes, he communicates with them. He is just like Cesar Millan, but with lions!

This Cannot Be Coincidence!

We present to you the Cookie Monster Duo! These guys are just hanging out at the bar, having a conversation about football, when they realize something incredible. They would make a great professional wrestling duo! Watch out, World Wrestling Entertainment, cause there's a new dynamic duo in town!

The Perfect Shops

Where are all my 80s dance music fans? Of course, these stores’ names sound the 80s synth-pop duo Pet Shop Boys. Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe formed their group in London in 1981. They went on to sell more than 100 million albums all over the world. The Guinness Book of World Records has them listed as the most successful duo from the United Kingdom.

Be Careful With the Waves!

When this guy jumped, he realized he better put his hands to break the water before his belly does! Contrary to what most people think, we believe that he made this dive, as his arms are bent and it seems like they will touch the water first. However, if they don't, the people around him better watch out for a massive splash!

Making a Withdraw

What would you guess is a blood bank's worst nightmare? And vice versa - who considers the blood bank its paradise? Yup, you guessed it - Vampyr! He can often be seen drinking a Bloody Mary, and we're not talking about tomato juice! He must be stopped, no matter what!

We hope you enjoyed these weird little coincidences encountered in everyday life. We're sure that you also encounter some strange ones. Let us know in the comments! Also, if you enjoyed this list, share it with your friends!

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