Love Story of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick

Love Story of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick

Jul 14, 2020Manuela Mitevova

Marriages as long-lasting and as healthy as the one between the Hollywood sweethearts Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon are far and wide in between, especially in their celebrity circles. But somehow, the dream couple has made it through thick and thin, building a beautiful life together for over three decades. So what’s their story, and more importantly, what is their secret?

The First Encounter

Not many people know that Kyra and Kevin first bumped into each other when Kyra was merely 12 years old. Kevin was doing a play and popped by a nearby deli after his performance, where Kyra was having a bite with her brother. She bravely went up to him to compliment his acting, but neither of them could even imagine how much their lives would intertwine in the coming years.

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Fate Begins Working

The first encounter between Kyra and Kevin went largely unnoticed. There was a seven-year age difference between them, but when they reunited again in 1988, things were different. Now, they were about to star opposite one another in the movie Lemon Sky. But they didn’t come to the set on equal footing.

A Star And A Girl

By the time Kevin turned up on the set of Lemon Sky, he had already done Footloose. He was a bonafide star and a heartthrob to the whole nation, while Kyra came in as a budding soap opera actress. And the differences between them didn’t stop there. 

Not A Good Start

While shooting Lemon Sky, Kyra was 22 years old, and she definitely didn’t look up to Kevin in any way. Unlike many of her peers, she didn’t even find him attractive and remembers thinking that he wasn’t her type at all. But Kevin had different sentiments towards her, and he was not about to give up.

Bacon Doesn’t Give Up

Kyra remembers that Kevin used to invite everyone from the set to dinner after a shooting day, and only she would refuse the invitation. Later on, Kevin revealed to her that she was the only one he wanted to show up. But one day, she agreed to go, and it was all history from that point on. 

Turn Of Events

Things escalated quickly for the two. Soon after the first group dinner together, Kyra and Kevin began seeing more and more of each other in their spare time. And Kyra was warming up to Kevin faster than she expected. Just one year after their dinner, the couple tied the knot! And they weren’t thinking about slowing down the pace one bit.

Not Looking Back

It was obvious that Kyra and Kevin were not the type of couple to take it slow. They fell in love fast, and they began building their life together even faster. Right after their marriage in 1988, they decided to have children. But neither of them could even dream of how quickly the children would come. 

The Sudden Pregnancy

Shockingly, it took Kyra only two weeks to get pregnant. Naturally, the newlyweds weren’t ready for this, but they embraced the challenge and the blessing with all they had. Kyra and Kevin couldn’t believe just how quickly everything was going for them, but they wouldn't have it any other way. Their love story wasn’t one without trouble.

Marital Problems

One of the biggest obstacles in Kyra’s and Kevin’s marriage and relationship came in 1995 when the couple had a dispute about where to live. Kyra was keen on going back to New York, while Kevin was perfectly happy staying in their home in Connecticut. Something had to give. 

A Challenging Decision

For Kyra, the remoteness and lack of social life in Connecticut were becoming unbearable. She felt the location was taking a toll on her mental health, and she tried really hard to convince her husband that they simply needed to move back to New York in order for their family to survive and thrive. But would Kevin budge?

Heading Back

Kevin loves Kyra, and he would do just about anything for his wife to be happy. Finally, he recognized the need to move back to the hustle and bustle of the city. The couple is based in New York to this day, and have never regretted their decision to move back. But another challenge was lurking around the corner.

A Major Challenge

In 2005, Kyra was offered a lead in a TV series The Closer. She loved the role, but it would require her to be based in Los Angeles for a while. Kevin encouraged his wife to take the career leap, and so she did. For seven whole seasons, Kyra split her time between New York and Los Angeles. But the accolades she won for her portrayal of the role were definitely worth it. And she couldn’t have done it without Kevin. So just how does the couple manage to still be together after so long?

The Commitment

For a marriage to last over three decades, there must be some solid base for it. For Kyra and Kevin, there is, of course, a lot of love and respect for one another, but there is also something else. The two are deeply committed to their marriage and to being together for the whole run. And early on, they made a decision that changed their relationship in a big way.

Work On It

Because Kyra and Kevin had kids when they were pretty young, they decided that they would put up some rules so as to get to live their young lives to the fullest, despite the fact that they were parents. And so, they would often prioritize their marriage, date nights, and time alone, and make their children understand it. But does the couple have one single secret for a long-lasting marriage?

Their Secret

For Kyra and Kevin, it’s all about commitment. Realizing that they are each other’s ‘one’ means they approach arguments with a different state of mind, trying to resolve the issue instead of trying to be right. Honesty, love, and deep appreciation for one another are the only secrets these sweethearts have.

The decades Kyra and Kevin have spent together, often in the public eye, are proof that marriages can and do last for a long time if done right. Their love story is a beautiful and inspirational one, and it points to the power of fate, determination, and commitment.