Strange Grand Canyon Secrets

Strange Grand Canyon Secrets

Jul 15, 2020Manuela Mitevova

There is no doubt that the Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful natural wonders of this world, and people certainly appreciate it for all that it is. With over six million visitors each year, the Grand Canyon is a massive tourist attraction, but it also hides many extraordinary secrets. There are things about the Canyon you simply need to know.

The Monster That Lives In The Canyon

Out of all the strange and often dangerous animals than inhabit the Grand Canyon, one would never think that the most vicious of them all could be as cute as it is. It is, in fact, the rock squirrel. Every year, tourists try to feed the sweet-looking animals, and they get bitten, hard. Beware of the little monsters!

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The Act Of Creation

If you’ve ever wondered how the Grand Canyon came to be, the answer is very simple and very natural. It was shaped by millions of years of erosion, and the mighty Colorado River helped it by chipping away the rock. However, scientists are still not entirely sure just how old the Grand Canyon is. It’s an unsolved mystery.

Looking For Dinosaurs?

One might think that the Grand Canyon would be filled with dinosaur remains, right? After all, it’s supposed to be millions of years old. But that’s where one would be wrong. While the Grand Canyon is, indeed, filled with fossils of all kinds, dinosaurs are definitely not one of them. But you can always try to prove the archeologists wrong.

Weather Extremes

The Grand Canyon is massive. It’s hard even to comprehend just how big it is, but one thing might help. The Canyon varies in weather, depending on where you are. So, for example, if you hike up to the higher ground, you will be up to 25 degrees colder than if you were standing at the bottom of the Canyon. 

The Cave System

The Grand Canyon is full of little and big caves, many of which are often interconnected. It is estimated that more than 1,000 caves can be found in the Canyon, but only a fraction of them are so far accounted for. There is simply too much to be explored and documented in the area, that's why even all the research teams are having trouble keeping up. 

The Extraordinarily Clean Air

If you want to breathe one of the freshest and cleanest air in the country, you better head to the Grand Canyon! This is mainly due to the high elevation of the Canyon in some places, and the higher you are, the better the air quality is typically. The air in the Canyon is especially clean when compared to the polluted Californian one, which surrounds it.

Holy Land

Before the Grand Canyon became such a tourist attraction, people were living in it and appreciating it. The region was first inhabited by the Pueblo Indians, who claimed the Canyon was holy land. This made the region somewhat of a religious site for them, and it’s easy to see why considering the beauty of it all. 

Billions Of Years Of History

So when was the Grand Canyon formed? Scientists believe that the process began around 2 billion years ago. They studied rock formations from the Canyon and estimated their age, which led them to believe that the Canyon has been around for much longer than previously thought. 

The Flow Of Nature

If you’ve ever visited the Grand Canyon, and if you chose to visit it again, you might notice something strange. The Canyon will not be the same. This is because the Canyon is constantly changing. The Colorado River that flows through it is helping the Canyon transform each year, so what you can see there today might be gone tomorrow.

The Booming Business

There was one type of business that began blooming in the Grand Canyon as soon as the tourists started flocking in. Before everyone had cameras on their phones, taking pictures was not widely available. And so, two brothers spotted an opportunity and began shooting tourists and selling them the instant snaps. It was a photographic success.

Kayaking Away

If you have an adventurous soul, you will resonate with this man and his crazy idea. Lonnie Bedwell decided to kayak the dangerous white water of the Grand Canyon one day, proving that pretty much everything is possible when the will and bravery are there. The Grand Canyon is hiding so much potential for adventure.

People Living In The Canyon

Did you know actual people are living in the Grand Canyon full time? The Supai village, which is inhabited by a little over 200 people, is as remote as it gets, and yet people refuse to leave their homes there. It is also the last place in the USA where mail comes via mules!

Teddy To The Rescue

Before the Grand Canyon was a national park, it was an area that had no protection and was at the mercy of people. However, in 1903, Teddy Roosevelt decided that needed to change, and he marked the area as a piece of land in need of protection. It took a few years for the change to happen, but in 1919, Grand Canyon was finally declared a national park, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Teddy.

The Oddly Colored Snakes

The animals living in the Grand Canyon are nothing short of strange. Did you know that snakes in the area are rather oddly colored? Instead of being brownish, like most other snakes, the snakes of Grand Canyon are pink! This is due to an adaptation they underwent while living in the deep Canyon. They might look interesting, but it’s perhaps better if you stay clear.

A Natural Movie Set

A stunning setting like the Grand Canyon simply couldn’t be overlooked by filmmakers. Did you know that many directors chose to film in the area? Movies like Thelma and Louise and even Transformers made use of the beautiful backdrop, and it’s no wonder. The natural beauty of the Canyon would be hard to recreate on the computer.

The Grand Canyon is a stunning show of nature’s power, and it has captivated humans all throughout history. Its ecosystem, the animals that live within it, or the ever-changing nature of the Canyon and its sheer size are all things which make it extraordinary. And the secrets which the deep Canyon hides help make this natural wonder a mystery forever.

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