Funny Animals that Hated to Pose for Photographs

Jul 17, 2020Rita Kumar

Wildlife photography is nothing less than art! Perhaps, it is one of the most life-changing passions that underline the career of animal lovers who might go to any extent to get a shot of the wild. However, when animals encounter something odd, including a camera, they never hesitate to investigate what it would be. And these photographs are befitting examples that paint the picture with some hints that animals prefer to perceive the world through their eyes! It somehow gives us the skeptical muse whether they have turned photographers for a second! Take a look!

New Photographer on Duty

Image Credits: Facebook/Graine de Photographe

Squirrels can turn out to be one of the most amazing creatures if befriended! However, when this little squirrel came into the picture of this wildlife photographer, he preferred to stay atop the camera and hated posing in front of it. Nevertheless, the moment was clicked, paving the way for a lifetime memory!


What on Earth is He Holding?

Image Credits: Facebook/INature

Not just Panama's national bird title, Harpy Eagles are more than what the mind can imagine. However, when this gigantic bird seemingly took to accompanying a wildlife photographer, he wasn't focusing anywhere on him. Instead, he had his big eyes on the camera! Maybe the bird mistook the device for a snack!

When Paparazzi Goes Undercover

Image Credits: Facebook/INature

Grabbing a focus on birds of any kind, including kingfishers, is never easy. Perhaps, birds stay cautious and fly into thin air the moment they notice anything coming their way! And this wildlife photographer hated being the rock on the pond, snapping the bird, who doesn't even want to throw a look at the camera!

Where Is My Snack?

Image Credits: Unsplash/layaclode

What seemed like a normal day out in the wilderness turned out to be a 'pecky' moment for this photographer who thought he would click a few pictures of this parrot. Never in a million dreams would he have imagined that he would have to go through all this just to win the bird's poses!

Monkey Trouble

Image Credits: Getty Images/Westend61

When this photographer took to his camera to grab the best shots of the scenery around, he was typically invaded by a bunch of baboons. It looks like the primates aren't interested a bit in posing for some photographs and prefer doing their things instead!

I Just Want to See If I Can Trace Some Honeycomb!

Image Credits: Facebook/Denver7

Bears might be huge, but they love to investigate a lot. For example, take this big guy—he isn't able to figure out why a camera atop a tripod stand is equipped in the middle of his territory. However, it looks like Mr. Bear here is trying to grab a focus on some honeycomb instead of posing for a photograph!

I Want to Hide!

Image Credits: Instagram/thecameragears

Unlike squirrels, marmots never hesitate to make friends with humans. And when they do, these furry creatures can end up doing all the outworldly things! And on one such occasion where this wildlife photographer pivoted his camera to focus on his target shot,  he got a glimpse of a zoomed nose and whiskers! Perhaps, the marmot was shy of posing in front of the camera and decided to hide instead!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Smile!

Image Credits: Getty Images/E+/DieterMeyrl

While this photographer took to enjoying some picturesque moments out in the wild, he was eventually accompanied by a kingfisher who decided that it wasn't his time for a pose with his snack. However, the little bird made it for a lifetime memory by sharing the frame with the photographer!

Is That Food?

Image Credits: Getty Images/redtea

Right from the ice age and the years that followed—penguins make for an adorable crowd of noisy, chattering, and cute-looking birds. However, when the photographer left his camera on their territory to see what happened next, these three musketeers decided to do a bit of research on what that thing on their area would be.

This Thing is Bigger than Me

Image Credits: Getty Images/sduben

Squirrels can be quite entertaining, especially if they're left with things that they consider outworldly and alien! It looks like this squirrel loves to stay behind the scene all the time! And the look on his face just depicts how hard-hearted he can get when it comes to photoshoots!

This Doesn't Taste Good!

Image Credits: Facebook/People's Daily, China

Tigers never eat grass when hungry—Never! But this guy here seemingly mistook a camera for a snack and is trying his luck munching on its tasteless frame! It looks like he didn't want to get snapped by the wildlife photographer and is determined not to return his camera until he pledged he wouldn't click him again!

Photographs Anyone? I Charge Less Though!

Image Credits: Facebook/The MOST Amazing Pictures

Perhaps, this primate has found a new career in photography! Just look at him—his expressions, how he's clutching onto the camera, and his attitude—everything routes to his high-calibered future as a wildlife photographer! Nevertheless, guess he's not the kind who loves to pose for a picture!

Stay There, Don't Move

Image Credits: Getty Images/sduben

Foxes can get cuter when they're around humans! Though most of them shy away from following their tracks, this fox here decided to stand back and watch what the photographer was doing. However, the furry mate is seemingly a lot more comfortable with the 'behind the scenes' option!

You Can't Get a Click Now!

Image Credits: Getty Images/EyeEm/Thomas Hong/EyeEm

While a cat in the house could be the reason for endless fun, felines never fail to attract attention doing their stuff. Take this one, for example—he seems to take his stand when it comes to photography and knows his way of hiding his face from getting clicked! Hopefully, he isn't stuck there for long, though!

Hey, Can I Sit Here and Watch What You're Doing?

Image Credits: Facebook/Luca.Bracali.Photographer

When this photographer decided to get a few clicks with his new friend, the furry mate had other plans and looks like he wasn't in any photoshoot mode either! However, the lemur seems happy and settled on the photographer's shoulder, and the moment was captured for a lifetime!

Animals can't get any cuter than fidgeting with a camera! Though they look like professional photographers from our point of view, their mimics are entirely coated with humor, and it can't get any funnier than this! Have you come across such 'animal photographers'? If yes, please don't forget to share your experience with us!

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