Funny Google Street Pictures

Funny Google Street Pictures

Jul 29, 2020Peter File

Google is great for a lot of things - think about it, how many times did Google get you out of trouble when you couldn't find the place you were looking for? But apart from practical uses, they also provide us with a sense of humor - albeit unintentionally. Here are some of the funny scenes captured by Google Street View. 

A Cat Hat

It might take a while for one to notice what's funny with the picture - but you will probably laugh with us once you noticed what's wrong with it. Yup, the man with the red T-shirt, specifically the cat on his head. We have no idea how the cat got there, but hey, cats are cats, and they often defy logical explanations. 

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The first question that pops in our head... what kind of road is this? How did a Google Street View car ended up here? Cause this doesn't even look like a road at all. And here we are, in a remote country road, a man wearing an old rubber gas mask, squatting... was this even our world? Or perhaps it was an alternative reality? 

Horsin' Around

From a photographic perspective, this is actually a great picture - good composition, a clear, concise delivery of the message, and of course, somewhat pleasant colors. But seriously, what happened here? The horse got out of control? Where in the world could that be where you can still find a horse on a normal road? 

The Unspoken Tale of a Superhero 

Being a superhero is not easy - saving the world from all its evilness, yet never appreciated by any, living a life behind a mask and a costume... it has taken a toll on some for sure. Seriously though, we can't help but feel for this cosplayer here, through what circumstances that he had to lie sleeping on a park bench? That's just sad. 

Bird is the Word

Seagulls are cute and all, but after looking at this picture, we can tell how some people can grow a distaste against these creatures. It is certainly scary to see a flock of them everywhere, at every corner and on every roof. It does appear overwhelming. 

Gravity Not Found

Time is of the essence. That's pretty much rule number one when it comes to street photography. Okay, maybe one out of the top 10, at least. Here, somehow the Google View Street View car managed to capture this picture at just the right moment; it seems as if the girl is floating mid-air... or was it really...? 


Here a wild Stig has been captured on photo, a miraculous feat indeed. What? Don't you know who Stig is? You have to check out Top Gear for sure (preferably the one with Clarkson, May, and Hammond). Trust us; you won't regret it. Now the question is, was that an authentic Stig? Or was it an imposer? Guess there's only one way to find out...

Hiding... from Google?

If we are to hide from Google in real life, this is probably how we'll appear - although we would probably try and make sure we are fully concealed behind the garbage bin. Seriously though, we do wonder what the boy is hiding from here... we hope it wasn't something bad. (Google Street View doesn't count)

E is for Existential Crisis

Picnic by the roadside at its finest - a table by yourself, with your horse mask on, and your best friend pink flamingo by your side... somehow we can see through his pain without looking at his eyes. Okay, those are fake horsey eyes, not his real eyes, so they don't count. 

The Butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect... Okay, we do admit that it isn't that great of a pun. We will try and work on our sense of humor - any advice appreciated. But still, it is an amazing feat how the Google Street View managed to capture a butterfly in mid-air - try doing this yourself with a camera and maybe you'll know difficulty this can be. 

The White Knight 

He dressed in white; light shines on him as if he was a godsend savior; he sat there in silence in serenity, witnessing all those around him. Things simply roll on by pass him, as he is aware that his mission is the safekeeping of the world, and he is never bothered with small affairs. Seriously, what kind of costume is this? 

A Glitch in the Matrix 

Okay, better get our tin-foil hats on first... done. You see, this is the proof that our world is simply a simulation, and everything is part of the simulation - and like any other simulations, glitches are bound to occur. Here, for example, where two identical appear behind one another... which defies common logic. Seriously though, don't pay attention to such gibberish here. 


As far as we know, this picture was taken in Iceland from Google Street View - but we have no idea where it is located exactly. Well, we don't really know much about Iceland, so we don't find this too surprising - for all we know Iceland is this mythical faraway land, always shrouded in mystery and volcanic ashes... that's all we know about Iceland. 

A Heartbreaking Separation 

You don't separate a man from his pizza - that's just cruel. The same can be said for animals - you simply don't separate an animal/bird with its pizza. Here it seems that the crow got too scared by the Google Street View car and dropped his pizza slice... and we can all see his astonished reaction from the picture. 

Picnic by the Roadside 

Picnic by the roadside can be romantic (no, we are not referring to the book by the Strugatsky brothers.) But well, judging from this picture, we are not sure how romantic it was... okay, it's not our life, so we should keep our mouths shut. But cucumbers? Really? Just chewing on a piece of cucumber by the roadside. Well, that's actually pretty sad... 

Here are some of the funniest Google View Street View pictures we came across. Which one is your favorite? Have you seen any that are funnier than these? Did we miss anything? If you enjoyed reading this, why not share it with your friends?