Tourists Keep Flocking This Lake Despite Numerous Warning Boards

Aug 27, 2020Rita Kumar

It's a sunny day when you're hiking on a rocky trail. The ambiance is scarce of trees, and all you feel is your sweat spilling down your spine. You look as though you just came out from a shower. You're panting relentlessly, and that's when you lose your cool. The reason—well, you're abreast of a gorgeous oasis nestled between those rocky sun-kissed cliffs! You call that—Relief—especially when you see that bright turquoise water shimmering like molten glitter. But if this vibrant rippling waterhole happens to be Spain's Lake Monte Neme, you've got to resist your desire to dive in.

An Alluring Selfie Destination

Image Credits: Instagram/camurat_

Just after the so-called Siberian Maldives sparked an unexplainable "selfie" craze, Spanish Instagrammers have discovered a breathtaking spot that nests peacefully amidst a hot rocky scene. The picturesque view of Lake Monte Neme might seem like a piece of Paradise fallen on earth! Well, as a tourist, you got to stay awake and be aware of what your next step would be. If you decide to take a dip in the bright Spanish waterhole, then take a second look at what we're about to reveal.


Don't Underestimate Its Size

Image Credits: Instagram/fateando

A trek across the rocky Spanish landscape might make a great deal for some photographs. But if there's something that takes the pride and honor of dignifying the tourist spot, it would be—Lake Monte Neme. Just look at it—a small waterhole that ripples and sparkles all day long. Looking at the gorgeous oasis, you might dream of ways to dip your feet while posing for a selfie on a bamboo raft. To some, taking that slow-motion snapshot while diving into the water might be just the thing in mind. But do you have to go to this extent where your life matters the most and not the dive in the oasis? Keep reading...

Appealing To Every Eye

Image Credits: Instagram/_mi_alma_es_viajera_

The color might appeal to your eyes. To an extent, it might urge you to forget your worldly worries and commitments. And for a moment, you might find yourself seated on a rock, cross-legged, and staring at the waterhole. Of all the crowd that dares to visit the place, it's mostly the Instagram influencers who flock this part of Galicia. You know, to be a social media influencer, particularly Instagram, you need to speak through the pictures you post! That's the precise reason many social media maniacs visit Monte Neme all year round. But you might've probably missed on something they don't do there.

Not Everything Is What It Appears To Be

Image Credits: Instagram/pabloskp

Perhaps, what soothes the eye with a scenic layout isn't that encouraging when you plan for a quick dive. Maybe this concept applies well with the Galician hotspot for Instagram fame. Of all the mysteriously attractive tourist spots in the world, Monte Neme invites tons of visitors every year, most of them being photographers, bloggers, and of course, Instagram influencers. For photo-hungry folks, the Spanish oasis might seem like "just the perfect thing" they need to click those adorable selfies. But for some who are aware of the history behind the enchanting waterhole, the story is quite different.

The Shocking Truth Is…

Image Credits: Instagram/tamytika

For most Instagrammers and travel bloggers, focusing their camera on Monte Neme and getting that picture-perfect slanting selfie with the gorgeous oasis in the backdrop might be a matter of a few minutes. While everything falls in a perfect place—the venue, the scenery, and that cute smile, there's something visitors don't do when they're near Monte Neme. Surprisingly enough, they don't go near it! So why is everyone sticking to maintaining distance from an enchanting spot like this?

What This Instagrammer Has To Say About The Galician Paradise

Image Credits: Instagram/jennimourenza

Her name is Jennifer Mourenza. A digital marketing accountant by profession, Jennifer always sticks to her passion for fashion, food, and of course, travel! Having around 11.2k followers on her Instagram page, the young marketing professional never shies away from posting scenic pictures of places she often visits. That's when she visited Monte Neme in March this year! "Sometimes, things aren't how we believe and see them...things seem to be good, but the reality isn't like that..."—read her caption that depicted the spectacular oasis in the layout. Is there any hidden meaning behind her caption?

From London To Paris And Even—Monte Neme!

Image Credits: Instagram/brunopelomundo

Bruno Marthins is yet another Instagrammer who takes things seriously when it comes to photography. Apart from his usual errands in drone piloting and web designing, Bruno embraces photography as his next most significant passion of all time. Paris to London and everything in between, the young traveler has seen it all. But when he stood on a cliff, focusing his camera for a perfect shot of Monte Neme, he knew it was a wise idea to stay there than going anywhere into the water. But why...?

You Cannot Afford To Miss This If You're Anywhere Near The Spot

Image Credits: Instagram/uruloki

An astounding natural scenery like the one Monte Neme presents to its viewers can't go unmissed, especially without a dive. But why are people hesitating to take a dip in the water? The stunning trek tourists enjoy around the cliffy regions that nest the oasis are always hoarded with warning signs. While most of these signs are in Spanish, they clearly state just one cautious message—Never Take A Dive In Monte Neme. Perhaps, the authorities there make sure that these warning boards are erected in almost every corner surrounding the location. But some visitors understand the ugly truth the hard way. 

Sadly, This Instagrammer Learned His Lessons The Hard Way

Image Credits: Instagram/izzyandtai

But one Instagram user decided to take it as a challenge. He avoided the warning signs and dared to go near the turquoise-blue waterhole. But it could have been a bit better if he stayed ashore instead of taking that biggest jump into Monte Neme. However, it was too late that Izzyandtai realized what he was doing to himself. Before diving into the water, he missed out on something—not everything that appears beautiful is really "beautiful." But by the time the young Instagrammer realized about the dark side of Monte Neme, it was too late.

Monte Neme Isn't Just Bewitching—It's Wicked!

Image Credits: Instagram/izzyandtai

Izzyandtai took this daring step in July of 2019. The mysteriously picturesque venue invited him for a headfirst dive. Without taking a second to think or even understand what the warning signs tried to tell him, he jumped into Monte Neme. That's when the passionate Instagrammer learned his lesson the hard way. Not long after his hearty swim in the waterhole, Izzyandtai felt a weird sensation on his body. His skin started to itch to an extent where he was unable to bear it. Then he was shocked to spot blisters on his foot. Had he taken a second to interpret the warning signs...

There's More To The Galician Oasis Than You Think

Image Credits: Instagram/oti.fernandez_photo

However, Izzyandtai thought that whatever happened to his body had nothing to do with the dive. For him, Monte Neme was typically any other vacation spot that had a scenic lake. Diving for refreshment was his kind of adventurous stunts. And the Galician lake seemed to offer him just the right amount of everything he needed for a thrilling photoshoot. But for the people who were aware of the dark mystery behind Monte Neme, they preferred the otherwise. It's not something like tell-tale stuff. It is real and happened at a time when the now silent Galician spot was thriving with wealth.

It Was A Mine That Bore Riches

Image Credits: Getty Images/Hulton Archive/Three Lions

During WWII, the region around Monte Neme served as a tungsten mine. It was authorized by the Nazis, who took over the area to extract the rare chemical element. You see, tungsten is a natural metal that exclusively combines with other elements in chemical compounds. To be precise, it was a mining spot. However, the tungsten excavation center saw miners extracting tungsten from its coves until the 1980s. That is, from WWII till 1980, it was an active store for the rare metal extraction. What happened after that?

The Ultimate Villain Behind All This Comes From The Dark Mine

Image Credits: Instagram/edu_quintela

The mine in the Monte Neme region was officially abandoned in the 1980s. Miners fled elsewhere to extract the metal, leaving the area to survive on its own. But that didn't stop the lake from getting contaminated with whatever was left behind. Monte Neme flourished with fresh water, but when tungsten started to ooze out from the mine, it was the end to everything that thrived in the waterhole. The toxic chemical element combines rapidly with other elements. So the freshwater days of Monte Neme were all gone the moment tungsten leaked into the oasis.

Never Take The Region Around For Granted

Image Credits: Instagram/miguelcaldasfontan

Apart from Monte Neme's toxic water, the land itself is quite a danger to visitors who take things for granted. Trekking through a cliffy region such as this requires utmost cautiousness and care, especially when you're alone. For example, the slopes around the lake might look like the—"this is it!—venue for a scenic selfie. Who wouldn't love the backdrop of Monte Neme and all that cliffy edges in the picture? But the slopes that reach up to 30 meters are dangerous to challenge. It's not just the water or the cliffs. Sometimes, visitors need to be careful about this too.

Anything and Everything Around Monte Neme Bears Hidden Danger

Image Credits: Instagram/gv_rober

It's not just the quality of the water that poses a threat to visitors who never pay heed to the warning signs. Sometimes, even the muddy tracts around Monte Neme could be as dangerous as the water itself. But instead of skin rashes and itchiness, it could be a fatal trap in the mud. Experts say that abandoned mines such as this should never be left abandoned. But the problem is, if more tungsten is extracted from here, then there are chances of a rapid chemical reaction and some unexplainable consequences. This incident says it all...

It Is Not A Vacation Spot To Play Around

Image Credits: Instagram/thsworld

Ramón Varela, an environmental journalist and spokesperson for Salvemos Cabana explained a serious incident in an interview with Euronews. He described an occurrence in the region in 2014 when one of the reservoirs at the Monte Neme complex burst its banks. Eventually, it released a toxic spill that measured around 24,000 cubic meters. That's when he emphasized that the location isn't a tourist spot but has somehow emerged to be one after Galicia used it to promote tourism in the region.

Even Monte Neme's "Toxic" Nickname Doesn't Stop Visitors From Flooding The Region

Image Credits: Instagram/eugenialareina

Owing to its toxicity, Monte Neme is profoundly known as the "Galician Chernobyl." But this hasn't stopped tourists from paying a visit to the region around. People have been here for all amusing reasons, from treks to hours of watching the sparkling turquoise-blue reservoir. For some, it's a thing beyond taking just pictures. And when they try to play in this lake, they end up doing more harm than good to themselves. Perhaps, Izzyandtai did the right thing telling people what he went through after his daring act in Monte Neme. Shockingly, the funny part is...

Everyone Knows The Waterhole's Dark Secret

Image Credits: Instagram/sarahgerpe

Most of them know what it takes to get a dip in the Monte Neme reservoir. Despite knowing that the lake is toxic, they haven't stopped cheering out loud when taking that daring dive into the tungsten-breached waterhole. While some Instagrammers like Sarah Gerpe prefer posing in front of Monte Neme with stunning yoga poses, it's not the same thing with the other daring folks who take upon their risking venture. However, for such daring Instagrammers and netizens, the lesson from Monte Neme will always be challenging and unimaginable.

Monte Neme Is Here To Stay With Never-Ending Beauty And Toxicity!

Image Credits: Instagram/rociocio

Guess the unusually attractive chemical waterhole is here to stay, always depicting a scenic backdrop that photographers use to boast their adventure. For such Instagrammers, taking a dip in Monte Neme is a child's play. They forget the skin rashes, all that pain, and even the side effects that might last for days. If you ask why, then well—a picture speaks a thousand words! Folks who are aware of the bitter consequences, trekking and posing around Monte Neme are the only two things they'd prefer whenever they stop by the Galician scenery!

Maybe it is true—All that's beautiful isn't exactly what you think! Though Monte Neme makes it for that stunning venue where the backdrop speaks a lot about your adventure, it's still wise to stay yards away than daring a dip in the Spanish toxic waterhole. Are you an Instagram influencer who loves scenic photography in places like Monte Neme? Which was the most daring picture you took recently? Please share your amazing thoughts with us! But before that, please take a second to click the share button!

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