Couple Discovers Weird Liquid Dripping Down Their Walls

Aug 31, 2020Rita Kumar

Having guests is always a reason for excitement, partying, and unbound laughter. But what if you don't know who or perhaps, "what" exactly is in your house? Have you ever heard of the saying—"You don't know what goes on behind closed doors...?" Well, sometimes, people may not be able to put the finger to what their home holds despite residing behind those closed doors. Perhaps, this was the situation Andrea and Justin Isabell had to encounter when they had some unexpected guests in their house. Shockingly—their guests weren't anything "human...!"

A Normal Life In An Old House

Image Credits: Facebook/Justin Isabell

Owning a century-old house packs some reasons and extra bucks on repairs, refurbishment, and frequent wear and tear. This was a normal thing Andrea and Justin put up within their 100-year-old house in the Perkasie Borough. Yet, their abode marked a picturesque living in that corner of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The family was used to dealing with a few random repairs often. Though they had very little to complain about the old house, things started to change in 2020.


Tropical Storm Fay Strikes Down Every Corner Of The Area 

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/DVIDSHUB

Life seemed easy-going and full of bliss in their five-year-long stay in their old house. A dog trainer by profession, Andrea lived a peaceful life blessed with abundant joy, kids, and their pet dog. But soon, they prepared their way to endure a natural disaster in the area. It was Tropical Storm Fay—ready to play havoc in the region. However, the Isabells were lucky enough to endure heavy rainfall, though the ferocious storm left behind some pesky water damage. When the storm cleared, the little family assumed that things would get back to normal. But to their disbelief, it was the beginning of a new story.

Weird Leakage Takes Over Their House 

Image Credits: Facebook/Justin Isabell

At first, the couple assumed that it was water leakage. The days of Fay had just lapsed, and that somehow urged them to think straightforward regarding the issue. Perhaps, an old house like theirs stood sturdy against the ferocious rainstorm. So, having a bit of water seeping in through the ceiling was a regular thing. Surprisingly, there was more to the oozing substance than just plain water. What could it be anyway?

Streaks Of Bizarre Liquid Puzzle The Family

Image Credits: YouTube/6abc Philadelphia

The streaks on the wall were dark and seemed quite thick. By now, Andrea and Justin were quite skeptical that it wasn't water leakage. The clueless situation urged their attention from all corners of the house. Luckily, the so-called "water leakage" wasn't spotted in any other part of the building. It was just this specific area—the mudroom. Though the entire room was spared from getting messy, the uncanny streaks of liquid puzzled the couple. Soon, they decided that it was time to dig the matter further.

It Seemed Like A Regular Thing Initially

Image Credits: Reddit/AlaskanWinters/For Illustrative Purposes

Though the streaks of liquid seemed like a regular thing, the couple decided to investigate what the "outlandish" oozing liquid was. It was something they hadn't witnessed ever since they moved in before five years. So far, their stay in their old house saw a couple of ferocious rainstorms, but nothing brought about a sudden leakage like the one they encountered. It could be possible that their old house was crumbling slowly. Were Justin and Andrea ready for any of it? 

The Family Wasn't Ready To Move Elsewhere

Image Credits: Facebook/Andrea Isabell

After investing so much money in the refurbishment and frequent repairs their house billed them with, the Isabells weren't ready to pack their bags and move elsewhere. And after a savage storm like the one that struck them days back, they couldn't figure out a way to move to another house. To be precise, the house, though old and worn out, meant everything to them. It was the only abode that kept a roof over their heads. But the sudden leakage signaled signs of a nearing disaster and eventually left the family puzzled and unable to think.

It Wasn't Water

Image Credits: Imgur/M_T_ToeShoes/For Illustrative Purposes

Without wasting further time, Andrea and Justin walked closer to the liquid. As they neared the spot, the shocking truth swarmed them like never before. The Isabells saw something else that didn't get any closer to water. It was a weird-looking liquid that slowly oozed out of nowhere. From a blunt outlook, the couple knew that it came from the ceiling, but there had to be a source that emanated this strange leakage. Whatever it was, they had to make sure that their house was out of danger.

The Family Was Dealing With Something Mysteriously Freaky 

Image Credits: Facebook/Justin Isabell

The mysterious liquid oozed from the ceiling and dripped down slowly from the walls. When Justin and Andrea took their last pace closer to the spot, they witnessed that the liquid had nothing to do with water. You see, water is a colorless liquid. But the stuff the Isabells saw had a tint to it! It shone of a golden brown. Something typically like amber. Soon, the couple realized that they were dealing with something else here.

Justin Makes The Biggest Move

Image Credits: Facebook/Justin Isabell

At first, things were unclear. Andrea and Justin were cautious with each step of theirs. Moreover, they didn't like the company of unseen danger anytime soon. It was just a few days since the fierce storm bid farewell to the area. With so many questions running in their eager minds, the couple found it impossible to underline their belief with a valid reason regarding the outlandish liquid. That's when Justin braved himself to take the most significant step he hadn't in years.

Justin Does The Most Unexpected Thing

Image Credits: Getty Images/Westend61/For Illustrative Purposes

The two of them stood there, staring at the eerie liquid for a few minutes. They didn't want to touch it though it seemed like a familiar thing. Amidst all this, Justin advanced towards the freakish liquid. That's when he was quite determined to find answers to what precisely the spooky thing was. Without wasting further time, he ran his finger into the oozing liquid. For a moment, Andrea stood there, frozen, and watched Justin do the most unexpected thing ever.

Again, Justin Braves Himself With Another Move

Image Credits: YouTube/6abc Philadelphia

Sometimes, the taste reveals it all! Though the eerie liquid seemed something quite familiar, the Isabells were ready to embrace yet another risk. But this time, it was Justin again, who made a swift move with much deliberation. He just bent a little onto the wall and licked the liquid to see if whatever ran across his mind matched his suspicion. That's when he found the answers he needed! The taste wasn't anything outlandish as they assumed it to be.

There Were Uninvited Guests Inside The House

Image Credits: Facebook/Andrea Isabell

A shocked Justin exclaimed with disbelief that whatever they were dealing with tasted appealing. It was sweet! That made things clear—the Isabells were having hundreds of uninvited guests in their house. If you're anywhere close to guessing what that liquid is, yes, it's the food with no expiry date—Honey! But this strange encounter made little to no sense to the family. Perhaps, they haven't heard a buzz or seen a bee inside their house. How was it possible?

Andrea Is Shocked When She Spots Something

Image Credits: Getty Images/Photodisc/Ascent Xmedia/Paul McKenzie/For Illustrative Purposes

In an interview with CNN, Andrea said: "We've never heard any buzzing or anything. When we saw the stream coming down the wall, we worked our way up." It was strange that not a single bee entered the premises. Yet, there were delicious streaks of honey dripping down the wall. It came from the ceiling, and Andrea was aware of what to do next. Without sparing a second to the clock, she strolled upstairs to her bedroom window. That's when she saw something that cleared the air between her doubts and the uncanny reality.

The Clue Came From Her Bedroom Window And Eventually, The Rooftop!

Image Credits: YouTube/6abc Philadelphia

When Andrea looked outside through the bedroom window, she expected clear evidence of the bees' whereabouts. Eventually, she spotted a handful of them entering and exiting a hole alongside the roof. Perhaps, it was their door to going inside the house without giving any clues of their existence. The couple couldn't have guessed it right at first. Moreover, if it hadn't been for the leakage, the family would've never been able to think that some "uninvited colonial guests" occupied a hidden area in their house. What next...?

A Little Bee Problem Here

Image Credits: Pikist/For Illustrative Purposes

The honey dripped from the attic, making its way to the basement. Once the couple realized that they were having a little "bee problem," they decided on the next foremost thing. It was time to seek some professional help. But before that, Justin made a lighthearted video on his Facebook page to show his friends his family's buzzy mess! He captioned: "PSA for Homeowners. How to tell if you have a bee issue!" He explained in his post: "In all seriousness, if any of my contacts know a beekeeper that will safely remove the hive/queen intact and relocate, please message me." Did the family find any help?

They Seek A Professional's Help 

Image Credits: Facebook/Yerkes Honey Farms

Justin's post quickly spread like wildfire, and soon, someone who had a resident beekeeper's contact came forward to help the family get rid of their uninvited trouble. Soon, the Isabells contacted Allan Lattanzi, a general contractor, and beekeeper. Allan had the expertise of over eight years in the beekeeping niche. Moreover, his kind of job even earned him a nickname "The Bee Man" of Yerkes Honey Farms in Collegeville. But when Allan inspected the Isabell house for the bees, he had a piece of shocking news for them.

The Villain Behind All This 

Image Credits: YouTube/6abc Philadelphia

According to Allan, the rainwater had gotten into the colony and washed the nectar out of the honeycomb. Moreover, the streaks of honey that oozed were relatively liquefied than their original form. But the question of removing the bees puzzled the Isabelle house immediately. Perhaps, it wasn't an easy thing to do. However, the couple had no choice but to decide on something before it was too late. 

But There Was An Obstacle On Their Way

Image Credits: Facebook/Andrea Isabell

After inspecting the not-so-sweet situation, Allan estimated that the repairs would cost a whopping $3,000. However, Andrea believed that the homeowner's insurance would never cover it. But the question of letting the bees inhabit a sealed portion of their house came as a huge decision. According to the Isabells, the bees didn't harm anyone. They never planted a sting, and most importantly, no one of them was seen inside the house. So was the family allowing the bees to call that portion of the house "their home?"

The Isabell House's "Sweet" Secret Might Be Moved Elsewhere, Safe And Sound!

Image Credits: Getty Images/picture alliance/For Illustrative Purposes

Since the bees never stung anyone and didn't access the house's interiors, the Isabells decided to give the situation more time. However, all they could do was shell out the $3,000 on the repairs and watch the busy little creatures move on with their new abode elsewhere. Though the entire process could take quite some to achieve practically, the family has let their little "sweet" secret behind the wall, as long as the bees don't disturb their human inhabitants!

Having a few uninvited guests at times can be annoying altogether. But if those guests turn out to be the "not-so-annoying" bees that give you some sweet gifts in return, then you might still consider them renting a part of your house! As for the Isabells, they wouldn't mind having the bees behind the wall, as long as they don't plant a sting on them! Have you encountered a situation where you had to put up with such "uninvited" guests in your house? Please share your thoughts with us! But before that, please take a second to share this article!

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