This Mansion Is On Sale For Just $10, But No One Wants To Buy It

Sep 16, 2020Rita Kumar

Owning a mansion is a privilege in itself—because not all of us can own one! Sometimes, it's fun to picture ourselves arriving home to an in-home movie theater, Olympic-sized swimming pool, and a bubbly jacuzzi after a strenuous day at work. It's too frustrating that the mansion of our dreams is darn expensive! But what if you discovered you can own a palace-like home for less than something that costs your dinner? Maybe you should try investing in this house...But wait...there's a catch—No one wants to buy it.

The House In Question

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The house in question is in Montclair, New Jersey. If you ask us the age, then well, it's over a century old. To be precise, this Montclair-based mansion is around 111 years old! However, it was recently put on the market, and the realtors hope that someone comes forward to buy the house. Shockingly, it's the price that might give you the creeps you haven't experienced in years. So be ready for the next blow. 


The Price Might Magnetize Your Hands Onto The Wallet

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Believe it or not— it can be all yours for a mind-blowing $10...! It's not something you rub your eyes again and again because what you're seeing is for real. But who on earth would want to sell their house for nothing over $10? Shockingly, these people are doing just what you're reading. But wait, there's a huge catch and maybe this is why no one wants to buy it.

The Icon Behind The Century-Old Marvel

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The Montclair mansion's initial days routes back to 1906 when a renowned architect, Dudley S. Van Antwerp, designed it. However, the design for this house is believed to have started around six years back, in 1900. Van Antwerp was also behind some of the most remarkable constructions like the Yacht Club in Bayside, Long Island, and the Montclair Wachtung Avenue Congregational Church. A picturesque mansion like this is awaiting a property-hungry buyer but to no effect.

It’s Magnificent Yet No One Wants To Own It 

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Van Antwerp's creation is a Colonial-style structure that's stunningly huge. From the exteriors itself, you might get an understanding of what the interiors might hold. This Montclair mansion comprises around six bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths! Its carriage house and private exterior tennis court make it stand exceptionally out and high from the rest. So how is it tagged with such a low price?

Do You Know The Real Value Of This Montclair Mansion?

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Given the out-and-out size and the vast portfolio of amenities, this mansion is tagged with a market value of $1.35 million. Although that might sound exclusive and expensive, it's no surprise that many houses in the neighborhood sell around this price. Precisely, it's the "kind" of the area every buyer desires to buy a home. However, this particular house is packed with something more than just bricks and concrete.

It Could Be The Ideal House, But Be Ready For The Blow

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The Essex County township of Montclair boasts around 37,669 people. Now that's a population you'd find perfect if you're not too much of an urban dweller. And if you still don't want to live in a tiny suburban bubble, then this mansion might be it. Not to mention, Manhattan is just a 45-minute ride away! So why are people not jumping into the opportunity of owning a posh and "affordable" mansion like this? 

No One Wants It At Any Cost

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This century-old mansion is almost close to the city. Perhaps, you can always feel it the way you want when you're in the city and still head home to a quiet and scenic setting. But why is the house listed on for just ten bucks? Moreover, it's crowned with all the amenities buyers can only dream of. Why is no one stepping forward to seal the deal on this one? 

There’s More To The Mystery

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The 4,000 square feet dimensions aren't everything you see from aerial footage. Perhaps, there's more to the Montclair mansion than the eyes can see. A house this size packs all the possibilities its buyers can turn it into. Surprisingly, there are also chances that you could refurbish your library in this house. It's so huge and posh beyond expectations. Sadly, all the glory this house boasts is fogged by a dark truth that makes buyers negative about owning it.

The Previous Owner Died Here

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The mansion was previously owned by the first African-American athlete to captain the famous Notre Dame football team, Aubrey Lewis. Moreover, Lewis was eventually the first Afro-American member of the FBI. Sadly, after he had passed away in 2001, the BNE Real Estate Group bought the estate. They eventually planned to raise eight other homes on the property. However, this proposal fell through, leaving behind the orphaned mansion that's packed with a shocking catch.

The Reason Behind The $10 Deal

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Shockingly, there's a reason why the BNE realtors halted their plan even before bricking any progress. When they bought the mansion after Lewis's death, they signed an agreement with the Montclair Historic Preservation Commission. The main aim was to retain the estate's historical significance. Because of the hiccup in the building plans, this lavish home is being sold for just $10! Factually, anything regarding its price is too good to be true. Find out why...

Wait Until You Discover The Dark Truth

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It's something that has put down all that hope interested buyers had before hearing the deal-breaking truth about this lavish mansion. Many interested parties flooded the area to bag the $10 sale. Still, something mysteriously puzzling made them turn their backs on this once-in-a-lifetime chance. If you're planning to try your luck in purchasing this Montclair mansion, wait until you discover the most bizarre and dark truth bricked in it.

What’s The Hidden Catch Anyway?

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A ten-dollar deal isn't something you get to see all the time, especially for a property huge like this. Surprisingly, even if this particular house is given out for free, no one will dare to embrace the opportunity and make the deal with the realtors. So, what is the hidden catch the Montclair property has for its buyers? Is it haunted or something?

Get Ready To Hear The Worst Part

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Sometimes, haunted or literally "abandoned" properties are put on sale for an affordable price. However, a mansion so huge and lavish like Montclair's isn't haunted from any angle! Now that might come as a huge sigh of relief, especially if you're someone who can't put up with paranormal things anytime soon! If this house is perfectly normal, why is no one buying it then?  

The Shocking Truth Is…

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If you're ready to hear the shocking truth about the mansion, then be prepared to hear the bitter part of the $10 deal. As it so happens, this house cannot be occupied where it's currently located. The shocking part is—whoever purchases the mansion needs to agree to do something along with the purchase. If you're sighing some relief that the realtors might be of help in this, then look twice before you decide to buy this house.

Think Twice Before You Decide To Close The Deal 

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Montclair town officials say they've approved the sub-division application based on some strict terms. That means, once this mansion is sold, the buyer has some big responsibilities to look into. Doing it this way contributes to two things: Preserving the property's historical significance and BNE gets the land they need to raise their future projects. So how is it possible when the century-old house has occupied the area already?

It’s Not That Easy To Buy This House Unless You Agree On This

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Once the 111-year-old mansion is sold, it's not always the happy ending here! The shocking part is, whoever the buyer is, he is vested with some big tasks before calling the house his. The main bitter condition is complemented by another one, making it a hefty double-trouble for the buyer. So, as you can see, it is not that easy to own this house. If you're still unconvinced, then get ready to embrace the horrifying truth about the century-old mansion put on sale for just $10.

A Stack Of Unexpected Blows Tagged With $10

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According to the Montclair town officials, once the house is sold, it must be relocated to a different area. Yes—you read that right! Doing this not only preserves the property's historical ethics but also paves the way for BNE's upcoming projects. If that isn't enough, there is another blow waiting for the buyer, whoever it may be. We only hope it isn't you! So, here's what it takes to walk with the agreement papers of the mansion.

The Bizarre Truth Is

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The house must be moved within a quarter-mile of its present location. The most shocking truth is—the buyer must pay for all the costs tagged along with it! However, the seller is reportedly offering $10,000 to whoever purchases the house. It's something they have promised to help the buyer with the relocating costs. But wait, it isn't something like a great deal and you have to know this...

This Is Why No One Wants To Buy This Montclair Mansion

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Once the papers are signed and the deal is closed, the buyer might breathe a sigh of relief after walking away with the $10 house. But when everything is said and done, the total relocation effort will cost anything over $200,000! So, can you find the "$10" deal anywhere in this?! Not to forget about the repairs that might incur while moving the colossal house! The mansion is indeed up for sale for just ten bucks. But the rest is what the buyer has to shed from his pocket!

Now that's what you call the "ultimate deal-breaker!" Guess the Montclair mansion is going to sit peacefully until the realtors negotiate the deal with the perfect buyer. However, we hope you've changed your mind about buying this $10 mansion! Have you come across such an instance where the price was really low for whatever was put up for sale? Share your thoughts with us. Also, please don't forget to share this article! 

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