The Best Haircuts To Rock Gray Hair

Sep 24, 2020Rita Kumar

Many of us will experience that uncanny transition to gray hair at some point in our lives! But if you're tired of hiding your natural silver streaks, then trust us, going gray can be a stylish option. Perhaps, these famous women have sported gorgeous haircuts in stunning shades of gray, giving that instant "go-gray" inspiration! Check out these gray haircut ideas you might need during your next salon visit.

Jamie Lee Curtis' Short And Silver Pixie

Image Credits: Getty Images/Amy Sussman

By far, one of the easiest ways to go gray is to get a stunning short haircut! The silver streaks will naturally blend with your hair color as your hair grows—if you ever wish to have lengthy strands. Perhaps, Jamie Lee Curtis donned this short, chic hair cut for years! She even attended the 20th Annual AFI Awards at Beverly Hills in the sporty all-gray haircut.


Sarah Moyle's Sassy Short Cut

Image Credits: Getty Images/WireImage/Mike Marsland

Gray hair can make your hair look a bit thinner than it was earlier. Going a little down the volume over your head might not sound good, and that's when most of us hit the salon for some quick hair coloring. But if your hair is already on the fine side, you can consider a bold short cut like Sarah Moyle's.

Ciara's Bold & Angular Twist 

Image Credits: Getty Images/WireImage/George Pimentel

Gray hair isn't anything that defines your age! Perhaps, many famous celebs have taken to either embracing their natural silver streaks or giving their locks an artificial gray twist. Take Ciara, for example—she has given a bold and angular twist to her haircut, making her gray locks illuminate enough light for a second gaze, keeping the bounce off her shoulders. 

Stacy London's Chic Streaks On Straight Cut 

Image Credits: Getty Images/J. Countess

Many women who go gray at a very young age immediately reach out for the dye. Surprisingly, you also have the option to stand out from the rest with your signature gray-toned hairdo. For this, you need a haircut that's typically elegant for those with long, straight tresses—much like Stacy London. Perhaps, the celeb has just focused on crowning her looks with straight cuts than hiding those silver streaks. 

Meryl Streep's Medium-Length Layered Cut  

Image Credits: Getty Images/FilmMagic/Isaiah Trickey

If you have some gray while the original tone remains intact, a colorist can transform your hair into highlights! It's something like Meryl Streep's tresses here—but the stunning part is—the way you cut the hair to get this look. A medium-length layered cut followed by some glaze will bless your tresses with a sun-kissed makeover you never dreamed of before.

Emmylou Harris' Gray Shag Cut 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Matthew Simmons

A shag haircut is spectacular and fabulous in any length. While short shag haircuts are extremely sassy, longer ones tend to brush your looks with a bouncy on-trend disheveled style. Shag cuts for fine hair not only boost volume but are also some of the easily-styled solutions. Emmylou Harris' shag cut might be just the right amount of everything for a trendsetting all-gray makeover.

Glen Close's Wackiest Bob

Image Credits: Getty Images/George Pimentel

There's always a combination of freshness and elegance in a bob haircut. When you decide to get this cut on gray tresses, there can be nothing fun and sassy than just saying yes to your salon expert! Perhaps, Glenn Close's bob cut on her gray-toned straight hair might treat your fashion adventure with a wacky twist.

Diane Keaton's Platinum Straight-Layered Cut

Image Credits: Getty Images/FilmMagic/Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

Sometimes, gray tresses might not grow the way we want them to. Despite putting in hours of haircare and whatnot, the worry over those natural silver streaks might become a nightmare to many. But when you're ready to embrace your gray locks the way they are, getting the best haircut becomes very smooth. Diane Keaton's straight-layered cut might be the perfect choice for those with straight, long tresses.

Blythe Danner's Classic Waves 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Frederick M. Brown

For the blonde-gone-gray folks, getting the perfect haircut might seem like a challenge. But in our opinion, gray is just as beautiful and complex as any other shade. Surprisingly, natural gray can't be replicated with dye. So, having streaks of gray hair isn't something to grin about! However, the checkpoint lies in the type of haircut you choose. Blythe Danner's classic wave-cut might be the perfect beauty addition for those who prefer shoulder-length wavy bounces.

Anne Murray's Spiky Silver Crop 

Image Credits: Getty Images/WireImage/George Pimentel

A spiky silver crop, like the one donned by legendary singer Anne Murray, is a sassy twist on a traditional pixie cut. This haircut is the all-time favorite of fashionably gamine women. If you're a tomboy at heart or prefer shaking things up a bit with a cool gray hairstyle, then it could be a big thumbs up to Anne Murray's spiky pixie haircut!

Sharon Osbourne's Platinum Pixie 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Rich Fury

Often, we get an itch to try something new, especially a haircut. Perhaps, crowning your hair with something different is a way of defining the sort of person you are! This time, why not take things to a whole new level, especially with those gray tresses on board? With a host of daring cuts to try, Sharon Osbourne's platinum pixie cut might be what you need to shake up your sassy style in one swift chop.

Rita Moreno's Silvery Chinese Bob 

Image Credits: Getty Images/WireImage/Michael Boardman

Winning the looks with a subtle haircut isn't that easy as long as you know what suits you the best. However, gray hair shouldn't be a barricade on your style endeavors. So, the best idea to stick to is getting a bob cut done on your gray tresses. Perhaps, it's a relatively low-maintenance and decent solution to keep the grays thriving in good volume. Actress Rita Moreno donned the look in a silvery Chinese bob cut at the 17th Annual Newport Beach Film Festival, and it could be something you're looking to try at the salon anytime soon! 

Lady Gaga's Layered Twist 

Image Credits: Getty Images/FilmMagic/Jon Kopaloff

Layered hair wins enough votes in the beauty world to be deemed an absolute favorite. Whether your hair is black, blonde, or gray, layered haircut wins over enough second looks from everyone! Lady Gaga's gray layered twist could be an all-new reason to visit the salon in no time. Whether your tresses are naturally gray or silver dyed, the universal haircut might be the perfect choice to bounce off your style statement like a ramp queen! 

Paula Deen's Feathered Bob

Image Credits: Getty Images/Aaron Davidson

Bob cut has proudly stood tall with time and fashion, and it simply needs no introduction! Perhaps, the haircut gets a slightly upgraded makeover each season and remains a fashionable pick from year to year. Straight, wavy, or curly—a bob cut is all you need to show off your style, even if your tresses are utterly gray! American TV personality Paula Deen's feathered bob cut is one of the savviest versions to try! 

Carol King's Short Curls 

Image Credits: Getty Images/WireImage/Brian Rasic

Haircuts for curly hair bear a nonchalant flair whether they're scissored on natural curls or chic on-trend messy tresses. Perhaps, curly haircuts are even suitable for short gray locks. With curls flocking over your head, it isn't always necessary to make good friends with your flat iron. A fabulous curly haircut like Carol King's is all you need to make your gray curls get that superb transformation. The American singer donned her gray curl cut when she performed on stage at the Barclaycard Presents British Summer Festival in Hyde Park, London, England.

Cardi B's Shoulder-Length Cut 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Jamie McCarthy

Long layered hairstyles with wavy bangs are now in great demand. Perhaps, everyone craves for a flattering hairstyle that's heavier on the trend and convenience side. When you wish to show off your gorgeous gray tresses, think shoulder-length layer cuts. They're manageable and also give you every reason to rock your long gray locks without a single pin just like how Cardi B pulled it off like a pro at the New York Fashion Week. 

Linda Fargo's Asymmetrical Bob

Image Credits: Getty Images/Jim Spellman

For those with long, straight gray tresses, trying something trendy could always fit in your salon's bill. Actress Linda Fargo donned the gorgeous asymmetrical bob look at the 2019 Library Lions Gala at New York Public Library! If you have long gray locks and think of cutting them short, then asymmetrical bob cut could be the perfect style you're looking to set your fashion adventure on fire. When it comes to short haircuts, this style is undeniably the one that celebs have loved over the years! 

Amandla Stenberg's Classic Shoulder-Length Bob On Kinky Curls 

Image Credits: Getty Images/WireImage/Steve Granitz

A shoulder-length bob, also known as long bob, can be styled in many different ways. This haircut offers tress lovers various options to keep the classiness and style on the mark. Perhaps, bob cuts are always dubbed the "hairstyle of the year" by fashion maniacs who love to flaunt their tress-treasure. For gray-haired women, the style offers much-deserved recognition, making it a classic and universal cut desired by many. Actress Amandla Stenberg's shoulder-length bob on her kinky gray curls illustrates the idea behind this trendy haircut!

Mel B's Traditional Pixie 

Image Credits: Getty Images/WireImage/Amanda Edwards

If you've been considering a sassy pixie cut for your gray locks, then singer Mel B's classy cut is your ultimate source of inspiration. Gray in itself is a tint that cannot be otherwise replicated, and if its something natural, then be happy—because you're blessed with one of the most alluring tress shades! Perhaps, after trimming your locks into a pixie, you might find your style change drastically. Though there are different pixie styles, the traditional cut makes an elegant choice gray-haired women can rely on for life!

Graying isn't something that defines our age anymore! Perhaps, there are some stunning haircut options to make gray-haired fashionistas stand out from the rest! Which hairstyle do you think is the best among these? How comfortable are you in embracing gray hair in your fashion regime? Share your thoughts with us! And please don't forget to share this article with your friends and family!

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