The Shocking Underwater Discovery Made By A Deep Diver

The Shocking Underwater Discovery Made By A Deep Diver

Oct 01, 2020Shilo Maloney

The sea can be a vast and interesting space full of wonder and mystery. It's even more astounding when you realize that roughly only 5% of the ocean has been discovered. So, keeping this fact in mind, out of all the things we've found in the ocean, an unsuspecting diver found something he never expected that was truly a one of a kind find.

The Ocean Is Vastly Untouched

Like we said before, the ocean is vast and more mysterious than we can all imagine, and that's putting it lightly. When a diver set off to swim through blue bodies of water, he was both aiming and willing to make some amazing discoveries down there. Some discoveries are more shocking and fascinating than others.

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Common Shipwrecks

Outside of wild unique creatures, there's also a slew of other things that divers explore and come across. Shipwrecks are quite a big thing in this regard, and finding them down there is still fascinating but not uncommon. What this diver came across was about as unexpected as anything else out there.

The Marine Biologist Uncovers A Mystery

Marine biologists thrive off these types of discoveries, they're often once-in-a-lifetime finds that are chock-full of mysteries. But, this Marine biologist, Gil Koplovitz, was about to make the most unique little discoveries that would make him the toast of the marine biologist world like no one else.

The Undersea Shock

While going on a dive requires a deft level of skill and focus, Gil wasn't exactly exploring the underworld sea to find what he eventually did. This discovery would allow his story to go viral. Because what he found shocked even someone with as much experience as he had.

The Deep Dive 

Gil was diving off the coast of Israel when he discovered something he never imagined. In all his years in the field, this was certainly one of the last things that he ever thought he would see. Not even he nor the press or the marine world were ever prepared for such a discovering, it was eye-opening, to say the least.

The Dive by the Dock

Koplovitz was well-vetted in this field and nearly nothing could surprise yet everything about his field of work could certainly fascinate him. While he was diving toward the end of a long dock that led to the ocean, he was about to find something that would both surprise and fascinate him like nothing ever before.

The Underwater Wonders

Koplovitz was simply looking around for small creatures and maybe even tinier treasures that might've fallen off the top of the dock or might've drifted in and around the dock from the ocean. But, on this particular dive, he wasn't going to come across either of those things.

The Viral Venture

This particular dive was going to land the man all over the web in a way that he never could've anticipated. It goes without saying, but Gil managed to come across something much bigger and much more astounding than any other small treasure.

The Suspicious Structure

As he dove down that day, his exploration and wonder led him to the bottom of the deck that revealed something he hadn't seen in such a state before. Instead of some swimming creature or sunken ship, he saw a structure that piqued his interest.

The Biologist Finds A Building

The closer he swam and dove deeper in the ocean, the stranger the find became for Koplovitz. The huge structure was even bigger than the ship. The closer he got to it, the more he could tell that this structure may way as well have been an entire building. But what kind?

The Phenomenal Find

As we said, Gil was an expert marine biologist and there weren't many like him in his field. So, for him to come across something that caught him off guard and caught him by pure surprise, it had to be a phenomenal find, and it truly was. 

The Window Peek

The structure did have windows too, and Gil simply had to know exactly what this building entailed before he could give it any kind of definitive description. As he peered through murky windows, he could hardly make out what it was.

Stunned Undersea

At first, to Gil, it seemed as though he was looking through the windows of a sunken diner. But, the more he squinted and peered through, the more he saw that this was nowhere near a diner. Inside, sitting upright, he saw something that confirmed what exactly he was looking at. Gil almost drowned in shock.

The Photos of the Find

Being an experienced Marine Biologist, he understood that in his field, it was all about seeing is believing. He always had his trusted waterproof camera with him when going on a dive. It was through these telling photos that Gil capture the one thing that gave the building its description. A stripper poleGil had found an abandoned underwater strip club!

The Strip Club Undersea

The entire structure had a glossy look to it. It was complete with a stage and pole. This club, however, wasn't wrecked. It was actually designed to be an underwater strip club. Based on its look and condition, it was meant to be there all along and had to have had some serious clientele. Aptly named Nymphas Show Bar, the club was abandoned and not sunken at all.

Of all the things to find at the bottom of the ocean, a strip club doesn't even make it on the list of things you expect to see when going on any underwater excursion. What do you think of this unique and truly shocking find? Would you ever have expected anything of this nature?