Smart Gadgets That Are Godsends For Seniors

Smart Gadgets That Are Godsends For Seniors

Oct 08, 2020Roshanak

Getting older doesn’t mean that you have to depend on others to go about your business. Nowadays, there are tons of gadgets designed to make senior citizens’ lives much easier such as a garden rocking seat and no-tie shoelaces. You can also invest in a special cell phone and other surprising items that will change your daily routines for the better. Let’s find out more!


Many senior citizens lose mobility and strength on their hands over time. It might not be something severe, but it’s always better to prevent making things worse by using gadgets like this one. This Lid Lifter is designed to make opening lids and jars much easier. Afterward, you can reseal them without putting a strain on your wrists.

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Sometimes, people become forgetful, and it doesn’t necessarily have to do with age. Many people could benefit from installing the Self-T Element stovetop protectors. If there’s an accident while cooking, you can rest assured that it won’t be dangerous, and false fire alarms will also be avoided. This will also ensure that senior citizens can cook for themselves.


Just like the safety lid opener, this product is designed so that you won’t have much trouble while buttoning your shirts. While some folks might start using a T-shirt or sweaters to avoid the hassle, sometimes, they might want to dress up. The Button Hook helper will ensure that they can still dress independently.


Continuing with the theme of dressing themselves, there are also many senior citizens that won’t be able to pull their zippers on. Whether it’s on their backs or because they are not strong enough, anyone can use the Zipuller. In fact, women that love dressing with zippers could also benefit from this product.


Bending down might not be an option for most people after a while. Sock aids have been designed for anyone that has lost mobility. It’s not necessarily for senior citizens, but it could improve their lives greatly. You just have to learn how the product works, and there are several tutorials on Youtube. Bending over to put on socks is a thing of the past!


Everyone needs to keep hydrated all the time, and senior citizens might need to carry water on them in case they need to take their medications. However, some water bottles can be pretty heavy. That’s why a collapsible water bottle made from silicone is the best solution. You can fit it in your purse or keep it in the car. It’s easily stored and lightweight.


This is another product that will help people that cannot bend over all the time to keep their shoelaces tied. The Xpand Shoelaces are designed so that they remain tied all the time but adjustable. Therefore, you can just put on your shoes and take them off without worries. It’s almost like transferring lace-up shoes into loafers.


This is a product that everyone should have at home. No matter your age, anyone can slip on the tub or shower. However, seniors that are looking to be more independent need it more. You just have to find the right kind of anti-slip mat that fits in your bathroom. The best part is that they come in different colors, sizes, and designs. So, you can choose something that doesn’t clash with the décor and will still protect you.


Some people disregard how much you move while showering, and people lose agility as well as dexterity as they get older. Therefore, buying a shower/bath chair is another great idea. Elderly folks can just sit down and clean themselves easily without getting too tried. Additionally, it helps prevent slips.


While anyone can turn on the light, sometimes, the sudden harsh light can be hurtful. However, you can buy a motion-activated night light for your toilet to avoid having to turn on anything else in the bathroom. You just have to ensure that it’s well installed and that you clean often just like the rest of the bowl.


Gardening is one of the greatest pastimes anyone can have. It’s relaxing, but it keeps your mind in shape. Senior citizens tend to love gardening or doing things in the garage, but it takes a huge toll on anyone’s back. Therefore, buying a garden seat is the best idea. There are several kinds of models such as the rocking garden chair. Others have wheels. You just need to choose what works best!


While you can definitely turn the volume up on your television, that might not be a great option if you have neighbors. Additionally, having the volume way too high can distort its sound and lead to more hearing problems later on. However, there are listening headphones designed to amplified and clarify audio. They are also wireless.


If your grandmother is into knitting or your grandfather loves model airplanes, they might have to strain their eyesight to continue these hobbies. That’s why you might consider buying a magnifier desk lamp for them. There are floor models that can be used all over the house as well as those that attach to the desk.


In the age of technology, many senior citizens are familiar with smartphones and tablets. Some of them are big enough that they don’t even have to squint to see the buttons. However, other people might not want them at all. That’s why many companies are making cellphones for seniors that have big buttons, easy menus, better sound, an SOS feature, and more. You might want to buy this one, even if your grandparents understand smartphones.


Another important activity for senior citizens is taking walks outside. If they have a park nearby, they might want to stay awhile to grab some fresh air. However, many people have difficulty walking without a cane. That’s why this portable cane/stool is the perfect solution. It’s collapsible, lightweight, and easy to use. So, if they get tired, they can take a breather anywhere. 

These are perfect for anyone that might be having trouble in their old age. Technology makes everything easier. Let us know which item you are going to buy right away. If you liked this article, share it with your friends that need to buy some of these for their loved ones. See you next time!

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