Items You Might Have at Home That Are Worth Big Money

Items You Might Have at Home That Are Worth Big Money

Oct 22, 2020Roshanak

People can accumulate many things over the years, but they don’t realize that some items end up becoming collectible. Many things in your house or grandparents’ home might cost a lot of money now. That old ‘Star Wars’ toy that your dad had from the 70s is worth thousands of dollars now. That old kitchenware that has been gathering dust on the shelf could go for an extremely high price. Let’s find out more!


Vinyl albums are big draws for collectors online, and David Bowie albums started going up in price after the singer’s death. However, they were always valuable. In 2003, his ‘Diamond Dogs’ vinyl with a controversial cover sold for $3,550. Only a few exist in the world because his label discontinued it. Currently one of the most expensive on eBay features the outtakes from ‘Ziggy’ and ‘Mercury’, which is on sale for $11,000.

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Naturally, all kinds of vintage and retro video games are also popular on online auctions. If you happen to have complete sets of games from Super Nintendo, you might be able to sell them for HUGE bucks. There’s one going for more than $500,000. However, you are more likely to have only a few games, such as 'Knights of the Round', which is on sale for $1,400.


Comic books have always been collectible items, and they have become extremely popular in the last decade thanks to the rise of superheroes in pop culture. Some of the most in-demand right now are the issues of ‘Black Panther’ from the 70s. If you happen to have ‘Jungle Action #6’ from 1972, you could post it online for around $200.


It seems that every single grandmother in the world has a rocking chair. Of course, antique items are the most expensive, but they don’t have to look like something out of a Victorian novel. Even modern sets from the 50s, 60s, and 70s can get pretty expensive such as the “Tubular Bent Chrome Rocking Chair”, which is currently being sold for $4,500.


Every single girl that grew up in the United States wanted one of these dolls. They had detailed backgrounds as well as accessories. The most popular for collectors seem to be the originals from 1986. The one called “Samantha” is the priciest, currently being sold for $2,300. Of course, these items have to be in near-perfect condition to fetch those prices.


Cards have fallen in and out of style every other decade, but collectors will always be looking for these items. The Garbage Pail Kids were insanely popular in the 80s, and prices can vary online right now. Some people are selling huge collections for $880, which is still a lot of money considering that each card originally sold for almost nothing. However, there are special, limited edition cards such as “Nasty Nick #1a” which is worth $5,199. Time to search the attic!


If there’s something that many collectors love, it’s ‘Star Wars’. Almost every original toy/bauble from the original franchise is worth something in mint condition. But the 1978 Luke Skywalker figurine sold in 2015 for $25,000. You can find it on eBay right now for $15,000, although it’s not as pristine as the other one.


The punk rock band was notoriously controversial, so they were signed to A&M records in 1977 for only six days. During that week, they released 25,000 copies of the single ‘God Save the Queen’. That makes it a rather rare item. In 2003, one copy with the original paper sleeve was sold for $17,600. You can find a similar copy on eBay for $4,999.


‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ is considered one of the best books in Latin American history. Therefore, it’s not surprising that a first edition could be worth a lot of money. You can currently find the Spanish version on eBay for $2,849. But there’s a special version with a misprint where the first page only has exclamation points instead of periods, which sold for $740.


While PEZ dispensers are pretty useless overall, there were certain limited-edition versions that ended up selling for hefty prices. In 1972, the company released the “Alpine Man” to honor the Olympics in Munich. The one with the green hat is worth $3,000. However, there’s an elusive one with a brown cap that would sell for more, but it’s so rare that no one knows how much it would fetch.


Stamps are also important collector items, and they can vary depending on date and rarity. Naturally, big collections can go for incredible amounts of money online. There’s a collection of rare, vintage stamps from several countries on eBay that is currently on sale for $176,930. Meanwhile, there’s a stamp from 1869 that’s worth $129,000. Do you think your grandparents might have one lying around?


The 90s were defined by Beanie Babies. They were the most popular plush toys in the world, and naturally, they became collector items quickly. There’s one in particular known as Peanut Royal Blue Elephant. A rare version was darker than the company wanted, and only 2,000 copies were released. One of those could sell for up to $5,000, but it’s currently on eBay for $2,000.


While there are many versions of the ‘Harry Potter’ books out there, a few first editions are considered rare enough that they can sell for a lot of money. For example, in 1998, they made 500 copies of ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone’ with the author named “Joanne Rowling”. It’s estimated that such a find could go for $56,000. But, other first editions are still valuable such as this signed copy on eBay worth $8,000.


Do you have any VHS tapes lying around at home? Well, some of them could be worth a ton of money, especially if they are original. Most people had tons of Disney movies in their collection. There’s even a rare, discontinued Walt Disney VHS with the story ‘A Tale Of Two Critters’ that is on sale for $1,000,000. Wow!


While there are all kinds of kitchen utensils nowadays that make our lives simpler, there are certain kitchenwares that they just don’t make the same anymore. Grandmother would buy Corningware items because they could last for generations. They are made from pyroceram, a mix of glass and ceramic, which makes them incredibly durable. There’s one currently listed for $3,000, but sets can go for even more!

It’s time to check the shelves and your parent’s storage. You might be sitting on a gold mine. Let us know if you remember owning any of these items. If you liked this article, share it with your friends that love collecting things. See you next time!

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