Lioness Sees Its Master 7 Years Later - Her Reaction Is Unbelievable

Oct 28, 2020Rita Kumar

Speak of lions, and the first thing that sparks the mind is their sharp claws and fierce eyes. By the way, not to forget that air-piercing roar that is tuned by nature to overshadow every wild meow and howl! Perhaps, no one would've seen a lion so close like this man—after he entered into an enclosure that sheltered an aggressive lioness. And yes—she was hungry, terribly hungry. She was waiting for a chance to grab something that came her way. What happened next will give you the creeps...

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This Man's Daring Step Costs Him Something Huge

Lions are known as the "Kings of the Jungle" for a reason—they never settle for the average. Perhaps, the ferocious felines sit atop the food chain, roaring their best while sarcastically pitying their lonely prey on the grassland! Rest aside, there's probably no match to their massive claws and razor-sharp teeth. Just one mere encounter in the wild is enough to send someone running down the hills. For this man, things took an unexpected turn that day in the lion enclosure. 

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It All Started Here...

The story begins with Adolfo—a lion trainer who dedicated his heart and soul to raise rescue animals. By rescue animals, we don't mean dogs and cats. Perhaps, they belong to the "wild." Now that makes sense why going near or even trying to embrace harmony with wild animals isn't a wise idea. Nevertheless, when Adolfo picked her up and held her close to his heart, she was a small cub who meant no harm. But then...

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She Was An Innocent Cub 

She was Kiara—a fluffy little cub who was too cute to give Adolfo the creeps of carrying her in his arms. The way she looked at him that day appeared as though she was trying to communicate something through her eyes. We're not sure whether she liked him or not. Contrary to the cub's perceptions, Adolfo loved the new arrival in his life. She was like any other lion cub he had seen. Unfortunately, she was more than he could've imagined.  

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Lions Are Merciless—Kiara Wasn't An Exception

You call them "Kings" and even "Queens" not because they are huge, they are—unforgiving! Just leave a deer calf or a goat in their territory and come back after five minutes, you'll find zero traces of what you left there. But it's all part of the food chain and that's how nature has created them, and all of us. We're all here for a purpose, and maybe, lions and lionesses have their purpose in contributing to the food cycle. In Adolfo's case, it's quite horrific owing to what Kiara did to him when he least expected it. 

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He Opened His Heart For Her, But She...

Waking up to a lion roar behind you isn't an everyday thing. Maybe we're the kind of people who admire lions only in Disney movies! Perhaps, humming to the tunes of Circle of Life or cheering out loud yelling Hakuna Matata suits us well rather than getting ourselves closer to the lion's territory! Unlike most people, Adolfo threw all the caution to the wind to nurture Kiara with utmost love and care. But did she grow up to reciprocate her master's gesture? Not exactly... 

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They Part Ways

Since the trainer had other lions and lionesses to tame, his time with Kiara began to thin. Though they spent a good amount of time together as man and cub, they were eventually separated. When Kiara completed her training, she was still a cub. Meanwhile, Adolfo's commitment to training other big cats somehow distanced him from his loving cub. With a heavy heart, he departed, leaving Kiara under the care of the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation. Unfortunately, Adolfo was unaware that time would change everything, including his loving Kiara.

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Time Passed By...

When her trainer handed her over to the caretakers at Black Jaguar, Kiara never knew that she wouldn't eye Adolfo again. Growing under a human's influence and care became an everyday routine in her life. So, maybe Adolfo's presence and absence didn't matter much to her. As time passed, the fluffy cub grew into a gorgeous lioness, barely recognizable from her cuddly cub days. Adolfo remembered Kiara but did she think about him? Maybe, only time will tell if this man did the right thing in going back to his ferocious lioness again. 

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Adolfo Missed Kiara And He Comes Up With A Decision 

The trainer spent most of his time taming Kiara and playing with her all day long. But so much time passed by ever since he departed to look into the other lions. Suddenly, a wave of eagerness stormed Adolfo, and in a few seconds, he was sure about something. He wanted to meet Kiara. Adolfo decided to visit her and know if she felt the same for him. It might sound ridiculous to expect a loving gesture from a wild animal that's open only to the wilderness. But when you love someone, you may not give yourself some time to justify your reasons. Adolfo started on his reunion adventure, unaware of his fate. 

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Time Changed Everything, Including The Lioness

Kiara changed with time. She was heavy, huge, and wasn't anything like the cute cub she was. She was gorgeous—no doubt in that. But beauty isn't the only thing you should see in a lioness. Perhaps, all that's appealing to the eye hides infinite mysteries and dangers. Adolfo and even the Black Jaguar staff didn't have a single clue about how Kiara would judge her trainer's arrival. Soon, the big day arrived... 

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The Big Day Finally Arrived

While everyone in the facility expected Adolfo's arrival anytime soon, Kiara continued to proceed with her day like how she did normally. After all, the lioness had no reason to expect anyone to visit her. She didn't have a reason to wait at the cage, eyeing on the path for a family member, either. Moreover, Kiara had no reason to suspect that an old friend would stop by to say "Hello!" While Adolfo was on the verge of arriving, he was excited to see his lioness, unaware of where he ended up. 

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She Remains Calm, Waiting For The Golden Chance To Plant Her Paws On The Man 

Meanwhile, the staff brought the fierce lioness to the gate. You see, wild animals never wear a savage look at all times. Simply put, they appear calm and subtle, as though they would do nothing to you even if you approach them with a big heart. But all that appears calm isn't "calm" after all, right? It's rightly said that calmness and silence clouds a place before a fierce storm. Maybe in Kiara's case, it's utterly true. But poor Adolfo was far from realizing the side of his loved lioness. 

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The Predatory Lioness Is On The Loose

Just like the skeptical staff, Kiara wore a mysterious look on her face. However, she seemed calm—and it wasn't a good sign. With a wild queen this size, you cannot probably expect her to react in a way like how your buddy does. Her sharp claws were enough to plant an unforgettable disaster on everyone around. Perhaps, she was on the loose, and it was a golden opportunity that might pave the way for an easy grab. Kiara eyed the man who was nearing her cage. 

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And As He Neared Her Cage...

As Adolfo approached Kiara's enclosure. the skeptical lioness seemed hesitant. She didn't know what was going on. Reluctantly, Kiara put her nose up to sniff the matter. At first, she couldn't understand whether she was smelling it right. It wasn't anything new to her. Perhaps, the scent of this person made an unpredictable impact on the dangerous lion, who wasted no time in advancing towards him and planting her paws. 

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Kiara's Savage Move Shocks Everyone

At last, Kiara's cage door was open. Without wasting a second, the furious lioness dashed in the air towards Adolfo. It was as though she'd been hungry despite feasting on the best treat that morning. Though there was no room for hunger, Kiara knew what she was running at. Her mindset changed instantly, and within a few seconds, she landed on Adolfo, as though she pounced on an orphaned deer.

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The Horrific Scene They Hadn't Seen All Their Life

When Adolfo called out to Kiara by her name, he didn't know the depth of impact it would make on the lioness. The ambiance echoed with something Black Jaguar staff hadn't seen in years. Shockingly, it wasn't the kind of scene they expected to see. The surprise they planned for their lioness seemed to have taken a unique turn—and it was spine-chilling.

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Sensing A Familiar Face

The moment Kiara sensed a familiar face approaching her, she dashed out of the cage. In a few seconds, the man-lion duo stormed back into the enclosure, and she was all over him! Kiara jumped and hugged Adolfo. She instantly knocked him to the ground and began cuddling him as if she were still that naughty little cub. Kiara clutched her trainer with her mighty paws, still, she made sure not to plant a claw on him. How sweet is that! And then...

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Exchange Of Emotions

While the other fellow big cats in the neighboring enclosures watched, Adolfo and Kiara stormed love on each other. The scene reminded everyone how emotions play an important role in communicating what's in the heart! Kiara might look ferocious and adaptive to her ancestral features, but that didn't stop her from pouring out all the love she had for Adolfo. She still remembered her trainer and loved him with all her might and will.

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They Even Conversed With Each Other!

From headbutting to throwing herself on Adolfo, Kiara did everything she could to exhibit her love for her person. She panted heavily and shouted sly roars while her trainer conversed with her. Though it seemed like an outlandish behavior, it was purely loving and merely an exchange of emotions. The heartwarming moment made those around think twice about what true love is!

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Kiara Loved Adolfo—Moreover, She Still Remembered Him!

Kiara and Adolfo were taken by a storm after feeling each other's presence in that enclosure. Though the trainer was quite skeptical about whether his lioness would remember him or not, the big cat proved that memories pave the way for eternal love—and this incredible story is a great example to illustrate what love is all about! Guess Adolfo did the right thing in surprising Kiara that day. And for the others around, they just watched the two of them flood each other with unconditional love and joy!  

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This story proves that love is all that you need to bridge the gap between anything and anyone! Moreover, it's not always you get to see someone like Adolfo who has been caressed and loved by a lioness like Kiara! Disney's The Jungle Book might give us a fictional glimpse of Mowgli sharing his love with wild animals. But in real life, there are many Mowglis out there who love animals no matter how ferocious or wild they can be—and Adolfo is one among them! Kudos to the man-animal duo for illustrating the world what true love is all about! Well, what's your take on this unusual friendship between man and a lioness? Share your thoughts with us, and please don't forget to click the "Share" button!   

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