Hidden Car Features You Probably Didn't Notice

Hidden Car Features You Probably Didn't Notice

Nov 28, 2020Roshanak

Technology has changed so much in the last two decades that you might not be aware of some of the features in your newest car. You also might have also used some things incorrectly in the past or didn’t know they were part of your vehicle. Do you know many cars now had built-in Wi-Fi? How about some hidden storage below your seats? Let’s find out more.

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You have probably seen that handle above car doors and used it when your friends were speeding. You can also hang clothes from there when you’re in a pinch. However, these are also designed for people with low or limited mobility. People in wheelchairs or those that don’t have leg strength can use it to get in and out.

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The idea is a self-driving car is no longer a dream in today’s age, but it can be pretty expensive. However, some vehicles have included adaptable cruise controls to give their customers a little more comfort. You can stay at a steady pace without having to press the gas all the time, and most systems in several brands are surprisingly accurate.

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People that have long commutes or drive long hours for work could benefit from this. Many brands have included some interesting massage features in their cars. The Lincoln Corsair has a touchscreen with controls. There are different levels and more add-ons. It’s definitely something to think about when you’re buying a new car.

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This might just be one of the most important features that new cars are including. These headlights are designed to adapt to the road as you drive. They can change angle depending on speed and terrain. It’s a huge benefit when it comes to curves, and anyone that constantly drives at night should have them.

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Parallel parking is one of the most difficult things for many drivers out there. Luckily, technology has advanced enough to prevent accidents. This feature is just a button in most cars. You just push and it actives the sensors to help with parking. Basically, it’ll steer and guide you in the right direction as well as brake if necessary.

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On a similar note as the sensors for parallel parking, many advanced vehicles now include blind-spot sensors. They help drivers when there are objects near a car that the regular 3 mirrors cannot catch. Some brands have icons on the dashboard, while others include real alarms for more guidance.

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While there are still plenty of old-school dashboards, many brands have gone more electronic. With that technology, there’s more chance for customization. So, you can choose what you want to see on the display like stats, navigation, or the standard dashboard.

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Some people are more sensitive to cold or heat than others. That’s why many cars are adapting their air conditioning and heaters so that each passenger can choose their desired temperature. Isn’t that neat? Now, you can all enjoy a drive without having to use sweat because someone turned on the heat.

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Many of the modern vehicles sold these days have better air filters than ever. They are also designed to remove more allergens and pollutants, which is helpful for anyone that suffers from pollen allergies. Additionally, these filters also prevent exhaust emissions from getting in your interior and causing you harm.

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While you might be used to your car’s handbrake handle, electronic parking brakes are becoming more popular with time. You just need to press a button before getting out of your car. Additionally, it normally disengages when you place the car on the drive. So, you won’t even have to worry.

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Anyone that drives a manual car has probably learned that hills are tricky. Luckily, many modern manual vehicles come with hill start assist these days. Basically, there’s a sensor that can tell when you have stopped on an inclined plane and hits the brakes until you accelerate. It prevents cars from rolling downhill.

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Our world is not connected by the internet, and Wi-Fi has become essential to most households. So why not have it in your car? Yes, you might have a data plan, but those can get pretty pricey, especially during roads trip if your kids want to watch Netflix. Luckily, now many vehicles come with a built-in option.

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While automatic windshield wipers might not seem that advanced and have been a part of cars for a while, this is a little different. These wipers detect at what speed your car is going. If you’re going fast, you might get more rain rapidly. Therefore, they adapt to ensure that your vision is clear.

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Another feature that many windshields are including these days is heating. It’s perfect for snowy areas. The windshield comes with impossible-to-see wires all over its surface. When they detect snow, they will send a current that melts everything. Now, you won’t have to worry about wiping down before going to work.

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Your car might have bolsters or you might have purchased them separately. However, newer bolsters are more efficient. They are known as “active” and will adapt to movement so that you won’t be jostled or injured during sharp turns and rapid movements.

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If you live in cold areas, you might be used to driving with gloves. However, sometimes you just want a little comfort. Nowadays, there are heated steering wheels or just heated covers. So, you won’t have to worry if you have forgotten your gloves at home.

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Nowadays, everything is smart, and you probably use your phone to control most of your house. Many cars are coming up with ways to ease your life, and remote starters are one great feature. They can come as a special car key or an app on your phone. But if you need to warm your engine before driving off, you won’t have to wait inside your car anymore.

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Heated seats are not that modern, but they are something most people might not consider when buying a car. Additionally, there are also cooled seats designed for hot days. You might have left your car under the sun too long, and your seats are scorching. Well, you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

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If you’re a fan of pickup trucks, you might have had a problem with stolen things. Many truck beds are just exposed all the time. Your things could also get damaged in the rain or snow. However, several trucks like the Chrysler RAM come with a handy compartment in the truck to avoid such problems without taking too much space from the bed.

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In a world where gas prices are too high and everyone is worried about the environment, it’s important to have a gas-efficient vehicle. Most modern brands are investing in better engines and motors that don’t waste as much and actually prolong the life of your car. This is definitely something to discuss with the car dealer.

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A sunroof is a perfect feature when you’re taking a refreshing ride. However, sometimes the glare is just too much. Nowadays, some sunroofs are smarter such as Mercedes-Benz’s “Magic Sky” which darkens to block any UV rays or lets you see the big blue sky unencumbered.

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Just like gas-efficient engines, cars are finding ways of saving their fuel or reusing it in this case. New alternators, such as the one in the 2014 Mazda 6, come with a technology known as i-ELOOP which saves kinetic energy every time you hit the brakes. This is used for power headlights, radio, and even the A/C. That’s means that you’re saving a bunch more on gas.

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Aside from adaptable headlights, there’s another feature in cars that can help at night. It’s a built-in night vision and radar. Sometimes, high beams are not enough, but brands like BMW and Audi have developed night vision for the interior as well as sensors that detect objects on the road, people, animals, etc.

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It might seem almost impossible, but if you can tell your Alexa to play BTS, then you can definitely command your car to do certain things. Many brands are now using UConnect systems to help you during your ride. You can ask things like “Is there traffic on the way home?” or “Where is the closest gas station?”

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You might know that Google has developed apps that detect when you’re in a car accident and immediately call 911. Well, this technology is also placed in some cars. Ford and GM have applied it on their vehicles, but you need to have a smartphone connected to the car. It’s life-saving technology and would be beneficial for senior citizens behind the wheel.

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Cars started adding rear-view cameras years ago, and some included a sensor to alert when you might be too close to another car. However, many companies have decided to add cameras all over vehicles with sensors to make things as safe as possible. Isn’t that cool?

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Opening your trunk is not that hard, except when you’re carrying all your groceries or your children. Nowadays, there are sensors that help you open trunks automatically. They detect that your smart key is nearby and open right away. Additionally, you can program it for safety and more.

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You might have a car vacuum cleaner from Shop-Vac already. They are perfect, but some cars have taken it a step further. The 2014 and 2015 Honda Odyssey vehicles come with a built-in vacuum from the brand, which makes it easy to use, and it has a special spot in your car. Furthermore, it can reach almost your entire interior.

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More brands are investing in the newest technology to make their seats comfier than ever. Anyone that drives for a long time can benefit from this one. Nissan and NASA partnered up to create “zero gravity” seats that help improve your posture and avoid soreness.

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When it comes to efficiency and saving energy, this is one of the best features. In the past years, many cars are being built with lighter aluminum; even the huge SUVs from Ford and other brands. This helps vehicles last longer, and they don’t burn as much fuel as heavier cars.

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This might not be the newest feature on the market, but it has certainly become pretty important. You might not be using it to its full potential. While connecting through Bluetooth, you can make calls, receive them, play your music, check your messages, and more without touching your phone. You can also keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road all the time.

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You might be surprised to learn that most cars come with ambient lighting. But for some brands, it’s an add-on option. However, newer models are evolving and making everything seem cooler. You can choose to light up your door to cup holders and more. It’s not a necessary addition to a vehicle, but there are reports that it helps drivers feel safer.

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Texting while driving is one of the most common causes of accidents. Never do it! But you might receive a message that you just need to read quickly for some reason. Well, many cars nowadays have included text-to-speech options that can read messages out loud. It’s much safer this way!

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Many people don’t have any idea how a car works or anything about the engine. However, many vehicles now come with color-coded engines which help explain a little more about maintenance and basic upkeep. People might finally understand if you need more brake fluid or coolant. You don’t need a mechanic for everything.

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This is not a necessary feature at all, and it’s only used by one brand. However, it’s pretty cute. The Volkswagen Beetle used to come with a flower vase called “blumenvasen”. People used it for all kinds of things like pens, lipstick, and more if they didn’t like flowers. Sadly, it’s not available in newer vehicles anymore.

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While heated seats are amazing for cold weather, there are some brands taking things to the next level. Some BMWs have neck warmers, while Mercedes-Benz has the “airscarf system”, which are simply vents that blow hot air on your neck. They say it’s a great way to keep using a convertible despite the cold weather.

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Another big cause of accidents is drowsiness. Some people just have demanding jobs and no time to sleep. Luckily, some cars have included a sleepiness sensor. Basically, it can detect when a car is swerving because the driver has closed their eyes and makes the steering wheel vibrate to wake them up.

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You might not find this on every car, and it’s not a huge necessity but pretty convenient. You would normally have to memorize where your fuel tank is. However, some vehicles have included an indicator to help. That way, you don’t have to exit the car at the gas station to see where the tank is.

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There are all kinds of indicators on your dashboard. They can tell you when your doors are open when someone needs to wear a seat belt, and more. However, some new cars started adding a road condition indicator, which is the shape of a snowflake. This signals that temperatures are low and roads can be tricky.

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Vehicles, especially SUVs, have added hidden compartments and storage all over your car to help you get on the road. There are even a few secret ones for safety. The Dodge Journey has hidden storage space in the passenger seat, two bins on the floor in the backseat, and one in the rear cargo floor. The Land Rover Discovery has a secret hiding spot behind the climate control panel.

Image Credits: Youtube/wisconsindodge


This is perfect for any parent out there that simply needs to check what their kids are doing in the back without taking their eyes off the road or turning around. It’s a mirror in the compartment headliner. Several SUVs have already included it, but you can also buy one from several shopping sites.

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One amazing piece of technology from Bose is the QuietComfort Road Noise Control. It helps reduce the noise from the outside. While the car moves, you can normally hear all kinds of vibrations and other things from the engine, but this technology essentially cancels that noise with a special signal that comes from the sound system.

Image Credits: Youtube/Bose


There’s an indicator on your dashboard that looks like a car skidding on the road, but most people have no idea what it is. That’s stability control. When enabled, the system will brake one or more wheels during a turn for extra safety. It also helps when weather conditions have made the road too slippery.

Image Credits: Youtube/GlobeOnline


You have probably seen that your car includes all kinds of hooks all over the interior. You can even buy more and add them if you need them. But many SUVs, actually have extra hooks in the cargo so that you can hang your shopping bags. There are also some on the headrests and the back doors.

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It’s amazing how convenient everything has become, and hopefully, driving will become even safer in the future. Let us know which feature seems like the most convenient. If you liked this article, share it with your friends that love everything about cars. See you next time!

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