Vintage Scooters To Fall In Love With!

Dec 10, 2020Rita Kumar

Anything on wheels is a total craze! Think about Royal Enfield soaring through an empty street or even Harley Davidson parked near a coffee shop— sounds pretty amazing, right?! Well, only people who know the “THING” about vehicles will get the feeling of what true love for a two-wheeler is! Maybe we can go a bit down memory lane and dive into a world where everything was nostalgic and, of course, VINTAGE! If you’re having that little bit of love for scooters, then gear up to enter the world of classiness with these stunning retro two-wheelers that are still a craze of many scooter maniacs!

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Love anything Italian apart from Prada and Armani? Well, this stunning pick from the ’70s is still a heartthrob among many scooter lovers. Innocenti is known for its wide range of automobiles, and this model is among their many offerings that urged retro folks to don the streets on wheels! The good news is that Lambretta scooters were relaunched in 2017 with their upgraded versions. But nothing can match this classic red gem, though! 

Image Credits: Instagram/takasakiyo


Who wouldn’t want to go on a long ride on the highway on that moped?! Just look at the beauty! However, this DKW series is given a re-vamped finish, and you can guess how it would’ve looked without all the finishing touches, including the metallic blue gloss! This part-motorcycle-and-part-moped baby was actually fashioned with futuristic parts, and looked absolutely stunning for the emerging youth market in the ‘60s! 

Image Credits: Instagram/dreadnought_rod_shop


If you remember seeing your grandfather pictured riding this gem, then he’s got all the reason to flaunt his pride a bit more! In fact, the Ducati Cruiser was a man’s thing during those days when the metallic beasts we know today never existed! But the journey of this model dates back to the time when its makers made the possible out of the “impossible!” Any guesses? Well, Cruiser was unveiled in 1952, only to compete against two other terrific giants, Vespa and Lambretta! 

Image Credits: Instagram/classicmopmot


This classic piece of a wheeled wonder boasts a unique Italian design from head to the rear! Perhaps, Lambretta was considered to be the most rivaling threat against all the upcoming scooter series those days. The 1960 version is considered to be one of the most classic and iconic pieces of the company, and it’s even more astonishing to see many next-gen youths still fall for this vintage marvel! 

Image Credits: Instagram/indian.scooterhead


Should we praise the location in the backdrop of this stunning scooter or the person’s choice of digging deep into a pure vintage jewel! Giorno series are always trusted for their practical features that make it even more rideable. What more? Even beginners enjoy diving on the road with this amazing version from Honda. But the most astonishing version of the series dates back to its early ancestors, like this classic babe! 

Image Credits: Instagram/garymahipus


His grandfather had this. Then his father donned the streets with this gem. And now, he has it, all for himself! Though the DL series of Lambretta stopped in the early ‘70s, the craze remains the same owing to the level of cryptic love scooter maniacs have for the model. Don’t you think that the all-red finish suits the sporty outlook of this vintage wonder on wheels?!

Image Credits: Instagram/garethhall74


This bold baby is ideal for those who love to add yet another chic piece to their vintage collection! Royal Alloy continues to fuse its classiness with modern upgrades and always comes with a new promise in their two-wheeler line. With this flawless gem on the streets, you can stay assured of going back to your good ole scootering days and earn that envious second look from your neighbor! 

Image Credits: Instagram/scootrustyscoot


The Fuji Rabbit Superflow is “the perfect choice” for bike-curious folks! Surprisingly, this Japanese make flaunts a bit of history since the makers, Fuji Heavy Industries, made the country’s first scooter after WWII. And not just that, it’s not so common to spot the S-601 series on the road! So the next time you spot one, don’t forget that you’re eyeing a classic jewel that’s typically rare! 

Image Credits: Instagram/fuldamobil


Owning a piece from Vespa is not child’s play! Sometimes, it’s quite off-putting to see the vintage jewel parked and left all by itself, especially after the advent of modern scooting gears. Since 1946, the variants of this two-wheeler has been an iconic representation of Italian automobile lines. This exclusive pick from Vespa is another exemplary classic piece that continues to transport its owners from one lane to the other! 

Image Credits: Instagram/10pollici


What could turn your ride into an unforgettable journey? Well, for those out there who still own this vintage baby, they’re actually blessed with something that’s never going to return! Its glory roots back to 1936 when a man named Foster Salsbury co-designed the Salsbury Motor Glide— a scooter crafted with an encompassed drive-train beneath the seat. If you’re looking to add an authentic flavor to your vintage collection, then guess it’s time to look out for a Salsbury scooter on the auction list! 

Image Credits: Instagram/pitty_123cc_2stroke


No matter the number of times you recall a Lambretta make, the company’s scooters are a thing when it comes to showing off a bit of the classic lover in you! The Italian two-wheeler has elegantly made a mark as one of the most iconic “dad scooters,” especially for big Indian families! Perhaps, bringing a scooter or two into family dramas has become more of a common thing nowadays because this vintage model easily depicts classiness at its best! 

Image Credits: Instagram/lambrettasonly


Now, Bella has been a beauty that was in production until 1964. Reportedly, nearly 130,000 models were sold, and if you’re having this wheeled jewel in your garage, then you got to be proud of what you have! The German make is a subtle pick to boast the kind of family-oriented freak you are, and maybe this is the kind of feeling most dads out there would’ve had, especially after years of spending time with their vintage scooter! If you’re the holiday scootering type, then you couldn’t have asked for anything more than Zundapp Bella! Sadly, it’s not a common thing to find one until you come across the right auction at the right time! 

Image Credits: Instagram/gino_pauwels


It feels so nice when we see people still obsessed with classic stuff like the glossy babe here! Though this iconic early 1950s scooter looks re-vamped with all the tint and parts, it still looks at its classy best. Perhaps, there can be nothing more authentic than taking a ride on your Formichino, if at all you have one. And for those who’ve let their scooter rust and rot, well, you’ve just lost a priceless gem that’s still a craze among scooter lovers! 

Image Credits: Instagram/forzamacchi


We are in love with this one! Whether it’s the authentic backdrop framed by a sunset eve or that clear road on which sits this stunning wheeled beauty, everything about this pic has got us “aaawwwwing” from our hearts! Coming to the point— the classic wonder you’re eyeing now is a limited-edition make from Heinkel Flugzeugwerke. Though production halted for this model back in the 1960s, past owners continue to make heads turn with their classic mini-beast on wheels! 

Image Credits: Instagram/kumitjikkoh


A trip to Russia means a lot of scenic marvels, gothic structures, and a whole lot of cultural heritage! And if you spot a Vyatka amidst all that adventurous endeavor, then tap your shoulder because you’ve just gotten a chance to eye a blast from the past! However, these iconic beauties come for sale from time to time, though it’s quite rare in the US! 

Image Credits: Instagram/roller__markus


Agrati scooters appeal to us with a more “thing-next-door” touch, and vintage lovers will truly understand what we mean by this! The Italian make stopped seeing more buyers in the early ‘60s after the makers merged with Garelli Motorcycles in 1961. Though the futuristic series after the amalgamation were produced under the “Garelli” name, the scooters that were already sold continue to add laurels to their owners’ classic collection! 

Image Credits: Instagram/scooterhood_


Have you ever seen someone ride something awkward-looking, earning tons of second looks from the masses on the streets? Well, whoever has been riding a scooter like the one here really knows the art of embracing the vintage lifestyle! Don’t be shocked to know that Bernardet scooters aren’t produced anymore. But as for those who own this legendary French baby, they’ve got everything it takes to flaunt the classy side of their lifestyle!  

Image Credits: Instagram/scooterhood_


Sunbeam scooters aren’t a thing anymore for its makers. Surprisingly, those who bagged the keys each deserve to stand out with a chin-up attitude because this scooter is the true meaning of classiness! Also known as the “Triumph Tigress,” the BSA series was eventually designed for heavy-duty performance, especially for motorcyclists. Though it’s quite rare to spot someone wheel this on the road, some owners have also gone to the extent of making an exhibit of their vintage marvel, like the one in this picture! 


Image Credits: Instagram/bespoke_association


Who’s coming? Yeah, it’s BOND! But wait, not the iconic James Bond, but this classic two-wheeler takes the credits for winning our hearts all over again! Looks like this one has gotten years of sturdy maintenance, though! This timeless treasure might’ve stopped coming into the market but continues to make its owners proud with quite some fulfilling scootering on the go!

Image Credits: Instagram/scooterhood_


What happens when two classic gems share the same frame? We’re completely mesmerized by the grey vintage beast that belongs to the US Naval Air Station. But the ultimate applause goes to the Cushman scooter over here! Brightly tinted in an all-yellow finish, this iconic make hails from the early 1900s! So, you see, it makes things even peppier when two vintage marvels join forces in the same frame!   

Image Credits: Instagram/militarybikesriders


Whenever we see someone ride or drive something unique, they definitely get a second look from our curious eyes! The same goes for this man who still owns this iconic blast from the past. Did you know— Čezeta’s scooters date back to the 1950s, and they are mainly handcrafted two-wheelers?! Though it’s mostly known for its electric series, the classic spell cast by this metallic baby is going to make heads turn, especially if you still own the vintage mini-beast!  

Image Credits: Instagram/scooterhood_


We’ve already seen the DKW series earlier. Now, this beauty hails from the same automobile house but flaunts a unique finish to its glossy body. We all know that the 1960s thrived of emerging fashion and was typically the era that celebrated upcoming style and youth-centric labels. So, it’s no wonder that the Hummel collection donned many young hearts back then! Surprisingly, many fans still own this baby, giving others a glimpse of a piece of a legendary make!  

Image Credits: Instagram/rahul_ridesfree


Just like the name suggests, Doodle Bug scooters were crafted for the sporty mass of the classic epoch! It’s more of a fusion two-wheeler crafted with the look of a cycle and bike finished into a perfectly perky scooter. These cute scooters were manufactured in Iowa and were typically crafted for the youth, mainly college and high schoolers. Rest apart, the name adds to the overall sheen of this vintage boy!  

Image Credits: Instagram/oldmopeds


Durkopp Diana is definitely feminine in the crowd of male-centric two-wheelers! Now, women have upgraded to heavy metallic bikes, but back then, scooters were “the first love” of many classic women! Perhaps, the Durkopp series was a pioneer of its class, thanks to the German motorcycle industry that unveiled Diana in 1953. The last of its kind was produced in 1959, and people continue to don the streets with this stunning pick from Durkopp!  

Image Credits: Instagram/mattbabbs70


Back then, people slowly started to upgrade their transportation preferences. While some stuck to give more love to their scooters, some folks opted for upgraded versions, especially mopeds. What you’re eyeing here is the Garelli moped that flaunts the staggering classic touch to its make. The good news is that the makers still offer some of the best mopeds in the market, though this one belongs to the bygone epoch!  

Image Credits: Instagram/garelli_official


The army of scooter lovers out there might confess their love for the classic stuff, and there’s no putting a full-stop to that! Guess the maker of this Goggo, Andreas Glas, did the right amount of everything in fashioning a scooter unlike any other! The full-body scooters were a thing in the classic ‘50s, and some owners still take pride in bringing their precious wheeled jewel out for public view, especially in vintage expos!  

Image Credits: Instagram/carocha_57

1950 ISO

This beauty hailing from the 1950s is definitely in good shape and all thanks to the owner for his heartfelt maintenance! Though the makers of this series are now a story of the past, their scooters have stood the hard test of time, and continue to serve their owners in flying colors. Pictured here is the metallic blue make of the iconic ISO scooter series that saw its last line in the early ‘70s!  

Image Credits: Instagram/


From every angle, this peppy scooter is robust, sound, and as energetic as ever! The German make was initially fashioned and released by Industriewerke Ludwigsfelde but was later on licensed by Mercedes since 1991. Perhaps, we’re lucky enough to know that Mercedes is still kicking these models with tons of upgrades and hi-tech finishes. Whatsoever, the classic scooter still has our eyes pop with heart emojis from both the sockets!  

Image Credits: Instagram/ralpit


We’re not wrong here to point out that Lamby 150 is a craze all over the place, especially among Indians! Perhaps, every household that boasts the dramatic real-life family episodes always has a Lamby parked outside their house! There’s nothing fashionable or fierce about this scooter, but it makes one of the most sought-after classic gems loved by many. And not just family men, even the younger generation find joy in a long ride on this classic babe!  

Image Credits: Instagram/zubair_khane


Anywhere between the 1950s and ‘60s is believed to be the era that thrived of scooter craze among Italians! Perhaps the Laverda mini-scooter series became an overnight heartthrob among fans, including the newbies on riding spree. Moto Laverda, the makers of this classic gem, braved their hearts by releasing the series against the Vespa and Lambretta rivals. Unfortunately, the mini-scooter series couldn’t make it past the two gigantic rivals, and the production was eventually halted.  

Image Credits: Instagram/teammiccio


This snouty scooter looks more like a cartoonish wheeled beauty that has only surfaced in animations and movies! But the real fact is that the Lohner L125 series did manage to grab enough attention towards its appealing design. Don’t you think that it’ll look completely unique if parked near modern bikes and scooters? Well, that’s the ultimate surprise some of these vintage beauties have in store for us! 

Image Credits: Instagram/scooterhood_


Here’s another snouty scooter in the line! But this one is pretty big, polished, and too cute to keep the eyes from popping! The early touring two-wheeler is considered to be one of the most sought-after scooters of its time. And not just that, many enthusiasts still make it a point to preserve this unusual-looking scooter and continue to invest their time and effort in retaining its classic glory. Surprisingly, the Maico Mobil series was also nicknamed “the two-wheeled car!” 

Image Credits: Instagram/survivors_of_finland


Pastel colors were a thing back then, especially on scooters! This classic gem from the ‘50s was built under the DKW’s license. The Manurhin series surfaced in the markets when the classic culture was in full swing in the 1950s and became pretty popular as one of the perfect hobby scooters of its time. Moreover, production continued until 1962, and some of the classic gems are still operable, though quite some maintenance hassle goes into working them out on the roads!  

Image Credits: Instagram/brocante_de_l_adour


Any guesses on this vintage jewel? Well, it’s just another rare edition to start within the line of collectible scooters of the 1950s. That makes clear sense why not many people were able to own this gorgeous scooter. We told you about pastel colors earlier, so it comes as no surprise as to why this vintage baby is coated in a matte green finish! From the look of it, guess the owner has helped his Parilla Levriere beat the odd twist of time with such sheer maintenance!  

Image Credits: Instagram/scooterhood_


Looks amazing, isn’t it?! Well, that’s what Piatti scooters were crafted for, after all! And it’s no surprise that scootering is always donned by some of the biggies in the automotive industry. Just like their Lambretta and Vespa rivals, Piatti scooters were crafted with high-themed innovation and perfection. Moreover, the line of scooters was aesthetically genuine when compared to the other metallically cloned two-wheelers at that time!  

Image Credits: Instagram/fuldamobil


If you ask us, we’ll say with a big smile that this scooter has struck our hearts with a cupid’s arrow! Whether it’s the color or the high-cored maintenance this owner has invested in, this Rumi Formichino has everything to make us grow green with envy. Also known as the “little ant,” this vintage babe was first unveiled in 1954 and has become one of the most remarkable pieces in the vintage collectible series!  

Image Credits: Instagram/soccs


When you love something from your heart, you will go to any extent to preserve it from head to toe! Here, this owner has made it a point to keep his vintage jewel, aka the Simson Schwalbe scooter shining at all times. Now, had this classic scooter been made with a snout like the Lohner series, it would’ve resembled a Green June Beetle from all angles, right?!  

Image Credits: Instagram/mohdhafizulabdullah


What’s your old school love like? If you ask the same question to our retro folks, they might list out the many different vintage scooters we’ve barely heard of or even seen! In that case, the Terrot series would’ve been the first love of the past-gen youth, and some of them might still have this classic baby parked in their garage, just like a precious jewel in a box!  

Image Credits: Instagram/scooterhood_


Also known as the TWN series, this vintage scooter is absolutely German from head to the rear! Though the makers faced a series of ups and downs during the war period, they never failed to release these authentic series into the market. When the production of this model halted in 1957, interested buyers grabbed their keys, registered their number plates, and some of them continue to flaunt the vintage marvel to date!  

Image Credits: Instagram/scooterhood_


Have you ever heard of a TOURIST SCOOTER? Well, Tula is what we’re talking about right now! Time trends during the 1950s urged two-wheeler enthusiasts to somehow buy the classic piece. Perhaps, the series was considered to be an asset of luxury than a mere transit facility. You might not get a chance to see one often, but certain promising owners still have the classic baby parked in their garage!  

Image Credits: Instagram/scooterhood_


Agreed— this vintage scooter is getting into our senses like never before! Whether it’s the color, the sheen, or even the cute doggo who shares the same frame in this pic— everything about this crème baby is impeccably marvelous. Everything from the headlight to the rear and everything else in between flaunts the Polish statement, and guess OSA did manage to live its reputation as one of the most alluring touring scooters of its time!  

Image Credits: Instagram/scooterhood_


Vespa was a thing those days, and every scooter lover out there just knows it! The SS-180 series, or more elaborately, the “Super Sport” series offered some of the chic features to its riders, especially those who leaped down from motorcycles to scootering. Surprisingly, you might find quite a handful of Vespas nowadays because their easy-to-maintain features have helped them stand the test of time!  

Image Credits: Instagram/veteran_vespa_club


This classic babe packed a punch of performance those days, apart from its alluring design and contrasting finish. Perhaps, the Guizzo series was one of the most attractive scooters at that time in Italy and was later followed by a re-vamp in 1959. However, the production stopped in 1962, and the very few Guizzo scooters we see today are typically a blast from the past!  

Image Credits: Instagram/scooterhood_


Here’s the scooter that has lined some of the most exciting features in its cute and compact body! The MV Agusta Chicco dates back to over 75 years of automotive lineage sculpted by its makers. Perhaps, it was one of the most alluring additions to the MV heritage and continued to boom the production units until 1964. If your dad or grandfather has one, then you definitely need to try a ride on this vintage babe because it’s insanely stunning! 

Image Credits: Instagram/nick_bowden_

We’re totally lost in the beauty of these vintage marvels! And we’re sure that you’re trying to figure out which one to pick and which one to let go of! Guess that’s gonna be a bit difficult because all these classic babies are too gorgeous, and mean a lot more than just metal and engine! So, which one of these vintage scooters will you add to your collection if some of them go up for auction?! We’re still crazy about Rumi Formichino! Get in touch with us and let us know what’s your take on these classic jewels! And please don’t forget to share this article with all the vintage lovers you know (wink…!) 

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