The Royals Are Just Like Us & These Candid Photos Prove It All

Feb 06, 2021Rita Kumar

Putting yourself in the public eye means that you should always be extra careful in what you do. There are zero compromises to be made right from your modesty to your dressing and everything else in between! As commoners, we cannot do this all the time! On that note, the British Royals deserve loud claps for presenting themselves with such dignitary protocols 24/7. But they do have the other side that makes them no different from us! From smirking with confusion to striking a pose in public, the royals have done it all...!

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Shouting With Joy Is A Prince Thing

Feel blessed because you’re not a royal! Forget the perks of being one because the royal family is known for their strict protocols. But that doesn’t mean Prince William isn't allowed to shout with joy when kids are around! You see, it’s human nature to let yourself a bit loose when there’s fun happening around the corner!

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Tongue Out!

Now that’s what you call relatable! Kids sticking out their tongue might mean anything funny and it’s just a gesture that paints the scene with some behind-the-scenes goofiness! Maybe that’s why little Harry didn’t mind showing the world a glimpse of his excitement and mama Diana surely didn’t like that one though!

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Did Someone Ask Her Highness A Weird Question?

Of all the other expressions that mask our face, this is precisely one of them! And guess Her Highness has managed to pull it off like a pro in the expressions department. Did someone just ask her a baffling question or something? Whatever the question was, guess the Queen had no idea about what the person was asking! Look who’s coming up next…

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A Way To Amuse The Queen Granny

Did Prince Harry see something nasty? Maybe he was just trying to amuse his grandmother! No matter how hard you try, you cannot simply cloak your feelings when you’re having an outburst of something, say, disgust! Though this throwback picture was snapped in 2005, Harry hasn’t lost his goofy spark yet & you'll know why!

Image Credits: Getty Images/AFP/ALASTAIR GRANT

Never Too Old For Running Around

Prince Charles might be 72, but that doesn’t make him too old for running around on a bright sunny day! We bet he’d obviously spree from the spot to escape that huge parachute that was almost on the verge of blanketing him. You see, royals cannot afford to have onlookers laugh at them, and it’s no surprise he sprinted that way!

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Royal Tea Party Gone Wild

Know any place that’s perfect for tea parties other than Buckingham Palace? Guess the royals have all the fun even during their tea break. But when this candid moment that was supposedly organized for children was shot, not everything was prim and proper! Kate, William, and Harry look so happy in this throwback picture that you can almost hear them cackling!

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Ever Seen The Queen Driving?

By now, you should’ve already known this! Let’s put it up for you once again— the Queen needs no driving license to govern the road! Simply put, she can hop onto the driver’s seat and go for a drive without a license. Whatsoever, that rule isn’t for us commoners though! But we dare suggest her to raise the seat a bit, ha-ha!

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This Has Happened To Us!

How often have you fanned yourself in the middle of a steamy crowd? Guess Kate Middleton couldn’t handle the steamy moment at the 20th Commonwealth Games in Scotland. Good gracious! Kate had a brief antidote as her hubby fanned her with her pass! Hmmm… talk about what is to be treated like a queen… err… we mean duchess!

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Getting Away With Guilty Pleasures!

Guilty pleasures are a thing when you’re at a diner, but that’s not the case with the British royals! You see, they’re strictly not allowed to eat shellfishNEVER! But look, you cannot eat an oyster gracefully without messing your hands and dress. But Kate has gotten as close as she could during their visit to Prince Edward Island!

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There’s No Harm In An Ice Cream

Who said you cannot dunk your nose in a big ice cream cone? Well, of course, you can! Perhaps, that’s what the Duchess of Cornwall thought when she visited this ice cream parlor in Denmark. You see, guilty pleasures are the #1 chapter in royal life, so it’s no harm to grab a big cone of ice cream as long as the Queen isn’t watching!

Image Credits: Getty Images/Chris Jackson Collection/Chris Jackson

Laughter Isn’t Protocoled

With all their mouths open and expressions wrinkled up, we can almost hear their rib-tickling laughter! No matter how hard they tried, William, Harry, and Kate couldn’t control their chuckles and the candid moment was immortalized to prove how normal they are!

Image Credits: Getty Images/WPA Pool

Quite The Magic Maker!

Guess even the royals are huge fans of wizards, fantasy, and Harry Potter! When Kate attended the inauguration of Warner Bros. Studios, Leavesden, she froze the fantasizing moment by waving the wand. Maybe she was showcasing the ideal way to say “Wingardium Leviosa” on the sets of Diagon Alley!

Image Credits: Getty Images/WPA Pool

Yoga Moves Weren’t This Entertaining

We get it… we get it! What are the two doing on the ground, that too in white jeans?! Reportedly, Prince William was practicing a couple of warm-up sessions, and these yoga moves were just it! But why? Look, don’t we warm-up before playing a match? The Duke of Cambridge did some stretches before he played in the 2016 Audi Polo Challenge match!

Image Credits: Getty Images/Max Mumby/Indigo

They Can Get Spooked Up Too!

This is one of the best candid moments Charles and Camilla can ever look back for some rib-tickling laughter! Perhaps, who wouldn’t smirk with fear and surprise when a bald eagle flutters when you least expect it? Guess the future king and queen reacted the same way without taking the hilarious element away from this priceless moment!

Image Credits: Getty Images/Max Mumby/Indigo

Antics In The Middle Of The Crowd Is A Child’s Play

Whatever he was checking out in the middle of all that busy pomp and show at The Cartier International Polo Day, Prince Harry wasn’t pretty cautious about it. Did he drop something in there? Maybe he’s trying to check if he smelled a bit funky! Who knows…? But it's something most of us would've done at some point amidst a cheerfully chaotic backdrop! 

Image Credits: Getty Images/UK Press/Justin Goff

Sense Of Humor Is Unmissable

Like mother like son! Perhaps, Prince Charles shares the same level of humor as the Queen! Though Prince Phillip and Camilla share the same frame in a semi-amused state, we can almost hear the Queen and Charles yell with laughter! Sigh…! Whatever happened at the tug-of-war match that day!

Image Credits: Getty Images/Tim Graham Photo Library/Tim Graham

The Big Kids

Look, there’s a way to showcase your amusement, especially in public places. And who else can teach us this concept other than William and Kate? Apart from cheering on the runners at the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon, the dream couple has taken a toll on each other’s humor sense with nothing more than air horns! What? Yeah… air horns… Honk! Honk!

Image Credits: Getty Images/Chris Jackson Collection/Chris Jackson

Insider Jokes Are Practically Hilarious

Guess Prince Harry is never afraid to exhibit his sense of humor, even if it’s the Trooping the Color! Thousands of eyes watched him do this that day! You see, it was just an in-joke between Harry, William, and Camilla, but the way they chuckled in this picture forces us to believe how normal they are!

Image Credits: Getty Images/Dan Kitwood

The World May Never Know!

Wow, looks like someone immortalized Prince Charles’ funny antics for eternity through this photo! The Prince of Wales seemingly did a good job during his visit to Mount Stewart of Northern Ireland. So, was it a silly joke? A weird sight at a near distance? Sigh, the world might never know! But this candid photo is here to amuse us for eternity! 

Image Credits: Getty Images/Jeff J Mitchell

Uncertainty Has An Expression... A Weird One! 

Why are we getting a feeling that Harry isn’t sure about something? Strange though, but guess no one can outpace the royals in the expressions department. We mean the hamper of weird expressions! Known as one of the rebellious royals, Prince Harry never forgets to exhibit his silly side to the public. But looks like he’s scared! Of what? Well, that’s gonna remain a mystery!

Image Credits: Getty Images/Chris Jackson Collection/Chris Jackson

Overly Excited

Look, let’s get this straight— you cannot wear an icky expression out in the public. But at times, we tend to forget our senses in situations where there’s a lot of cheering going on in the background. The same happened during the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in 2018 when Kate And William cheered the men’s singles final. What’s that expression about then? Well, the Duchess is just happy!

Image Credits: Getty Images/WireImage/Karwai Tang

See Anything Relatable?

Did the 2018 Wimbledon Tennis Championship fail to impress the Duchesses? You see, it happens! Even the royals don’t get to see success all the time despite being R-O-Y-A-L-S! So, which team won that day? Whichever team it was, it certainly didn’t impress Kate and Meghan. Maybe that’s because their favorite team lost!

Image Credits: Getty Images/WireImage/Karwai Tang

Curiosity Is Never Contained

Hmmm… that flame-haired Prince Harry is a curious bot who never leaves without staging his hilarious antics! Oh boy, he looks as though he’s just gotten an acquaintance with a sharky. Looks like he’s checking what’s in that mouth of the Shark mascot during his trip to South Africa. Well, in all that honesty, he probably wanted to say hello in an unusual way though!

Image Credits: Getty Images/WireImage/Samir Hussein

Getting Disappointed Was Never This Candid!

All of us would’ve obviously had our “say cheese” moment. But what’s this? Say Eeeeesh? The Duchess of Cambridge and the Earl of Wessex are through and through each other in this throwback picture. Guess their favorite team at Wales vs. Scotland Hockey match during the 20th Commonwealth Games didn’t impress them. Don’t you think it’s the same face we make when our favorite team loses in the match?!

Image Credits: Getty Images/Max Mumby/Indigo

A Bug? A Message? A Ghost?

Like Willy and Kate, Camilla has a competitive side to adorn the scene! The Duchess looks as though she wasn’t particularly pleased with whatever was going on at the tennis championship that day. It could be several reasons for this expression— a weird text message from Prince Charles, a bug fluttering on her coat… you see, the possibilities are endless, and the candid moment is just one!

Image Credits: Getty Images/WireImage/Karwai Tang

Backstage Antics

Confession time! Honestly, all of us have done this laughing in the backstage thingy. Some of us would’ve faced hilarious moments after being caught chuckling at something for no reason. Once again, it’s Harry and this time, he was snapped laughing from the balcony of the town hall during a reception at the Grand Place. That’s pretty relatable, huh!

Image Credits: Getty Images/WireImage/Samir Hussein

Two Sportive Souls

When Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate joined forces to cheer on the runners during the London Marathon, there was nothing that could probably stop them from doing this! Cheering for your favorite team is an inborn sportive spirit, and guess Willy took things too sporty with his inimitable candid expression!

Image Credits: Getty Images/UK Press/Mark Cuthbert

Cheer Out Loud Like Willy!

The royals are always known for presenting a handy service. For example, Prince William and Kate were busy handing out water to runners participating in the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon. The event was spearheaded by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, and the event didn’t complete without William’s air-piercing cheers.

Image Credits: Getty Images/Max Mumby/Indigo

A New Game?

This is yet another side of Kate’s hilariously competitive side that spills the beans on how she equates with us, commoners! Did she mistake the game of cricket for a child’s play? Whatsoever, she still looks impeccably stunning in that red coat, and the candid moment finished with the girl next door expression! You see, it happens when you decide to take on someone out in the public!

Image Credits: Getty Images/Martin Hunter

That Moment When You Hear The Most Awkward Thing!

Guess Kate couldn’t believe what this guy just said! How many times did you make this expression lately? The Duchess must have heard a piece of fascinating news. Or maybe she heard him utter the world’s most sensational secret. Whatever it was, this candid photo proves that the royals are bank lockers of everyday expressions! Hmmm…!

Image Credits: Getty Images/WireImage/Danny Martindale

Who Lost? Federer Or Djokovic?

The Wimbledon Championships wouldn’t have been this savvier. It was the peak moment as the men’s singles finals between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic heated up on center court during the 2014 event. Did William’s and Kate’s favorite player lose? The look on their faces says it all! Well, it happens Kate and William, it happens!

Image Credits: Getty Images/WireImage/Karwai Tang

The Honest Proof Of Boredom

With another Trooping the Color came another throwback picture that’s utterly meme-able and out-of-royalty! Was Prince George taken over by too many festivities happening there? Hmmm… Little Charlotte looks very much bored. Well, don’t you see? The two of them just wanted to rush back home and play!

Image Credits: Getty Images/UK Press/Mark Cuthbert

Excitement Overloaded

A tour of the Star Wars sets doesn’t complete without a lightsaber battle. And even if you’re a royal, you cannot hold back your excitement the moment you see the fictional swords put up on display. Hmmm… guess Prince Harry bested his brother in this battle. Well, better luck next time Prince William!

Image Credits: Getty Images/WPA Pool

When Royals Say No, They Mean It!

The goofiest of all the throwback time is when a young spectator called Emily tried to steal Prince Harry’s popcorn! Though the cutie’s Robin Hood antics during the Sitting Volleyball Finals is too adorable, we’re certain that you wouldn’t want to try stealing someone’s popcorn like that! But here, Harry walks with the cake for that candid Naaaaah moment!

Image Credits: Getty Images/Chris Jackson Collection/Chris Jackson

Feeling Ashamed Is A Human Thing

It’s just that Prince William is behaving like a human and not like a royal who’s armored with strict rules! It’s a human thing to bury the head in shame, especially when our folks make a joke about our odd habits. You see, William had no choice that day, and he had to hold his head in shame when his dad, Prince Charles, spilled about his son sleeping late! We understand Willy, we understand!

Image Credits: Getty Images/PA Images/David Cheskin

The Selfie Queen

Sharing the same frame with the royals in a selfie is easy said than done! It’s a known fact that fans are strictly not allowed to take selfies with the British royals. But when you do get a chance where the queen accidentally poses for a click, then you are indeed lucky, just like this guy! Guess the Queen couldn’t do anything than flaunt a vague smile while all this happened at St. George’s indoor market that day!

Image Credits: Getty Images/AFP/PETER MACDIARMID

We Told You About Him, Didn’t We?

There’s a way to strike a pose, and there can be none other than Prince Harry to coach us on this! The candid moment has been immortalized while he posed at the Usain Bolt Track at the University of the West Indies. We told you already, didn’t we? That Prince Harry sure knows a way to stage his candid antics when you least expect it!

Image Credits: Getty Images/Chris Jackson Collection/Chris Jackson

Some Secret Jokes

When you want a precise focus on something, the next thing you would do is to take your binoculars out. But for Prince Charles, he doesn’t need a pair as he thinks his hands can do the focusing job for him! And he has a way to deal with such candid moments like the one where he shared a joke with Princess Anna here!

Image Credits: Getty Images/Chris Jackson Collection/Chris Jackson

Startled... For What? 

Is Kate having hydrophobia? Is she scared of boating? Well, we’re not sure about that one but whatever made her exclaim with fear is definitely not what we’re looking to have near us anytime soon! Boating too is a vital part of the royals’ leisure time-table, and so are the expressions that make it a candid click that’s utterly relatable!

Image Credits: Getty Images/UK Press/Julian Parker

Any Guesses What The Joke Was?

Sharing a joke or two even amidst the busiest of settings can be a child’s play for the royals. But you see, all of us have done it, and that’s why what Prince Charles and Camilla did that day at the Highland Mey Games makes absolute sense to us! But we wonder what the joke was!

Image Credits: Getty Images/Tim Graham Photo Library/Tim Graham

The Royal Chef

Watching men cook is an interesting encounter in the house. And as women, some of you might get that added element in seeing all that mess men make on the kitchen counter! But you see, cooking is not a crime, and guess Prince William has found a way to get too candid by taking up a cookery lesson at the Centrepoint charity center. The purpose-laden moment illustrated in this photo is evident how normal the royal lifestyle is! 

Image Credits: Getty Images/AFP/ANDREW YATES

A Hand At Hurling

An attempt at hurling is not that easy unless you know how to master the sport from different angles. But when you do manage to strike a goal, there can be nothing as momentous as your contribution to the team. Did Kate just strike a goal in this candid picture? Well, we’re not sure about that but her expressions are truly sportive, aka normal!

Image Credits: Getty Images/AFP/PAUL FAITH

This Is What Happens When Kids Are Around

It’s a thing with kids, and it’s no surprise why the Duchess of Cambridge exclaimed with such a broad smile that day. You see, the only difference between us and the royals is the fact that they’re, ahem… ROYALS! Rest apart, they do have a familiar side to them that’s relatable to us. Guess Kate’s expression here is all good news to those who’re looking for something hilarious in her! 

Image Credits: Instagram/kensingtonroyal


No matter how hard you try, you cannot take command over your expressions when you’re exposed to the public. While some of us might laugh over our silly antics, some, like Prince Philip, for example, might reconsider that signature smirk! Guess the rich old man has his style of exhibiting shock, even if it’s a gentle stroll in Kettering, Northamptonshire!

Image Credits: Getty Images/Tim Graham Photo Library/Tim Graham

The life of the royals, sigh…! By now, you must be pretty convinced that they too are common folks with every other emotional trauma just like you and me! In addition to spearheading a kingdom to wearing precious crowns, they are, by all means, humans too! So, which downright honest photos do you feel is absolutely contradictory to their royal status? Let’s get connected today through your mind-boggling comments! And please don’t forget to share this article with all your friends!

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