Valuable Things Found In The Desert That Made People Really Rich

May 14, 2021Danica

We might have things in our possession that we do not even realize are worth thousands or even millions if we are lucky enough. Then, some lucky people stumble upon these treasures while randomly walking through the desert. Some of these lost treasures include buried Atari cartridges, a coin from 2,000 years ago, and a ship that was owned by the King of Portugal. If you do not believe us, well, you are about to find the most random things that people have found in the desert that are worth so much money!

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Is It Time to Go to the Desert?

Of all places, who would even dare think that treasures would be left in deserts? Well, to be entirely fair, this is a pretty unique hiding place since nobody will think of looking for it here—although some people are lucky enough to stumble upon these hidden treasures without even genuinely looking. You will never believe the kinds of things people have found in these places!

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Swimming Pool

We have seen films and caricatures where people try their hardest to look for water in the desert. Somehow, this is something that indeed happens, and so when a random adventurer stumbled upon this hidden swimming pool, they thought that they must have hit the jackpot. Although, how did this swimming pool ended up there, and who built it?

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History of the Hidden Swimming Pool

A local artist must have built this swimming pool since it does not look like an ordinary pool, so the adventurers who found it realized that they have stumbled upon an artificial oasis. We wonder what they did with this pool or whether they tried to open it to the other travelers who pass by this desert. Well, this subsequent discovery is a bit more exciting and ‘ancient’ than this one.

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The Copper Scroll

If you are not familiar with the Copper Scroll, maybe you should brush up a bit on your history because these are some of the most fascinating and important discoveries of the last century. These ancient scrolls were a part of the Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in the Dead Sea, hence the name, in 1952. You will never believe what archeologists and locals think these scrolls lead to!

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History of the Copper Scroll

According to archeologists, the Copper Scroll includes a trove of 65 tons of silver and 26 tons of gold hidden by the Essenes during the conquest of the Romans in Jerusalem. So in layman’s terms, the Copper Scroll was believed to have been a ‘treasure map’ that will lead whoever can transcribe it to the lost treasure. How interesting and fascinating is that?

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Chinese Aluminum Hoard

Back in the day, it was said that a Chinese billionaire had stashed 6% of the world’s aluminum supply in an undisclosed location. Although, many of the world’s sleuths somehow managed to find this secret hiding place; and it all pointed out to a very random desert in Mexico. So, what did they find in this desert, and was it really 6% of the world’s aluminum supply?

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History of the Chinese Aluminum Hoard

The story of this aluminum hoard caught the eye of one aluminum executive from the United States, and so they chartered a plane over the deserts of Mexico. In the end, they did find 6% of the world’s aluminum supply, and if you are not sure how many that is, well, that can create more than 77 billion beer cans. How crazy was that?

Image Credits: YouTube/The Wall Street Journal

The Bom Jesus

A group of De Beers’ miners was simply minding their business and trying to find the gems they need to find to create the brand’s signature jewelry. However, they were not expecting to find a 500-year-old sunken ship that once belonged to the King of Portugal. This was one of the most unexpected and unique finds on this list, but what was inside the old ship?

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History of the Bom Jesus

This group of miners was simply doing their tasks for today, and they were not expecting to uncover a mystery that dated all the way back to the 15th century. Inside the ship were gold, tin, ivory tusks, and 44,000 pounds of copper ingots. Well, if that was not a real-life treasure find, then we really do not know what is!

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Delta Treasure

If you stumbled upon a bunch of treasure and some paraphernalia that dated back to the United States’ Civil War, would you reveal its location to the government? Well, a certain treasure hunter named Scott Taylor did discover a massive amount of treasure in 2005, but he did not want to share its whereabouts with the public. So, what happened to all the gold?

Image Credits: YouTube/Sarcasm Society

History of the Delta Treasure

According to some archeologists and historians, the treasure that Scott Taylor discovered in 2005 could now be worth more than 100,000,000 USD, but since he did not want to disclose its location to the government, he could not cash in his money. This also leads to some conspiracy theories stating that these ‘treasures’ were simply a lie.

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Shell Documents

Most of us might know the brand Shell because they are a pretty popular oil company with shares all over the world. However, did you know that there had been a controversy surrounding this same company that they tried to bury along the sand? As we all know, the truth will come out in one way or another, and this was the case when someone found their dirty laundry...

Image Credits: YouTube/The New York Times

History of the Shell Documents

In 1992, there had been a pipeline oil spill in Midland, Texas, that involved the Shell Company, and so they tried to sell off the rights to this particular pipeline, and then they literally buried the proof in a nearby desert. However, these documents were soon discovered, and the government and the public were not happy. Shell had to pay some litigation costs that were not at all cheap!

Image Credits: Reddit/alanstanwyk

The Boot of Cortez

This treasure hunting adventure was probably one of the funniest ways that someone has found something exceedingly extraordinary. A prospector was simply fiddling around with a cheap RadioShack metal detector that he bought somewhere, and he intended to look for some ‘metal,’ because why else would you buy something of the sort? However, the thing that he was meant to find will change his life forever.

Image Credits: YouTube/MD-Hunter

History of the Boot of Cortez

In 1989, a local prospector fiddled with his local RadioShack metal detector to find the famous Boot of Cortez. This was one of the largest surviving gold nuggets in the western hemisphere, and it weighs an astounding 389.4 troy ounce. Needless to say, he must have thanked his lucky stars for this cheap metal detector.

Image Credits: YouTube/Sarcasm Society

Peg Leg’s Black Gold

This treasure find involves yet another local prospector, and they claim that they have found the ancient stash of black gold that was left hidden by none other than Thomas “Peg Leg” Smith. Yes, you read that right: black gold! Well, if this local prospector has found this gold, how much would it be worth in today’s currency?

Image Credits: YouTube/Eric Merrell

History of Peg Leg’s Black Gold

In 1965 a local prospector, who wanted to remain anonymous, said that they might have uncovered the location of Peg Leg’s hidden black gold. Indeed, it was the gold, and it is valued at around 3,000,000 USD in today’s money. Since then, there had been others who have been running around looking for Peg Leg’s hidden treasure.

Image Credits: YouTube/True West Magazine

The Ten Commandments Film Set

At some point during our childhoods, our parents might have asked us to watch a film based on The Ten Commandments. Although, did you know that the set for this 1923 film was destroyed and buried after the production team wrapped up with its production? Why is that the case, and why did they waste this set?

Image Credits: Reddit/sverdrupian

History of The Ten Commandments Film Set

This particular film was directed by none other than Cecil B. DeMille, and so many film historians were devastated when the production team decided that they will destroy and bury their set. However, a few of its set pieces were discovered in a desert in Santa Barbara, and a few archeologists and film historians have been carefully excavating this one-of-a-kind film set. We wonder what they must have found at this point...

Image Credits: Reddit/slowron

Ferrari Enzo

If you have ever been to Dubai, then you might already be used to the countless sports car passing through its city every single day. So people were not at all surprised that a particular Ferrari Enzo would be discarded in the middle of its desert. Although, what was the real story behind this car, and who owned this Ferrari?

Image Credits: YouTube/DRIVETRIBE

History of the Ferrari Enzo

It is somewhat normal to drive a sports car in Dubai, and it is basically just like driving a Prius because everyone seems to have one! However, this particular Ferrari Enzo has caught the eye of the locals and the government, and people have speculated that its owner must have left it there due to some illegal work. Whatever their reason was, this car was simply amazing!

Image Credits: YouTube/autoevolution

The Fire of Australia

You might never really know what you might stumble upon in Australia, and so when some local prospector found a glimmering rock at a random desert in Australia, he knew that it must have been something of value. So the prospector, Walter Bartram, worked his way into excavating this gigantic rock. Although, how valuable is this really?

Image Credits: YouTube/The Jewellery Editor

History of the Fire of Australia

Today, the glimmering rock that Walter Bartram found in 1946 is now called the Fire of Australia, and it is one of the country’s greatest treasures. The ‘rock’ turned out to be an opal, and it is under 5,000 carats which is roughly the size of two cricket balls. The Fire of Australia is valued at 675,000 USD, so we are pretty sure that Walter Bartram thanked himself for wanting to dig this opal out.

Image Credits: YouTube/ABC

Death Valley Mother Lode

Here is another treasure discovery that was so astounding, and it even made a massive impact in history. They did say that there had been gold just waiting to be discovered deep into the Death Valley, but then again, most treasure hunters are scared to even look for it because of the valley’s name. However, a pair of archeologists did find out something incredibly monumental around these parts...

Image Credits: Reddit/thejournaloflosttime

History of the Death Valley Mother Lode

A pair of archeologists decided that they would bring back the lost gold that everyone seems to be talking about, and they did find something! These people have found the Death Valley Mother Lode, and it consists of 80 coins, a hymnal, a bunch of baby shoes, a pistol, some pottery, and a letter from a lost pioneer. Well, it was not gold, but still, a very important find that is valued at around 500,000 USD!

Image Credits: Reddit/DoubleEagleDaily

The Gibeon Meteorite

You might be familiar with the Gibeon Meteorite since they said that this was the meteorite that fell into the earth during prehistoric times. It also got its name from the nearby place upon where it fell, Gibeon in Namibia. Although, what was so interesting about this find?

Image Credits: YouTube/M.S. Rau

History of the Gibeon Meteorite

According to some archeologists, the Gibeon Meteorite was a particular meteorite that somehow formed fragments after it had struck the earth’s surface. Yes, all this happened during prehistoric times, so it must have been quite a sight to behold. Well, bits and pieces of this meteorite were used by the natives to create tools and weapons, and it is now valued at around 383,806 USD.

Image Credits: YouTube/American Museum of Natural History

Ptolemaic Coin

The Ptolemaic Coin was discovered just fairly recently in Israel, and it was even dubbed by the researchers and archeologists around the area to have been one of the most valuable pieces to have ever been discovered. So, when did they use this coin? Another question that we must answer is this: how much is this single coin worth in today’s currency?

Image Credits: YouTube/CNN

History of the Ptolemaic Coin

In 2010, many archeologists discovered an ancient Ptolemaic Coin, and they knew right then and there that this was a find so great that it had to be shared with the world. This coin was said to have been about 2,200 years old, and it was believed to have been a person’s half a year of earning at the time of its circulation. Today that is about 10,000 USD.

Image Credits: YouTube/NBC News

The Atari Landfill

To most people under the age of 25, you probably have no idea what an Atari is—well, unless you are really into gaming and old-school consoles. However, Atari’s were all the rage back in the day, and our parents had probably owned a bunch of these video games when they were our age. So, what lead Atari to bury their games in a desert?

Image Credits: YouTube/Ars Technica

History of the Atari Landfill

In 1983, there had been a video game crash, and so Atari was bound to go bankrupt. Nobody bought their games anymore, so they decided to bury their unsold games at a random desert in New Mexico. To the surprise of many, the landfill had been excavated, and countless games from Atari were discovered—that was just plain sad and exciting at the same time...

Image Credits: YouTube/National Museum of American History

Libyan Glass

If you cannot tell from its name, this particular glass was discovered in Libya. Although, there was something quite magical and natural about this glass because it is considered as one of the rarest minerals that we can ever stumble upon on this planet. So, how did people find the Libyan Glass?

Image Credits: YouTube/Crystal Council

History of the Libyan Glass

They say that you cannot make a Libyan Glass with your bare hands since it takes a lightning strike, volcanic activity, and a meteor impact to make one. So, having all three in weeks is impossible, hence it being one of the rarest minerals on earth. Plus, they can only be found in the deserts of Libya.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Claire H.

Winchester Model 1873

We all know the story of the infamous Winchester family and how their matriarch built that intricate house because she thought she was being haunted by the people who died at the other end of their guns. A little bit creepy, yes, but when a rifle was discovered resting against a tree in the Great Basin National Park in Nevada, the people who found it knew that they were in for a real treat. So how long was this rifle sitting there?

Image Credits: Facebook/Winchester Mystery House

History of the Winchester Model 1873

Nobody can confirm how long the Winchester Model 1873 had been standing there, but the people who found it could not be more excited! This particular rifle can be sold at around 15,000 USD, and it is considered an authentic antique. Well, this next one is a bit more eccentric than the rest of the treasures on this list...

Image Credits: YouTube/Atlas Obscura

Prada Marfa

Having your own Prada accessory is somewhat a status symbol, and so people were confused when an art installation was housed in Valentine, Texas. This was an art installation that showcases a random Prada store full of high-end accessories and all things Prada. However, there was one thing that you have to know before visiting: it is not and will never open.

Image Credits: YouTube/Highxtar. Official

History of the Prada Marfa

A lot of people have since paid their visit to this art installation, and honestly, who would even go to a desert just to see a Prada store? Well, apparently, Beyoncé would since she has visited this place already. Would you go and visit a site like this?

Image Credits: YouTube/Insider

Are There More Treasures Hiding in the Desert?

Nobody really knows what the entirety of the desert is hiding since nobody also knows how deep it is. Like the sea, deserts are filled with curious things, and maybe people will uncover more and more treasures as years progress. Then again, only time will tell.

Image Credits: YouTube/BBC

Have you ever seen a real-life treasure, or do you plan on heading on an archeological discovery? It does seem like such a cool thing to do, right? Let us know by leaving a comment below, and share this article with your family and friends!

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