Why You Should Sleep With Garlic Under Your Pillow

May 14, 2021Luísa Santos

Studies claim that sleeping next to someone you love helps you sleep better. The thing no one bothers to tell you is that garlic is the perfect partner for every one of us—on top of that, garlic won't break your heart, that's for sure. This may sound a bit strange, but it works! So let's find out why garlic makes an excellent husband/wife!

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I Now Pronounce You Garlic And Wife

Let's think about it. Does your partner help you sleep? No, he/she doesn't. Does your partner enhance the flavor of your favorite meals? No, he/she doesn't. Does your partner help you stay away from vampires? No, he/she doesn't. Does your partner bother you while you sleep? Yes, he/she does! So what more do you need? Garlic! You need garlic!

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The Garlic Fairy?

Are you part of the insomnia club? Good! We have the perfect solution for you all! Many people who find it difficult to fall asleep believe that putting a clove of garlic under their pillows each night improves their sleeping patterns! No, we haven't tried this yet, because we don't have any difficulty falling asleep. But if we did, we would definitely give it a go. Let's see why garlic is so beneficial for us.

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Breathing Problems

The powerful smell of garlic can unclog nasal passages and improve your breathing. We are now thinking about inviting our dear garlic friend to our next yoga class. Perhaps then we will finally be able to do that breathing exercise that only the yoga instructor can do! Have you ever tried sleeping with a cold? We know you have, and you ended up binge-watching Friends instead ...

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Breathe In, Breathe Out

Many people have trouble breathing when they get a cold. So when it's time to go to bed finally, sick people try breathing through their mouths instead. Which is excellent, if you consider the amounts of spiders you involuntarily eat ... What? You didn't know that insects are "the food of the future?" Well, now you know. But let's go back to the garlic issue, ok? 

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Smelly Much?

Next time you get a cold—because that's the type of thing one can easily predict—try hiding a garlic clove under your pillow and wait for the results. You'll probably breathe much better after that. Garlic contains a compound called allicin, which acts as a powerful antibiotic agent and helps overcome respiratory infections that clog our lungs—convinced much?

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Bye-Bye Insomnia

The sulfur compounds in garlic and its aroma have a calming effect that improves the quality of one’s sleep. We know the odor is a bit strong, but you'll get used to it after a few days. Actually, if this remedy works for you, you won't mind the garlic smell at all! Why don't you try doing 20 push-ups after that beautiful night you had with your beloved partner?

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Solid As A Rock

No, don't go there. Lifelong commitments with garlic are forever, just like diamonds! Who knew garlic could be so interesting? No one knew this because parents don't teach us these kinds of things! Stop looking for prince charming because garlic is right there waiting for you! Still curious? 

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Back To The Push-Ups

Sorry, we got a little carried away with the possibility of marrying a garlic clove. Either way, have you done the 20 push-ups? Why? Because garlic is said to have a positive effect on physical performance! It turns out that garlic helps recharge your energy levels for the next day. So stop taking whey protein! Eating garlic is better (and cheaper!) 

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Eating Garlic

In case smelling garlic does not work for you, try eating some once you wake up, but please don't forget to brush your teeth after! For this method to work, you really have to brush your teeth—please trust us! Squeeze a clove of garlic with a bit of lemon juice and drink it all. You can add some water to that cocktail if you prefer. Who knew garlic could be so beneficial for our health?

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The Benefits

Eating garlic alone is strange, yes we agree on that, but it boosts your immune system! Garlic can help you fight illnesses—like colds, as we've mentioned before. It also reduces your blood pressure and improves your cholesterol levels. So say bye-bye to heart diseases! Are you a fan of detox juices?

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Detox Time 

Eating garlic can help detoxify heavy metals in the body—you know, the ones that scream "beep, beep" on those airport body scanners. Jokes aside, garlic really is the next superfood! The sulfur compounds in garlic can help to protect your body against organ damage from heavy metal toxicity. Next time you go grocery shopping, you know what to buy: Nutella! Sorry, we meant garlic!

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Garlic features a decent amount of magnesium and potassium, and we all need these amazing nutrients to initiate a deep and restful sleep. Magnesium helps maintain healthy GABA levels—a neurotransmitter that lowers neurons' activity in the brain and central nervous system. Do you know why this is so important?

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A Good Night's Sleep

By lowering the brain's activity, magnesium boosts relaxations and reduces stress levels! We know how stressful life can be, but please don't start eating raw garlic like maniacs now. Thank you very much. What about potassium? Do you know why humans need this nutrient so much? You don't, that's why we will tell you all about potassium!

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The Benefits Of Potassium

Potassium increases sleep efficiency and keep you asleep after you drift off into that extraordinary dreamy land—we are talking about sleep, in case you were wondering. If you usually receive enough of these nutrients daily, you might not need garlic before bed. But if you don't, please try the following homemade remedy.

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Milk And Garlic Drink

To prepare a warm milk and garlic beverage, you will need to boil one crushed clove of garlic in one cup of milk for around 3 minutes. Let the beverage cool off before removing the garlic. Then, add about a teaspoon of honey to that fantastic cocktail. Actually, do as you please. You can even add cinnamon if you like it or lemon drops, as we've said before. Hold down, don't drink it yet! 

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Half An Hour Is All It Takes

Try to drink it 30 minutes before going to bed. Please tell us in the comments below if this drink helped you sleep better or if not. If you are not brave enough to try it, you can also buy some garlic supplements to escape the strong smell and flavor of raw garlic. Though there's one thing you have to take into consideration before searching for those kinds of supplements.

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Check The Label First

Bear in mind that high amounts of garlic can affect some meds and that supplements have different garlic levels on them. Do you know what you should do then? Talk to your doctor about it. He/she will surely help you choose the best supplements. If you have pets in your house—we really hope you do because they are absolutely amazing—please know the following.

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No Pets Allowed

Garlic is highly toxic for both dogs and cats. If your furry friend likes to check your bedroom now and then, please make sure there are no garlic cloves left under your pillow. Always check your bed before leaving home because it's always best to be safe than sorry! Are you still skeptical about this method? Let's learn a bit more about the benefits of garlic then!

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Why Should You Give It A Go

Garlic's odor is quite strong, which means it can easily permeate an entire bedroom within minutes. The unpleasant odor may actually translate into quick results for anyone with insomnia. Unlike other sleep aids that may take some time to kick in, garlic is reported to work right from the first-night people use it under their pillows. Oh, have we mentioned that this method is cheap? 

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Saving Money

A bulb of garlic costs $0.45 at Walmart, and you can expect to pay similar prices at other retail stores across North America. What more do you need? Go on and try it! If it doesn't work, you can use the garlic cloves for baking a fantastic loaf of garlic bread! It's a win-win situation! Do you what this means? That garlic is the Oprah of natural sleep aids!

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You Get A Good Night's Sleep...

... And you get a good night's sleep, and everyone gets a good night's sleep! Garlic is so much more affordable than paying a therapist to help you out! No, we are not saying that this home remedy is more effective than consulting a therapist, but it sure is cheaper. Treatments for insomnia can be rather difficult to follow, unlike this natural method.

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The First And Only Step

There's no need to follow the instructions with garlic because there aren't many. Many natural sleep remedies require tons of instructions that can be hard to wrap your head around. It's a tricky business, and if you miss one small step, the whole thing can be ruined. Sleeping with garlic under your pillow is that simple to do. Do you know why?

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Three Items

For this to work, you'll need a garlic clove, a bag, a pillow, and yourself (obviously.) Just peel the garlic clove and then place it in a plain bag or pouch between the pillowcase. Trust us! You'll truly love this method more than you love chocolate! But now you ask us: are there any side effects of sleeping with garlic under your pillow? 

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No Side Effects Reported

Garlic is a healthy and natural vegetable, so putting it under your pillow produces absolutely no side effects compared to artificial sleep aids that you buy at your local drugstore. If you still despise the raw garlic's scent, you can add it to smoothies, juices, or teas! Regular consumption of this powerful vegetable can genuinely improve your sleep quality. Actually, let's go back to the strong smell ...

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Freshening It All Up

Are you stuck with old mattresses and pillows that continue to give off pungent smells even after repeated cleaning? And you tried everything to get rid of that smell, but nothing seems to work fully? We bet you know what to do now! Garlic can become one of your best cleaning friends if you give it a go. Let's see what you should do then!

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Strong Smell, No Smell

The strong scent that everyone likes to complain about can overcome the smell of stale mattresses and pillows. This method can make your bed smell like new regardless of how long you’ve been lying down on it. The same rule applies to that old but cute Snoopy pajama you can't seem to let go of! Though there're no health risks linked to sleeping with garlic, there are some disadvantages ...

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It Takes Time

Just like in any human relationship, sleeping with garlic takes time. No, your new buddy won't snore or make funny noises, but it will smell a little—or a lot. Many people don't even dare to try this method because they can't stand the strong scent. Others don't even bother to try it because they like sleeping next to someone, and they think such a remedy might end the relationship.

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Please Sleep On The Couch

Well, if you plan to have any guests at your house on a particular day—or night—you might reconsider this garlic thing. Or tell them all to sleep on the couch while you calmly sleep tight next to your adored garlic clove! How romantic is that? We actually think The Notebook should be remade to include this intense relationship between humans and garlic! Don't you agree?

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If You're A Garlic Clove, Then I'm A Garlic Clove

Imagine a beautiful scene where Allie comes over to check on Noah, and he quickly realizes that ... he left garlic cloves all over his bedroom! He quickly removes the bed sheets and sprays some perfume all over the room. But Allie just wanted to know if Noah wanted to have lunch at a restaurant nearby, to Noahs' delight, of course. Fortunately, Noah is not a fan of eating garlic.

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Brush Your Teeth

If you decide to drink garlic or chew it raw, keep in mind that the strong aroma can linger on your breath for a long time—which is great for social distancing if you think about it. So, please, make sure to brush your teeth and tongue with lots of water. Don't forget to brush underneath your tongue as well, thanks. Still smelly? Then try drinking a glass of milk!

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The Wonders Of Warm Milk

If you are worried about your garlic breath, then drink a glass of milk. Scientists claim that warm milk can stop the lingering and unpleasant garlic odor. In tests with raw and cooked cloves, milk significantly reduced the sulfur compounds that garlic its flavor and pungent smell. You can also try drinking lemon juice instead. Do you know why?

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Lemon Juice To The Rescue

Lemon juice can act on the compounds that produce bad breath and neutralize the effects of eating a few garlic pieces. Lemon's natural acidic properties also function as a mouth elixir, which means your breath can start smelling fresh again! Thanks, lemon, for saving our lives! But we are not done talking about garlic! So, do you know where this vegetable comes from?

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Tracking Garlic Down

Since we all know, by now, the benefits of garlic, we might as well see where this vegetable comes from. Garlic is a root vegetable, which means its direct cousins are onions, shallots, and chives. This fantastic vegetable originally comes from Central Asia, but its current global popularity means it is grown across every part of the world right now ...

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Traditional Medicine 

Apart from its use as food, garlic's healing properties make it a major ingredient in the traditional medicine industry. According to Drugs, garlic has been used in alternative medicine to treat high blood pressure and various other ailments. Garlic is also great for treating skin conditions!   

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Your Go-to Dermatologist

Garlic applied to the skin may also effectively treat skin infections. Is there anything that garlic can't do? We are yet to find out! It is not certain whether garlic effectively treats any medical condition, so you better consult your doctor first. Fortunately, a bulb of garlic costs less than $1, so you don’t have to break the bank to try it!

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We know the thought of sleeping next to garlic is a bit disgusting. But this root vegetable is so cheap and easy to consume that you should at least give it a try. Tell us in the comments below if sleeping with garlic under your pillow helped you sleep better. After brushing your teeth, please share this helpful news with your friends and family! 

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