Designers Sneak Hidden Details Into Their Clothes – And You Can Use Them To Spot A Fake

May 14, 2021Luísa Santos

We know you've been drooling all your life over that Louis Vuitton bag that costs an arm and a leg, and now you found one on the internet for half the price! But is it a genuine Louis Vuitton bag, or is it a fake one? After reading this article, you'll be able to spot fake designer clothes and accessories straight away! So let's start reading! 

Image Credits: Instagram/southshoreboutique

Guess Watches

Are you looking for an original Guess watch? Keep an eye on the bracelet then: if it smells rather funny or you see some scuffs, then it's fake. You can also check the back of the watch because a proper one will have “Japan Mov’t” carved into it. Why? We don't know, but it sure is a clever way to distinguish authentic Guess watches from counterfeit ones.

Image Credits: Reddit/saaaammywammy

Pandora Bracelets

These famous bracelets are also famously copied all around the world. If you want to make sure you are buying the real thing, pay attention to the letters. Pandora has a very clever design, so if you don't spot that little bitty tiny crown hanging over the letter "o," then the bracelet is fake. If you still have doubts, then check the price tag: if you can afford it, it's not the real deal.

Image Credits: Instagram/theofficialpandora

Hermès Handbags

We hope your Hermès is real. Otherwise, you just sold a kidney on the black market for no apparent reason. But hey, scars are beautiful! But not as attractive as an Hermès bag, so go on, check your bag imprint. If the imprint is placed below the seams and blends into the material, the product is genuine. 

Image Credits: YouTube/CLAIRE CHANELLE

Louis Vuitton Handbags

Louis Vuitton's bags are the epitome of "I made it in life"—or, perhaps, you're a thief, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be proud of your achievements! This luxurious item is pretty easy to copy, and nowadays, it's difficult to spot a fake one. Still, it's not an impossible task. That's why we will tell you everything about real Louis Vuitton bags. Just look at the bag handle!

Image Credits: Instagram/louisvuitton

The Handles Chico, They Never Lie

Just like everything else on a Louis Vuitton bag, the stitching should be flawless—hand-stitched flawless, that is. The glazing on the edges of authentic Louis Vuitton handles is always carefully and evenly applied. Counterfeit bags often have sloppy or uneven glazing. It's a tricky business, so you better put your glasses on to see it clearly! 

Image Credits: Youtube/Racquel Dee

Ray-Ban Glasses

Ray-Ban glasses are the go-to glasses of seemingly everyone on Earth. Ray-Ban places one prominent logo on the upper right (your left) lens and one subtle “RB” etching on the left (your right) lens. On fakes, the logo will look blurry, out of place, or could even scratch off. If your glasses are fake, wear them with confidence! 

Image Credits: Instagram/rayban

Versace T-shirts

Donatella is an old lady that deserves to be respected. That's why you should buy authentic Versace t-shirts! The fake ones have poorly stitched labels with "pixelized" logos on them—we hope you clearly understand it. If you can't afford them, please know that Primark sells top-quality t-shirts as well! 

Image Credits: Youtube/Voice of People Today

Crocs Footwear

It seems like everyone hates Crocs, yet everyone loves Crocs—it's a healthy love-hate relationship, we presume. Crocs are considered to be super comfy, so if your foot hurts, then it's probably fake—or you are wearing the wrong shoe size. Authentic Crocs always have “boulder, colorado” imprinted on the bottom, while most fake ones don't. 

Image Credits: Youtube/walang intro-intro

Diesel Jeans

If your butt looks good, then your beloved Diesel jeans are authentic, right? Wrong! We all know that Diesel's jeans are pretty cool, but what stands out the most is the beauty of their pocket logo! Authentic ones have perfectly stitched logos at the front, and the inner tags are also full of detail. So if the logo or inner label is messy, don't buy it! 

Image Credits: Youtube/Voice of People Today

Gant Shirts

According to Voice of People Today, the company logo on the fake shirts is usually of poor quality—causing creases to emerge in the fabric. Alongside that, look at the inner stitching (again.) Sloppy stitching means fake t-shirts! Really, you'll notice it right away. It is relatively easy to spot Gant counterfeit t-shirts and polos. You have to pay attention to the small details.

Image Credits: Youtube/Voice of People Today

Burberry Scarves

Sometimes fake items are so easy to spot that you don't even have to bother finding small things about the inner labels or the overall stitching. Read between the lines. Actually, scratch that! You should read the lines because dotted lines don't belong to authentic Burberry scarves! Yes, it's that easy!

Image Credits: Youtube/Sean Stock

Victoria’s Secret Bathing Suits

Not every bikini is Victoria's Secret one! When buying a bathing suit from this prestigious brand, always check its labels: authentic bikinis always have white, pink, or black tags. VS's sizes will go from extra small to extra large, while fake ones apparently cover small to large. 

Image Credits: Instagram/alexie_thrifts

Ralph Lauren Sweaters

Ralph Lauren is a cool brand with cool logos that are perfectly stitched! The back label should also be a true work of art, while imitations are blah. And blah here stands for bare, blurry, and seemingly shapeless tags. Quality clothes are carefully made and designed to be enjoyed, and those tiny details are there for a reason. 

Image Credits: Youtube/Voice of People Today

Reebok Shoulder Bags

Dear sportsmen and women, we are here to help you stay as trendy as possible during your workouts. So if you want to buy that nice Reebok bag, first pay attention to its zippers. Authentic bags have the company name imprinted into the metal, while fake ones completely ignore this detail! 

Image Credits: Youtube/Voice of People Today

Supreme Sweatshirts

Supreme sweatshirts are nice and stylish, and there are some obvious things to look out for before buying one. Genuine products have the company's logo on the front with an unbroken white thread dotting outside the red box. When in doubt, check the sweatshirt laces because Supreme only uses flat laces, which are neatly tied at their ends! 

Image Credits: Youtube/Joe Carmichael

Under Armour Sneakers

Under Armour is one of the trendiest sports brands out there. If you take a look at this picture, you'll see that the company's logo is slightly misshapen. Authentic Under Armour sneakers have a perfectly shaped logo on the side and have no glue traces around the rubber sole. 

Image Credits: Youtube/Voice of People Today

Puma Sneakers

Puma sneakers are really stylish, don't you agree? So, next time you buy a pair of Pumas, check the logo first. If the company’s logo is imprinted with a thin material, then it could be fake. The side seams must also be perfect and precise, while counterfeits' needlework is not straight at all. 

Image Credits: Youtube/Voice of People Today

Lacoste Polo Shirts

If you’re looking to buy a polo shirt, then you can’t go wrong with Lacoste. Or you can. If your polo shirt has buttons with more than two openings, then it's probably fake. The iconic crocodile emblem needs to be brightly colored, with its tail aligning above its body. 

Image Credits: Youtube/Voice of People Today

Adidas Shirts

Let's see if your beloved Adidas t-shirt is authentic. Checking the labels is the best way to confirm it, as they must be stitched into the neck with an added stripe lining the area. Good quality labels feel soft to the touch—counterfeit products often have awful tags in comparison to genuine ones. 

Image Credits: Youtube/Voice of People Today

Fendi Bags

Here's the thing. Before wasting your precious money on a new Fendi handbag, take a peek inside first. Genuine bags contain a shiny sticker with a tiny code boasting the company logo. Fendi is all about codes; that's why all the interior tags have numbers printed across their rear.

Image Credits: Youtube/Michael's, The Consignment Shop for Women

Dior Sneakers

The truth is Dior and Louis Vuitton are some of the most replicated brands all over the world. The counterfeit products are almost identical to the genuine ones, so you'll probably need a pair of glasses to spot the fakes items. Dior snickers have a perfectly traced lettering at the front—according to Voice of People Today. 

Image Credits: Youtube/Voice of People Today

Christian Louboutin Shoes

If you want to step up your game—while seriously damaging your feet, of course—buy a pair of Christian Louboutin high-heels! We know they are a bit costly, so please make sure the shoes' sole is brightly red with a defined and clear logo on the insole. As seen on the fake one, the logo is thicker, smudged, and it’s chipping off.  

Image Credits: Youtube/Voice of People Today

Converse Sneakers

Converse trainers are cool and super comfy! Every outfit looks really good with a pair of Converse sneakers. We all know this is true. That's why you should always check the sneakers' tongues to see if they lack any manufacturing details or serial codes—counterfeit sneakers don't have all those letters and numbers. 

Image Credits: Youtube/Voice of People Today

North Face Jacket

Seemingly everyone right now has a North Face jacket. But hey, we can assure you some people are rocking fake ones—and no, we don't judge them at all. Just peek inside the coat and study its main zipper. Authentic items always contain a size label, while the metal fastener boasts the brand’s logo. 

Image Credits: Youtube/Voice of People Today

Calvin Klein Underwear

Yes, people like to sell fake Calvin Klein underwear. Everyone that uses CK underwear always manages to post a photo on Instagram while displaying that elastic strip with "Calvin Klein" written across it. And yes, you're allowed to look at that stripe as imitations often boast blurry letters that fade away with time. 

Image Credits: Youtube/Voice of People Today

Fila Sneakers

Actually, Fila made a huge comeback in 2017. The chunky, thick-soled “dad shoes” are now beloved by celebrities. Do you know what this means? That you can easily buy a fake pair of Fila sneakers without knowing. Check the logo's needlework first—imitations have poor needlework around the sides and a less-than-impressive logo printed on the sole.

Image Credits: Youtube/Voice of People Today

Chanel Boy Bags

One interesting thing you need to know is that most Chanel bags and accessories are made in Italy. Does this help you spot a fake Chanel bag? No, it doesn't. When buying a Chanel Boy Bag, see if the interior tag has the company name perfectly aligned with the top hemming. If not, we're deeply sorry for your loss.

Image Credits: Youtube/myonelife mychoices

Hugo Boss Polo Shirt

Quality clothes often display quality stitched logos. Hugo Boss's fake shirts always have messy and shapeless logos, with weirdly shaped letters that look entirely different from genuine polo shirts. And yes, it's that easy to spot, so pay attention to the logo! But sometimes imitations look so authentic that one has to flip the item to see clearly.

Image Credits: Youtube/Voice of People Today

Skechers Sneakers

Generally, Skechers products are comfortable and supportive. Do you know why? Because Skechers sneakers have a memory foam flex sole that provides cushioning for the foot. The sole is so important that it has the brand's name on it, while counterfeit sneakers don't!

Image Credits: Youtube/Voice of People Today

Nike Air Max Sneakers

While Nike has a host of sneaker designs on the market right now, the Air Max is one of its most popular products. Do you know why? Because of the Nike Air technology. So, if you want to make sure that a pair is real, zone in on the “air chamber” near the sole—fake ones are empty! 

Image Credits: Youtube/Voice of People Today

New Balance Sneakers

New Balance is famous for having its brand name printed all over its sneakers. The "N" at the edge should be perfectly stitched, like a patch. Original sneakers also have a soft sole made of foam material that you can easily press, but it’ll quickly return to its initial state. 

Image Credits: Youtube/Voice of People Today

Timberland Boots

Let's face it: you can’t go wrong with some Timberlands. To avoid buying fake boots, you should take a peek at the emblem near the heel. If it’s real, the imprint will be vertically positioned. Genuine boots also have metallic shoelaces holes that resemble hexagons. Do you know what goes well with Timberland boots? A proper Rolex watch!

Image Credits: Youtube/Voice of People Today

Rolex Watch

Rolex watches are super expensive, so to ensure that you buy the real thing, have a look at the watch's face. Close to the number six, you should be able to spot a tiny crown that confirms you are the King or Queen of this all! Oh, and if you can hear the clock's ticking ... oh dear, it's time to throw it away because it's fake! 

Image Credits: Instagram/rolex

Tommy Hilfiger Jeans

Tommy Hilfiger jeans are a worthwhile investment—if you buy the authentic ones, of course. Real ones have buttons with the brand's logo at the front and the back. The labels should also be perfectly stitched to the jeans—counterfeit jeans have uneven stitching and cheap-looking materials. 

Image Credits: Youtube/Voice of People Today

Michael Kors Handbags

The joint hardware is slightly rectangular with rounded edges on Michael Kors genuine handbags, and the expanded logo is stamped on one side. The bag's quality should tell you if it’s real or not, as the leather won’t contort or become misshapen. If you pay for a good quality product, you should get what you paid for! 

Image Credits: Instagram/gemtaylor8891

Levi’s Jeans

Raise your hand if you own a pair of Levi's jeans! And now raise your hand if your jeans have the style number engraved behind the buttons! If they do, then they are the real deal, so congratulations! One of the most prominent parts of these jeans is the red tab, which should be perfectly cut and stitched onto the back pocket. So, you better keep on rocking your Levi's!

Image Credits: Youtube/Voice of People Today

It's only natural that mass-market brands start copying designer clothes and accessories to increase profits and attract customers. If you want to buy authentic products, you should pay careful attention to every detail! If you found this article useful, please share it with your friends and family! We hope to see you again pretty soon!

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