Funny Things That Got Caught On Elevator Cameras

May 14, 2021Shanal Govender

To some, elevators are a quick way to travel within a building. For others, it can mean an opportunity to have a bit of fun. Many people think that what happens in an elevator stays in an elevator - but that's not the case. There are always cameras watching!

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Elevator Or Stairs?

Although elevators are quicker than taking the stairs, there are a few awkward moments in the lift where you don't know what to do. Some impatiently keep pressing the panel buttons, while others tap their foot to the elevator music beat. Then there are the ones with bizarre behaviors. 

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An elevator seems like a weird place to have your lunch. But this worker didn't seem to mind as he was caught gnawing away at his food without a second thought. However, the story doesn't end there, and you will be surprised by what happened.

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Delivery Gone Wrong

It turns out the man wasn't eating his own lunch but someone else's! He was supposed to be delivering the meal to guests in the building, but he thought he could fool them. The man took small bites from the various foods they ordered and thought no one would notice. Well, the camera did! There's More. 

Image Credits: Youtube/Top 10 videosworld

Nervous Pup

This case seems more scary than strange. This pet owner decided to ride the elevator with her dog in tow. It seemed like nothing could go wrong since she even had a leash on the little pomeranian. The dog was calm and collected, and then things changed.

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It's Too Late

In this scary scenario, the woman made it into the elevator, but the dog did not! He watched as the doors closed in front of him while his owner rode away. But there was something even worse about this situation. The woman was still holding the dog's leash! 

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A Hero Arrives

Thankfully there was a man nearby who saw what was going on. He rushed to the dog and tried frantically to get the leash off its neck. Luckily his swift moves paid off, and he scooped the puppy off the ground. He then proceeded to wait with the adorable little guy for his owner to come back. 

Image Credits: Youtube/Top 10 videosworld

Funny Guy

This man was offloading some props after a photoshoot, but he couldn't resist playing a prank. When the doors opened at the bottom of the elevator, and people entered, he placed his arms on the prop table and jokingly asked the guests, "So, do you guys come here often?" We're pretty sure he scared them off. 

Image Credits: Instagram/curtiscomeauphoto

Pre-school Proposal

This one is too cute to miss. The cameras caught a 5-year-old proposing to his girlfriend in the elevator. He even gets down on his knees while his friend cheers him on from the back. So what do you think the little girl said?   

Image Credits: Youtube/Creative

It's A Yes

The girl says yes! - we think. Well, she shyly nods her head and starts to smile. The boy's friend then notices the elevator camera and starts to point towards it humorously. The now "engaged" kid also starts to point at the camera, clearly over the moon, with his recent situation. We wish this couple all the best. 

Image Credits:Youtube/Creative

Clean Floors

This seemingly harmless tale could've had a disastrous ending. It started when a cleaning lady got off the elevator. She was carrying all her equipment with her, so it took her some time to get off the elevator. There was another woman who was waiting to get on. Here's what transpired. 

Image Credits: Youtube/Top 10 videosworld

Nasty Fall

Unfortunately, the woman who was getting in slipped and fell into the elevator as it started to move (Yikes!) Thankfully, she didn't require any medical assistance. This proves that taking the stairs might sometimes be safer. What else do you think people do on elevators? 

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Royal Kitty

People seem to do crazy things in an elevator, but what about the stuff animals get up to? Here's a cat who only travels on the lift. Wondering how he does it? I mean, unless he has magical properties, it would be strange if he knew which buttons to press! 

Image Credits: Youtube/Top 10 videosworld

Wherever I End Up

Apparently, this cat goes into an elevator with strangers and has no idea which floor he'll end up on. He doesn't seem to mind and keeps entering the lift when others open the doors. Maybe one day people will learn his floor number and drop him off at home. 

Image Credits: Youtube/Top 10 videosworld

Funky Moves

In some cases, people know they are being watched and want to give their audience a show (or perhaps gain some fans on social media).  This is exactly what occurred when a woman stepped into the elevator and started displaying her dance moves. It was hilarious at first, but one couldn't help and join her good-natured fun. 

Image Credits: Youtube/Q-Did You Know?

Halloween on an Elevator

One man got more than he bargained for on Halloween. As he continued chatting on his phone, he noticed someone with a strange costume come in. He decided to back himself into the corner away from this person, but that was totally the wrong move. 

Image Credits: Youtube/Q-Did You Know?

There's More Of Them

It seems the stranger in the scary costume was part of a group. More of them started to enter and dance in the elevator. Unfortunately, the man was stuck in the corner and couldn't get out of there. We wonder if he finished his call or was too preoccupied with the trick-or-treaters. 

Image Credits: Youtube/Q-Did You Know?

Two Of A Kind

The man in the orange felt like dancing, and he didn't stop even when a police officer joined him in the elevator. To his and everyone else's surprise, the female guard started to dance with him. I guess anything is contagious when you're in a tight space. 

Image Credits: Youtube/MADLAB

Vandalism Or Art?

Two college students decided it would be cool to spray paint the walls inside an elevator. We're unsure if they knew they were being filmed because they were laughing the whole time. They drew a heart onto the elevator door before they could get out. 

Image Credits: Youtube/MADLAB

Cleaning Up

The women were caught after the security video went viral. They were made to scrub down the walls until all the paint was removed. People that watched the video had a lot to say, and most of it didn't paint the girls in a good light. Well, at least the matter is now over. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/NinoMaghradze/For Illustrative Purposes

Bad Employee

Have you ever order a pizza and felt there wasn't enough topping? Well, it turns out, it might not be the pizza maker's fault. This delivery guy was caught on camera eating parts of people's pizza minutes before he could deliver it. I think I'll be picking mine up from now on! Ready for an even scarier situation?

Image Credits: Youtube/MADLAB

Stuck Indeed

It's one thing to get stuck in an elevator, but what if you finally pry the doors open and a concrete wall meets you? Well, it's a good thing none of these people were not very claustrophobic because they would have freaked out.   

Image Credits: Youtube/MADLAB

Lucky Day

Thankfully, one man had a tool on him to create a small hole in the wall. Everyone then helped to hoist the thinnest among them through the hole. Once he got out, he alerted the authorities who rescued those still stuck. I guess teamwork really does pay off.

Image Credits: Youtube/MADLAB

Police Beat

Despite the tough exterior you might see, police officers sure know how to get down. This elevator footage shows how they unwind after a long day. First, they needed a beat, and instead of whipping out a phone, these officers made their own with the elevator walls. Then they added this to the mix. 

Image Credits: Youtube/MADLAB

Rest Of The Team

You might've guessed it! The other thing they require is for the rest of their colleagues to join in the fun. What do you think? Has your respect for the men in blue increased? Well, they sure know how to let loose. 

Image Credits: Youtube/MADLAB

Tired Of Food

This man seems to be tired of the normal food we eat, so he moved on to something else - his girlfriend's hair! Here he's caught munching on her long black hair as they wait to get out. Strangely the girlfriend doesn't seem to mind. 

Image Credits: Youtube/Q-Did You Know?

Music Lover

A guy walked into an elevator with his headphones on; not such a big deal, right? - Wrong! His music was so loud and enticing that he couldn't help but perform some dance moves. There was just one problem. His moves were preventing the doors from closing. This started to annoy the woman in the elevator, so she did this to him. 

Image Credits: Youtube/Q-Did You Know?

A Sound Warning

She got furious at the man's seemingly childish antics and gave him a verbal warning before he got off the elevator. Luckily for the guy, there weren't more people on the lift, or he really might have been in for it. 

Image Credits: Youtube/Q-Did You Know?

Little Boy

This young boy seems to be traveling by himself in the elevator. He suddenly notices a man who wants to get in the elevator as well, and he decides to keep it open for him. The boy tries to hold the lift for the guy, but it ends in tragedy. Instead of pushing the button, he did this. 

Image Credits: Youtube/BrainTime

The Umbrella Is Too Weak

The little boy holds out his umbrella towards the doors of the elevator. He thinks it will prevent the doors from closing, but that was not the case. This is what occurred instead. Please keeping reading to find out what happened!

Image Credits: Youtube/BrainTime

It's Gone!

Things didn't turn out so well for the child. Once the elevator doors shut and the lift began to move, the umbrella was pulled up the door. The boy seemed to be lifted with it until he let go. Thankfully, he didn't get hurt in this encounter. 

Image Credits: Youtube/BrainTime

Enjoying A Snack

After our previous stories, we're sure you find eating in the elevator a common occurrence. But this one has a twist, and we bet no one will see it coming. For this guy, it was a normal elevator ride with him enjoying his watermelon, but then things changed, and his snack disappeared. But how? 

Image Credits: Youtube/BrainTime

Goodbye Snack

A woman enters the elevator, but she appears to be arguing with someone on the outside. In a split second, she decides against what she's going to do, and it takes everyone by surprise. She grabs the stranger's watermelon and chucks it at the person outside (not very friendly, is she?) So, did you see that one coming? 

Image Credits: Youtube/BrainTime

Strange Students

This daring trio traveled in the Oxford University elevator for 24hrs! I guess none of them suffer from claustrophobia. But why did they do it? Was it a case of students just having fun? They didn't even prank anyone. 

Image Credits: Youtube/BrainTime

It Was An Experiment

It turns out these were actors and artists, and they were practicing their improv skills. They had to spend all that time in the elevator and have conversations with the people who came in. It still sounds a bit uncomfortable if you ask me. 

Image Credits: Youtube/BrainTime


At first glance, it might seem like the man in the black t-shirt is performing a crazy dance move, but he's actually a worker. In fact, he's holding something in his hand even though you can see what it is right now. Any guesses what he's holding?  

Image Credits: Youtube/BrainTime

Handle With Care

Once he gets in, we realize that these guys are transporting a glass panel—such a fragile item to place in the elevator. What's more, it doesn't seem like the panel will fit, and it could create some issues.   

Image Credits: Youtube/BrainTime

It's Jammed!

Unfortunately, the workers weren't keeping a close eye on the door, which began to close. The next thing they knew, the elevator starts to move with half of the glass panel sticking out of it. We're sure you want to hear what transpired next - it's explosive! 

Image Credits: Youtube/BrainTime

Shattered Glass 

Nothing seemed to happen to the glass at first, and then it exploded. There were shards of glass all over the elevator. The poor guys inside seem to have been hit by the pieces, but luckily, they didn't sustain any injuries. We feel sorry for whoever had to clean up that mess. But this isn't the only incident of something breaking in an elevator. 

Image Credits: Youtube/BrainTime

Disco Dancer

Here we have a man whose ready to showcase his amazing elevator dancing skills to the world. Sadly for him, all he ended up doing was breaking the railing in the lift. Do you think he had to pay for a replacement? Yikes. Perhaps he should've gone to a club where they have proper dancefloors!  

Image Credits: Youtube/BrainTime

That's all the weirdness that goes on in elevators. We would have never believed some of these incidents if we didn't see the proof with our own eyes (luckily, elevators are equipped with cameras). Have you ever encountered anything strange or annoying in an elevator? Let us know. 

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