Fingers And Toes Are The Real Fortune Tellers

May 14, 2021Luísa Santos

Your fingers can tell a lot about your personality. While you patiently wait for someone to read your palms - or maybe you are spending too much time on Youtube learning palm reading for beginners - your fingers are waiting for you to pay close attention to them. The future starts now, so please wash your hands and your feet so we can begin!

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The Test

First things first, let's take a quick test before knowing if you are a possible serial killer! We're kidding! Otherwise, police offices would be taking hand shots instead of mugshots, which would be pretty hilarious. Please straighten out your hand and see which finger is the longest. 

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The Ring Finger Is Longer Than The Index

Hello Olympic athlete! Long ring fingers mean you were more exposed to testosterone while you developed inside your mother's womb. You are excellent in endurance activities, such as long-distance running. Now you know what to do: if you are scared about running a marathon, look at your hands first. Don't overthink things. We do know how clever you are, but this next piece of information will tell you more! 

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Smarty Pants

We bet you adore the Rubik's cube! Your ring finger's length tells us you are great at imagining spaces in 3D - and imagining things in general in your head. Why do you need this in your life? We don't know, but we bet it's an essential skill to add to your curriculum! Or not, please don't do that - it's too weird. Be honest now, please: do you consider yourself a faithful person?

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I Love (All Of) You

Imagine yourself completely in love with your partner, to the point where you trust him/her with all your heart. But there's something strange about his/her fingers as they are not like yours. And you find it all so odd that you decided to check with us if he/she is the one. Spoiler alert: your partner is probably unfaithful. Or, perhaps, he/she likes to be around women ...

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Not My Type

Who knew your ring finger was related to your orientation? This is just too good to be true! Imagine that, for a moment, we all decided to check each other's hands instead of making eye contact. Oh dear ... We just wanted to tell you that people with longer ring fingers tend to be attracted to women! It's a heavy burden to carry ... 

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Hello Gorgeous

Do others often flirt with you or respond well to your flirtations? It’s probably because your ring finger is longer than your index finger - and not because your drop-dead gorgeous or insanely fabulous and friendly, as you would assume! It doesn't sound like you? Well, you better make some changes in your life or at least double-check if your ring finger is actually longer ...

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The Ring Finger Is Shorter Than The Index Finger 

Are you a confident person? Like you really know your worth? If your answer is yes, then you most likely have a shorter ring finger. You have no problem being alone because you know how to enjoy your own company fully. Or perhaps you are not that confident in your dating life and are too afraid to make the first move. We have the perfect job for you then.

Image Credits: Youtube/Cleverly

Born To Lead

Studies tell us that you will be a perfect teacher, politician, or even author of self-help books! Do you see? Who needs a partner when you can rule the world and help others achieve the best version of themselves! It's all in your genes, so it's time to embrace your inner self! If you don't identify with any of these qualities, then your ring finger is as long as your index finger!

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The Ring Finger And Index Finger Are The Same Lengths

So, you're really committed to your partner. Or if you are single, you probably believe in monogamous relationships - we do too. Besides being a faithful person, people with this type of finger ratio tend to have an excellent memory. They are great grocery shoppers, which means you'll never run out of milk at home! They truly are one of a kind ...

Image Credits: Youtube/Cleverly

Will You Marry Me?

Researchers reported that people with this type of finger ratio are more likely to marry. Oh dear, our hand is not at all like that, so now we know why we're not married! People with these hands are also balanced, calm, super organized, and genuinely loving.  But life isn't all sunshine and rainbows, and unexpected things happen all the time ...

Image Credits: Unsplash/Caleb Lucas

Feeling Anxious?

Sorry to bring you such bad news. Sometimes, super-organized people who seem to have it all together also face some challenges in life. If you have this type of hand, then you are most likely to feel anxious. But hey, we all have struggles in life. What really matters is to keep striving for happiness! Do your friends want you to talk about their problems? 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Benjamin Ranger

Such A Good Listener

Everyone needs someone in their life with ring fingers as long as index fingers. Why? Because these people are excellent listeners. So now you know why your friends are always telling you their deepest secrets. You’re a balanced person who tends to listen twice and speak once, and people are drawn to that. So are there any negative qualities associated with this finger ratio?

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Always Helping Others

No, there aren't! We only have good things to tell about these people. If you have this kind of hand, you're warm to others and always there for them no matter what. That's why you should be a nurse, a social worker, or even a therapist! Or be whatever you want to be because you deserve it! Did you know that your dominant hand can dictate your personality?

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The Dominant Hand

This one is pretty straightforward: you're either right or left-handed. Some studies suggest that the lead hand's palm and fingers reflect your work ethics and personal qualities, while the fingers, on the other hand, tell all about your attitude towards close ones. Dominant hands also have weak fingers, but do you know how to identify them?

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That Powerful Finger

Look at your hands and stretch them out. Now do the chicken dance - sorry, we just wanted to see if you were paying attention! Where were we again? Oh, yes! So completely straight and long fingers are the stronger ones, while bent fingers are weak. Do you happen to have a strong thumb? Do you know what that, supposedly, means? 

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Strong Thumb

A strong thumb suggests that the person has determination, strength, and is tough in the face of adversity. Wow, how nice is that? Strong thumbs indicate that a person is resilient and hungry for success and power - we hope it's the good kind of power. Otherwise, it's better to have a strong index finger ...

Image Credits: Unsplash/Sincerely Media

Strong Index Finger

A strong index finger is also linked to the desire for power, though it's more connected with authority, influence, and leadership. And the world truly needs good leaders, so please pay attention to your friends' index fingers - you could be looking at the USA's next president! What about middle fingers? What do they tell you about one's character?

Image Credits: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

Strong Middle Finger

Middle fingers have a bad reputation, to say the least. But strong ones actually indicate wisdom and confidence. Who knew that? We bet you didn't! Strong middle fingers also stand for responsible people who know their worth and work hard to get what they want. They are labeled as efficient, unlike those who carry the burden of having a solid ring finger ...

Image Credits: Pexels/cottonbro

Strong Ring Finger

Don't you worry, strong ring fingers are not simply suitable for carrying a wedding ring, they also mean that you are a true artist! You are really creative and like to express yourself through art - like dancing, writing, painting, etc. Do you think Picasso had a strong middle finger? We bet he did! What about the pinky finger? Do you happen to have a strong one?

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Strong Little Finger

We find this fact really interesting. So the little finger, the one you used to make that pinky promise with your best friend - that one you both swore never to break, no matter what - actually means you have excellent communication skills! Next time you apply for a job, make sure to check the interviewer's hands first; they will tell you how to behave! Time to take off your shoes!

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Toe Talk

Are you barefoot now? Please, take your time to admire your beautiful feet, and tell us once you're ready. All good? So, let's start analyzing your toes' shape then. There are some standard foot types out there that can tell a lot about one's personality. Who knew feet were that important? Get ready to discover how unique your feet are!

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Egyptian Toe

Do you happen to walk like an Egyptian? But you know what that means? This foot type is characterized by toes with decreasing length, from big toe to little toe. The entire foot is at an incline and usually longer and narrower than other shapes. People who have feet like these have a royal air about them and are generally friendly. What about the Roman toe?

Image Credits: Twitter/Shirley Eugest

Roman Toe

This type of foot is distinguished by the first three toes, which are the same length, while the others usually are smaller. People with Roman toes are known to have a balanced body shape and personality. They are typically outgoing, adventurous, and love exploring new cultures. They are good travel buddies, unlike the ones who rock Greek toes ...

Image Credits: Twitter/Shirley Eugest

Greek Toe

Often referred to as the Flame Foot or Fire Foot, this toe type is characterized by a pointed second toe larger than the big toe. Greek toes are often related to sporty, creative, and energic people, who happen to be great leaders. However, they are known to stress out a bit, so be gentle with them. If you don't identify with any of these qualities, then you probably have Peasant's toes!

Image Credits: Twitter/Shirley Eugest

Peasant Toe

If your toes are practically the same length, then congrats, you've found yourself a match! May we introduce you to the Peasant's toe, the best toe shape of all! Why? Because it means you are very patient and thoughtful. You're one of a kind, super pragmatic, honest, and the best problem-solver! Keep going, peasants! Shall we now examine each toe up close?

Image Credits: Youtube/Justin Colano

Extra Small Toe

Are you still barefoot? Great, then tell us all about your little toes. Do they live up to their name? Or are they extra small? Like T-Rexes hilariously tiny arms? If they are, don't you bother, because this means you are open-minded. Perhaps, you are a bit too secretive about a particular topic, but you tend to talk freely about everything else. Are you a proud owner of wide-set toes?

Image Credits: Unsplash/Mehrdad Jiryaee

Wide-Set Toes

If you have wide-set toes, that means that you've either got a lot of space between your toes all of the time, or you can stretch them far apart. It's the traveler's foot type, and it's linked to adventurous people who are always craving new and exciting experiences. Are you a confident and opinative person? Then you probably have stretched toes! 

Image Credits: Unsplash/sippakorn yamkasikorn

Stretched Toes

When you have a gap between your big toe and the rest of the toes, you are said to have stretched toes. You are a fiercely independent person who loves freedom. Outdoorsy and nature-loving, you probably have a range of interests from gardening to hiking. Let us know in the comments below if you agree with this! For now, we will focus on the big toe. Ready?

Image Credits: Unsplash/Barna Kovács

Big Toe

We've got some big news regarding the big toe! If your big toe is significantly larger than the rest of your toes, it means you are creative and focused. You are capable of solving problems in more than one way. However, if your big toe is considerably smaller than the others, you are most likely to find it hard to focus on a single task. That's why you prefer doing everything, at once ...

Image Credits: Unsplash/Mariam Soliman


Oh yes, your big toe might be smaller than average, but you are a great multi-tasker. You tend to use your charm to persuade people to go along with your ideas because you know they are worth it. If you still don't know what you want in life, look at your second toe. It will tell you everything you need to hear, so pay close attention now!

Image Credits: Unsplash/Andrew Neel

Second Toe

The size of your second toe is said to determine how you handle everyday situations. If you have a long second toe, you are considered to have a more assertive or aggressive personality - sorry for being a bit harsh now. If your second toe is relatively shorter, you are more passive and hate confusions and misunderstandings. What about the third toe?

Image Credits: Unsplash/Juja Han

Third Toe

Long third toes are linked to people who absolutely love what they do. They are incredibly energetic and bring that energy to their workplaces. The longer this toe is, the more driven you are to succeed in your career. The third toe is all about work, and if you look closely, you'll see what type of worker you are. Shall we move on to the fourth toe then?

Image Credits: Unsplash/Billie

Fourth Toe

Having a long fourth toe indicates that you are all about healthy relationships, and you are deeply affected by anything that happens to your loved ones. Having a shorter fourth toe means that relationships are not that important to you because you prefer to focus on yourself than on others. Let's see what the little toe can tell about your personality!

Image Credits: Unsplash/Rune Enstad

Little Toe

The fifth toe is linked to your inner child. Everyone has an inner child, whether they realize it or not, and it's the best thing in the world to have, so don't you ever let it fade away! If you have longer pinky toes, then you are more serious and quiet. You like knowing everything in advance and avoid getting out of your comfort zone. But that's not all! 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Klara Kulikova

Are You A Party Animal?

If you have short pinky toes, you enjoy constant amusement and are likely to get distracted or bored quickly. You are fun and friendly and always get the most out of any situation. And if you can separate your little toe from the others, then you are a bit impulsive, adventurous, and probably adorable. If you can’t, you value routines, predictability, and loyalty!

Image Credits: Unsplash/Mitchell Orr

Who knew that our fingers could reveal so many traits of our personality? What do you think? Do you recognize yourself or a loved one in one of these categories? Let us know in the comments below! Oh, and don't forget to take good care of your fingers and toes since people will probably start paying extra attention to them! 

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