Incredible Details About Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky’s Marriage

May 28, 2021Rita Kumar

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky’s whirlwind romance is a love story for the history books. The couple was engaged and married in less than a year of dating. But the intense flame in their relationship hasn’t fizzled out. They tied the knot in December 2010, just two months after making their red carpet debut at an event in Los Angeles. For ten years straight, the pair has beaten all the odds by staying in love. Pataky believes patience and understanding are the keys to a good marriage. However, a lot of other things have been going on in their lives. What makes Elsa Pataky think that their marriage still needs a lot of things to work?

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Destined To Be Together

The Thor actor was on holiday with his lady love when he candidly popped that question. “Why don’t we get married too?” he asked her. Though the couple never planned to destine their relationship with marriage, they nodded. It was a big yes from Pataky, and soon, they kept their family growing even further. Did their marriage happen out of a sudden decision? Let’s delve into the dreamy couple’s relationship and uncover some of the peculiar aspects ...

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Every Woman’s Dream Man

Chris Hemsworth may be the dreamiest superstar every woman loves. But he has his eyes fixed on only one woman—his wife. Ahead of their tenth wedding anniversary in 2020, Chris revealed why Elsa is never jealous of fans swooning over him. “Elsa knows I only have eyes for her,” he told New! Magazine. However, he did admit that their marriage had many challenges on the way.

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Life-Changing Blockbuster

When Chris Hemsworth and Pataky met in 2010, Hemsworth was relatively unknown in Hollywood. But within a year, his life changed for good when he signed his first standalone flick, Thor. Soon, he became a household name in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hemsworth became synonymous with success, and Elsa went through every moment with him. They started growing together, and the way it started was more dramatic.

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Meeting Up In 2010

Even though Chris and Elsa are both attractive, neither of them has a long dating history. Hemsworth had only one relationship we know of before he met his better half. The Ghostbusters actor was introduced to Pataky by talent agent William Ward in 2010. Little did William know that he played the role of a matchmaker introducing Chris to Pataky! By September that year, the pair went public with their relationship.

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Sending Fans In A Frenzy

Even though they look so adorable together, why did Chris and Elsa rush into their marriage? Were they married too fast? The couple left fans in a frenzy by announcing their wedding three months after dating. However, some started to have their speculations regarding the longevity of this marriage.

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Married Too Fast?

Many fans thought that their decision to rush things up was way too fast. Some assumed that it would result in a very short-lived marriage. However, Chris and Elsa thought that it wasn’t an entirely wrong choice. Without further thought, the couple decided to take things to the next level with their low-key destination wedding. 

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The Age Factor

Although she may not look like it, Elsa Pataky is seven years older than her husband. Even though their age gap is relatively small compared to other stars, Elsa had her doubts. She wasn’t sure what a commitment to someone younger would look like.

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Getting Hitched On A Holiday

The couple was at a Christmas getaway in Indonesia with their families. They were having such a great time. Chris and Elsa wondered how they could make things even better. The couple got hitched on a Christmas weekend but never shared any photos of the special event. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision, and they had no time for anything else other than their “I do” moment.

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Hitting It Off Right Away

They started dating almost immediately after locking eyes for the first time. Fans thought that they were always meant to be together. She was plagued by the idea that they may not have the same things out of life. When the couple tied the knot in 2010, Pataky was 34, and Chris was a youthful 27.

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It Had To Happen This Way

Chris and Elsa’s marriage happened fast. It was unplanned and could’ve quickly put a strain on their relationship. Luckily, nothing of that sort happened. However adorable it all was, their whirlwind romance did make their lives harder. It all happened so quickly. Elsa Pataky wasn’t sure whether Chris was ready to become a husband and a father at that point.

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Too Young For Family Life

The Fast & Furious actress thought that Chris was too young for family life. At the time, he was juggling with his career. Elsa felt that there was so much going on already. Not only did their wedding happen very fast, but the couple expanded their family the following year.

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More Pressure On The Way

Chris and Elsa welcomed their first child about a year after they tied the knot. According to Pataky, parenthood puts a lot of pressure on their marriage. However, she said that it worked out well as both of them have strong personalities. Most importantly, they love each other. The couple has three adorable kids, daughter India Rose and twin boys Sasha and Tristan.

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Getting Inked

It’s evident that Elsa Pataky got herself inked after meeting her hubby. Well, not really. The Spanish heartthrob has a small tattoo near her right shoulder since she was 15 years old. It’s a Runic symbol of fertility but also inspired by Norse mythology, Thor in particular! She admitted to Vogue saying she liked the tattoo design since it looked captivating.

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Two Tattoo Lovers

Pataky spilled the beans that she loved the legend of the Norse God. Little did she know that years later, she’d be with the man who got the God of Thunder to the silver screen! Today, the pair boasts their matching tattoos. Chris and Elsa have five Runic symbols correlating with the English letters C, E, I, T, and S. inked. These letters denote the first letters of Chris, Elsa, India, Tristan, and Sasha.

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Ringing It With “C”

Surprisingly, Chris and Elsa’s love angle elevated after he inked her wedding ring finger. According to Vogue Australia, Chris inked “C” on Elsa’s wedding ring finger. She returned the favor by inking her first initial on his finger! Well, that's a way to show off their unified equation in love.

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Wife In Disguise

The coincidence proved that the two were destined for each other from the very beginning. Chris feels this way too. The couple’s chemistry is undeniably the cutest. Even Marvel executives seemed to have agreed on that one. Perhaps, they even roped in Pataky to disguise as Portman in one of the scenes in Thor: The Dark World.

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Co-Starring With Husband

Remember the scene in Thor: The Dark World where Chris shares a passionate kiss with Natalie Portman? Well, it wasn’t Portman at all! It was his wife, Pataky, who dressed like Portman to share the frame with her hubby. The filmmakers asked Elsa to step in and disguise herself as Portman for one of the scenes! The couple always finds a way to exhibit their love. But when it comes to showing Chris who rules the roost at home, Elsa leaves no stone unturned.

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No Movie Props At Home

Chris Hemsworth loves to display his favorite Thor prop at home. Of course, it has to be the hammer in the God of Thunder’s hand! Elsa dished out how she banned mythical tools from public display in her house. She tosses the movie props in the cupboard every time Chris exhibits them in the house. 

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Stay-At-Home Mum

Having kids so soon wasn’t the only challenge in their way. The more considerable strain on their relationship was how both their careers developed. Well, not both, though ... While Chris was getting busier on the career front, Elsa was looking after the kids. She had almost given up on her career for her family.

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It’s Complicated

Even though Pataky was more than okay in becoming a stay-at-home mom, she still seemed unhappy about it. She turned down multiple roles and knew what she was doing. Elsa would wait for her husband to return from press tours and other important schedules. This, in turn, weighed out on her, making life a bit harder than she thought.

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Living In His Shadow

At certain points, Elsa thought she’d been lost living in her husband’s shadow. She even admitted that though their life seemed picture-perfect, it isn’t. Though these obstacles weren’t enough, they had to tackle something even more challenging. Chris and Elsa didn’t escape the constant “breakup” rumors, either.

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Fame Has Its Downsides

No matter how unsettling it is, it’s one of the downsides of being a famous Hollywood couple. Several tabloids reported that Chris Hemsworth and Elsa headed for divorce. Some wrote that Chris’s dedication to work pulled him out of the family radar. Others suggested that the couple had already started living apart.

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Dealing With Rumors

Several headlines summarised the couple’s marriage was on the rock for different reasons. However, Chris and Elsa shunned such rumors and would often exhibit how close they are each day. As for the couple, they found ways to tell the world they are always happy together. But how did they deal with all these things that would probably ruin any other marriage?

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Not A Perfect Relationship

Despite being married for a decade, Elsa feels their relationship is nowhere near perfect. In an interview with body+soul, she revealed how they’re working to make their marriage sturdy. “It’s funny how people think of us as a perfect couple,” she told the magazine. “No way ... It’s been ups & downs, and we still keep working at the relationship.”

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Career Explosion In 2011

Pataky believes that a relationship is “constant” work and isn’t something easy. In 2018, she admitted to Vogue Australia that she doesn’t know how they made it through the initial stages. At that time, Hemsworth’s career had begun to explode after starring in Thor. “We did everything quickly ... I don’t know how we survived as a couple,” she said.

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Feeling Embarrassed

Even superheroes make mistakes. And the God of Thunder is no exception. There were times when Chris Hemsworth would feel embarrassed to admit that his wife, not he, is correct. “He gets really embarrassed,” she told Fitzy & Wippa. At least, Chris’s honesty has it going for him! Like the typical dad, he hates when his wife tells off their three children in public. 

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Family Comes First

Though things fell in a perfect place after their marriage, it wasn’t so perfect after all. Pataky admitted that life was beautiful when she met her husband. But the explosion of success Chris tasted after Thor became so massive. Pataky didn’t have a choice to make and placed family atop her career.

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In Every Step Of Success & Fame

Eventually, Elsa was left with no choice but to share his name and fame. However, she admitted that sharing her husband’s success was a wonderful experience. “Going through every moment & being there with him with every success was actually a good thing,” she told Vogue Australia.

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Working Out Better Ways

Although marriage can be a challenge, couples who love each other always find ways to work on it. To this day, Chris and Elsa are head over heels for each other and their kids. They do everything possible to keep the spark alive. Like typical parents, they want their kids to be away from unwanted attention from the limelight-laden world. For this, Chris had no choice but to relocate his family to his home country, Australia. 

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Back To Australia

Regardless of the situation and rumors, the couple always puts family atop everything. Chris and Elsa wanted their kids to enjoy a normal life away from the paparazzi. Eventually, they came up with a mutual decision of relocating to Chris’s homeland. But relocating there packed some more challenges.

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Taking A Break

Perhaps, the reason why we don’t see much of the couple is the fact that they don’t even live in the United States. Instead, they maintain their primary residence in Chris’s home country. With the relocation announcement came another shocking revelation. This time, Chris announced he would be stepping away from acting. Well, for a brief while, though. But why did he give up on the limelight all of a sudden?

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Making A Comeback

The Avengers actor revealed that he would not be signing any movie for the rest of 2019. However, he made a comeback with the 2020 action-thriller, Extraction. While in Australia, Chris has all the time he’s got only for the few people who mean his life—his family. 

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Life Away From Spotlight

The couple lives in sunny Australia with their family on their terms. However, Chris revealed that it wasn’t always this way. When they purchased their Australian home, the renovation project stretched for three years. Luckily, the couple made their way through the renovations. They’d even moved to Sydney before relocating to their lavish mansion.

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Family Time Together

In 2015, the family moved from Los Angeles to Byron Bay in New South Wales. Chris and Elsa enjoy their time on the beach with their kids whenever they get a chance. Meanwhile, Elsa couldn’t have been happier than relocating to Australia. Relocating to Chris’s home country was nothing short of a dream come true.

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Dream Come True Byron Bay Life

Pataky claims that it was her childhood dream to settle in a place like this. “I grew up in a city ... and I always had the dream to be with animals, surrounded by nature, close to the beach,” she told People. It doesn’t surprise us why the superstar couple spent $20 million to get this dreamy mansion on Byron Bay.

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Some Things Remain Unchanged … Including Pataky’s Name

Elsa and Chris have been married for over a decade. While a lot has changed so far, only two things remain constant. First would be their unconditional love, and the other, Elsa’s name. The fan-favorite couple has made a lot of sacrifices to cherish their family goals. But the one thing Elsa refuses to give up is her name.

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Passport Problem

Pataky hasn’t changed her last name yet. According to Chris, the complication of her passport was a nightmare to navigate. Elsa was born Elsa Lafuente Medianu, her Spanish name. However, her passport came in the way of Pataky changing her last name to hubby Chris Hemsworth’s.

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Who Wins The Argument?

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth are clearly in love, and nothing has changed over the years. But that doesn’t mean everything is smooth-sailing in their household. Like most married couples, the duo does argue. But who wins the argument anyway? It’s a no-brainer. Pataky has got this one!

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Fighting It Off In Spanish

Elsa Pataky always has an ingenious way to win any heated argument—she fights in Spanish! Though she’s fluent in English, the multilingual bombshell fights her husband off the conversation in her native language. Well, that’s a terrific way to fight someone who doesn’t understand a word you say but can understand your tone and temper!

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Superhero Parents

The Hemsworth-Pataky kids have parents that the other children can only dream about. Both their parents are action heroes in several blockbuster flicks. While Pataky is famous for her The Fast and the Furious franchise, Chris has lived his superhero dreams since 2011. However, their kids didn’t always know their parents were stars. Now that they’re bigger, they might soon take their parents’ celebrity status!

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Typical Spanish Mom

Though Chris is married to the Spanish bombshell, it doesn’t mean he always understands her. In 2017, Elsa told Today that her husband never learned her native tongue in six years. At home, the mum-of-three speaks in Spanish to her kids. She would tell them off in Spanish while Chris pretends to have understood everything. Later, he would pull her aside and ask her what she told them!

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Growing Old Together

Both Chris and Pataky have grown together as strong personalities. Not only do their equations match, but they always consider the other’s opinion before concluding their decisions. “It puts a lot of pressure on marriage … but we came out good because there’s a lot of love between us, and we’re very strong personalities,” Pataky told Vogue.

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Away From Home

Though Hemsworth is often away from his family for long periods, he ensures to be the best dad ever. Since day one, the superstar dad has always been trying to give the best to his family. Going forward, Hemsworth, Pataky, and their three adorable kids have become so strong.

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It’s Just One Happy Family!

Despite having those typical obstacles in marriage, the couple has always been an incredible example to look up to. They believe that constant work and love are what keeps their marriage strong each day. For now and ever, Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky are focused on just one thing—family!

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Ten years past their wedding, Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky are living their dreams. The couple is going strong each day and loves each other in spades. Though they say their marriage isn’t “perfect,” their life is always perfect with each other! Let us know what you think about this dreamy couple. And please don’t forget to share this article with all your friends! Thanks for reading!

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