This Photoshop Guru Will Edit Your Picture In Unbelievably Hilarious Ways

Jun 11, 2021Oksana Yashchyenko

Need a face or background removed? Or is there something wrong with your outfit? James Fridman is the best photoshop guru out there, and he will make all your photograph dreams come true! No request is left undone unless he has a reason for it. Because of his popularity, hundreds of people have asked James to edit their pictures. The results will leave you absolutely speechless! 

Image Credits: Twitter/James Fridman

Face Orb

Lindsey wanted her picture to look elegant and graceful as she posed for the camera, but she thinks the picture is not quite there yet. She asked Fridman to make it look like she was holding her face close to a magical orb ... Finally, her request was granted—but it was not exactly what she was hoping for!  

Image Credits: Twitter/James Fridman

Train Ride Gone Wrong

Have you ever took a picture in an awkward position? We have all been there! To make her picture Instagram-worthy, this girl called upon James ... Fear not because James has your back, or may I say your hand (pun intended)? This is not really the outcome anyone expected!  

Image Credits: Twitter/James Fridman

Such A Cool Shot

Being cool is very important for this young lady. She has her make-up and outfit on point, but it needs a little more spark! James really did a number on this one because she literally got the "cool" aspect working for her. However, it's a bummer that we cannot see her face anymore.  

Image Credits: Twitter/James Fridman

Leftover Bones

This sweet couple was having a nice time at the amusement park, but when it was time to take a picture-perfect shot, two guys randomly pass by to ruin the picture. They wanted to have the guy in the background gone, and to their surprise, only his arms were left behind! This girl should have been more specific ... 

Image Credits: Twitter/James Fridman

The Force Is Strong

David and his girlfriend were having a great time at a party, but the only photo they had together was one with Darth Vader. He asked James to make his girlfriend appear closer to him to have a simple souvenir from that night. What James did was much better. The Force is strong with this one!

Image Credits: Twitter/James Fridman

Best Profile Picture

Traveling with friends can turn out to be the best vacation you could ask for. However, there are just friends who like to goof around and be the annoying photobomber. She knows what we're talking about! She asked James to photoshop her friend so she can make this one her profile picture. Are you convinced or not?

Image Credits: Twitter/James Fridman

Where Did The Light Go?

Taking a great picture is all about the lighting, but our friend Lea wanted to remove the lamp from her photo. This wise editor knows the perfect thing to do. Tadaah ... No lamps equal darkness! Someone even commented on this Tweet that this is one of the easiest photoshop jobs ever! 

Image Credits: Twitter/James Fridman

Bean Reflection

Some of the fans have requests that are quite reasonable, but some are near impossible. For that reason, he would compromise and find a way to make their photoshop visions come true. Take this photo as an example! She wanted her face to reflect on The Bean, and James granted her wish ... sort of! 

Image Credits: Twitter/James Fridman

The Best One Of Them All 

Sweet girl Elle Grace asked James to make her look "normal" for her homecoming picture because her arms weren't straight. Fridman did not change a single thing in her photo but simply reminded her that she is beautiful in every single way. This is his best work yet! 

Image Credits: Twitter/James Fridman

This talented artist has given his followers exactly what they are looking for, but he also showed us that photoshopping isn't everything. He believes that everyone is beautiful in their own way. However, this doesn't stop him from creating these hilarious pictures! Do you have a picture that needs editing? How do you think he would change it? Let us know!

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