This Is Why Katie Holmes Is Single Again

Jun 11, 2021Ncuthu W

Katie Holmes once again stunned fans when reports surfaced that she had broken things off with her partner Emilio Vitolo Jr. The couple enjoyed a whirlwind romance that lasted for eight months. In the beginning, the couple seemed happy, but then suddenly, something changed. Emilio infamously left his fiance to be with Katie Holmes, only for their relationship to go up in flames. Not long after, speculation began swirling around and people tried to find out what really happened between the two former lovers. And now we finally know...

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The Start Of Something New 

Katie and the New York restauranteur, Emilio, were first seen together in 2020, and naturally, we all caught wind of it on the internet. The actress was spotted cozying up with the chef at Antique Garage in SoHo, looking casual and having fun. It was obvious that there was a romantic spark between them. But eventually, their flame would burn out quickly.

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Making It Official

The news was big because she hadn't been seen out on a date since her relationship ended with Jamie Foxx. But we can't know for sure whether celebrities are officially dating or hooking up just from one outing, right? The couple dispelled speculation when Vitolo made things official on Instagram. The couple seemed to be enjoying the honeymoon phase of their relationship, unaware that it was about to come crumbling down.

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The Big "L" Word

Vitolo posted the black and white picture of the two to celebrate Katie's birthday. Not only was it the first time we saw the pair together looking romantic, but it was the first time we saw him say the words, "I love you." Things were definitely serious between the two. So how did something so beautiful end up going so wrong?

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Katie Doing Things Differently 

After making things official in the public's eyes, the two were seen out on cute dates together numerous times. The paparazzi even caught them during moments of PDA. Her friends were totally into their romance as several sources shared how in love the two were and that Katy was doing things differently this time. So what had she been doing wrong? 

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Learning Some Lessons 

Her friends say that Katie has a habit of changing her lifestyle to suit her partner, but with Emilio, she was always herself, which is a great thing. But their relationship wasn't meant to last long; maybe it was there to teach Katie how to be authentic in a relationship. But the real reason for their break up is more surprising than you think.

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Turning Down The Heat 

Before news of their split broke out, a few reports said that Holmes and Vitolo were turning down the heat on their romance, whatever that means. Apparently, they decided they needed to slow things down due to their work commitments. But it goes a lot deeper than that. 

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Losing The Spark 

Sources say the couple split because the relationship lost its spark, and they realized that they were better off just being friends. It was a drama-free breakup, and they had a good time together, just that it wasn't meant to be. The sources added that Katie is focused on being a mom and working on her upcoming projects. What about Emilio?

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No Bad Vibes 

The split happened weeks before the news broke, and Emilio had nothing bad to say about Katie. He's focused on his life in New York. Speaking of which, ever since he started dating Katie, the chef has been cast into the spotlight. And his life hasn't been the same...

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This Restaurant Is A Celebrity Fav

Holmes probably had some top-notch meals during their relationship because Vitolo is a top chef at the Italian restaurant Emilio's Ballato in Soho. His dad opened the spot in the '90s. It's a family-run restaurant as he works with his brother and parents. It's not unusual to find celebrities enjoying the food at Emilio's Ballato ...

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Celebrity Guests

Vitolo rubs shoulders with Whoopi Goldberg, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Bradley Cooper, Lenny Kravitz, and even former presidents. One time, Katie was spotted outside the restaurant with Emilio and his father. But Emilio wears other hats aside from the chef's toque. 

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He's An Actor Too

Vitolo has also tried his hand at acting. The chef has demonstrated his skills in plenty of movies and series. His most notable roles are in Royal Pains, he also has a guest role on Inside Amy Schumer, and he acted in the 2019 indie film Tapestry. He does have a lot of things in common with Katie! Speaking of which...

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Emilio And Katie Were Moving Fast 

Sources close to the ex-couple said that their relationship was moving quite fast. Katie was in deep; she pretty much didn't care what anybody thought; she was happy that she finally found someone who made her truly feel special. For Emilio, apparently, he was a total gentleman, but her friends had some concerns ...

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Going Nowhere Fast 

Since the relationship was serious within a few months, her friends were worried that the two were headed nowhere fast. Looking back, they weren't wrong to be concerned. But they gave Katie their blessings and some space to make her own decisions. However, there was another red flag. 

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Emilio Was Engaged Weeks Before Dating Katie

When news broke of Emilio and Katie's romance, people started talking about how he had a fiance. Before they were first seen together, Vitolo was engaged to designer Rachel Emmons. Sources say they were living together, and he ended things as soon as he felt a good vibe from Katie. Rachel was left completely shocked. 

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Ditched At The Last Second 

Rachel's shock came from the fact that they were planning a wedding, and all of a sudden, that didn't even matter anymore, and he just moved on. Emmons deleted multiple pictures from her Instagram that she posted just months before Katie came into the picture. She was even sporting her engagement ring in some of them. And that's not even the worst part.

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"Mrs. Vitolo"

Rachel posted a picture of herself in a Monique Lhuillier Bride store rocking a jean jacket with the words "Mrs. Vitolo" on the back. When she got engaged with Emilio in 2019, she posted a dedication post to him talking about how much he meant to her and how special he is. It's kind of sad to see how far they've come since then. So how did all this affect Katie?

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The Backlash

As you can imagine, there was a tremendous amount of backlash when Emilio's previous engagement splashed online. Fans were quick to call Holmes out in her Instagram comments. Emmons's friends told news outlets that Vitolo was out of line for how he ended things with Rachel. But it seems Emilio is back on the prowl again ...

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Emilio Wastes No Time 

It's been reported that Vitolo has wasted no time getting back out there again. He's already had a rebound situation. Sources say he's looking for new dates at the restaurant and dating apps. He's a charming guy, and he knows how to sweep a lady off her feet, so why wait? Anyways, he could never get lonely with all the celebrity friends he has. 

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Famous Friends 

Emilio has many A-list friends from Omar Epps, Danny DeVito to Cuba Gooding Jr.; they've all made a feature on his Instagram. However, Vitolo is closest to the Jonas brothers and Sophie Turner. They've celebrated everything together from birthdays, the New Year and special appearances on TV. But let's check out Katie's past relationships. 

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Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx 

Reports say the two started their relationship around 2013. In 2019, news of their split shocked fans and people who were rooting for them. It was especially shocking since they had made their red carpet debut at the Met Gala that same year. What went wrong? 

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They Split The Same Month Of The Met Gala 

We all thought that a red carpet debut meant something huge was on the horizon, like an engagement. Of course, that was only just a dream. PageSix said that someone overheard Katie at a restaurant telling her friends that they "haven't been together for months." This sent the rumor mill spinning! Here's what everyone was speculating ...

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Jamie Had A Lustful Eye 

The breakup became tabloid talk when Jamie was seen holding hands with another woman, a singer named Sela Vave. Katie was spotted in New York enjoying her time alone. It was the first time Jamie was seen out with Sela, but he did frequent her Instagram. And a source said Foxx was helping with her music career. But there are other women. 

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Foxx Was A Busy Man 

In 2017, it was reported that Foxx was two-timing Katie with a young Russian woman. The report claimed that Katie almost bumped into the woman but missed her narrowly. The previous year, a picture was published of Foxx holding hands with some other woman in Miami. But he had his other issues too. 

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Keeping Things Open 

Sources say that Katie was in love with Jamie, but he couldn't commit. The actor wasn't interested in marriage or an exclusive relationship. He wanted an open relationship. For years, he'd been trying to avoid commitment talk but finally ended up being straight with Katie.

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Between A Rock And A Hard Place 

Insiders say he wanted to date Katie while seeing other women; he also encouraged her to date, other people. On the other hand, he was struggling between Katie and his skyrocketing career. He was too busy to be a good man to her even though they were happy together. Why did things go wrong? 

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Started Things Slow

When they first started seeing each other in 2013, Jamie denied it. Then they were spotted holding hands in 2015, and a source came out saying how much the two had bonded; Katie felt something she had never felt with Tom Cruise. But then things escalated ...

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Their Daughters Met

What started as a fling quickly became something meaningful. They even got to the stage where the kids met. Reports say that Holmes's daughter Suri Cruise and Foxx's daughter Corinne Foxx enjoyed girls' dates. Apparently, Katie didn't mind that he was never going to commit, she loved what they had, but something stood in their way still ...

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Long Distance Wasn't Working

Katie and Jamie had a long-distance relationship for most of their on-and-off romance. He was in L.A., and she was in New York. It wasn't Katie's favorite thing about their relationship. She didn't trust him when there was a distance between them; she even gave him an ultimatum, allegedly.

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Katie Or L.A.?

She asked him to move to New York, or they would no longer be an item. He went with staying in L.A., but it's probably a good thing because they would constantly argue about his excessive partying. Their relationship had always been rocky, but Jamie managed to sweet talk into giving him another chance. But why all the mystery about their relationship?

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Keeping Things A Secret

The exes didn't even share details of their relationship with their friends. Everyone knew they were together, but it wasn't spoken about. While Jamie wasn't vocal about his feelings, it was clear that someone was occupying his heart. But it's contradictory because he was saying something completely different. 

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Mixed Signals 

At the 2019 Oscars, Foxx said he was a single man. But we can't be sure about that since he and Holmes appeared together at the Met Gala in May. But hiding their romance became too much of a responsibility; they felt more comfortable being themselves and doing what they wanted to do. Why did they feel the need to hide things? 

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Restrictions On Katie's Life 

Reports speculated that they had to keep things private due to Katie's split agreement with Tom Cruise. One of the agreements allegedly stated that she couldn't flaunt her new romances until five years later. This was done so that it wouldn't "embarrass" Cruise; he also banned her from talking about the Church of Scientology; she wasn't allowed to date either. 

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Terms And Conditions 

Insiders say Katie was so desperate to get out of the marriage that she agreed to anything. The terms included $4.8 million in child support, and she would get $5 million. But that was on condition that she wouldn't break the agreement. Some say Katie wanted things with Jamie to go public in 2016, but she waited for the five-year mark. How did Tom feel about the relationship?

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Feeling Betrayed 

Tom and Jamie go way back; they even co-starred in the movie Collateral. When Cruise found out they were dating and went public, he felt betrayed by his ex-wife and hurt by someone he considered a friend at some point. He trusted Jamie, so it really made him feel some way. But what about things between him and Katie?

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Tom And Katie 

While the TomKat marriage looked like sunshine and roses, reports were spreading about Tom's controlling behavior. It might have even contributed to the end of their relationship, especially since the split was quite unusual and abrupt. 

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The Secret Split 

After six years of marriage, Katie was over it. She reportedly planned her escape meticulously using disposable phones to contact the relevant people; she hired three firms to handle the split and did everything in secret so that Tom's people and the church wouldn't hear about it until it was the right time. 

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Fears And Wins 

After the breakup was made public, Holmes was afraid that Cruise might take their little girl. She also had concerns about backlash. In the end, Katie was given custody of Suri, and Tom was able to visit. But she had to agree to that five-year term. So how was life after the split? 

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Starting Fresh

Katie started a new chapter in New York with Suri, and she began to reinvent herself apart from Tom Cruise's image. She didn't want to be attached to anyone else's name the way she was with Cruise. This was her opportunity to spread her wings. 

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Rough Aftermath

Katie recalls that the split was a tough time for her and Suri. There was a lot of media attention surrounding them. The only thing that was on her mind during that time was taking care of her young daughter. Everything else didn't matter. So how about now? Is Katie dating again?

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Life For Katie

Katie is shifting her focus to her work. She's got an upcoming project, The Watergate Girl: My Fight For Truth and Justice Against A Criminal President, which she stars in and produces. She has no time for her love life right now because her plate is full of work, and being a single mom to a 15-year-old is not an easy job either.

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Whether she moves too fast or still harbors some unresolved issues from previous relationships, Katie is always focused on being a good mom to her daughter and an independent woman. Let us know what you think in the comments! Don't forget to like and share the article with your loved ones. 

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