DIY Air Fresheners To Leave Your Homes Smelling Better Than Ever

Jun 18, 2021Danica

Sometimes we find ourselves walking into the air freshener aisle at our local shops, but then you think that this is probably not the healthiest option for you and your family. So how can our houses smell divine without the help of chemically induced scents? Well, we have gathered a few alternatives—hacks, if you will, for you to try at home!

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A Great Smelling Home is A Safe Haven

There is an unquestionable comfort in knowing that our homes smell great, and smell actually brings in a whole new level of comfort. So instead of spraying some store-bought air freshener that probably has many chemicals in it, why not make some organic ones instead? These are healthy and easy hacks that everyone can do in the comfort of their own homes! 

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Is There A Way to Have A Great Smelling Home Without Any Chemicals?

Nowadays, we can get most home products at a relatively low price, which is really great for most homeowners who want to stick to a budget. However, most of these products have many chemicals in them, making them a bit dangerous to our health. So, are there different alternatives when it comes to these store-bought products?

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Organic and Homemade is the Way to Go

Quite frankly, there are ways to create an organic alternative for most store-bought products that we use regularly. There are homemade fabric conditioners, potpourri, air fresheners, diffusers, and so much more! The only thing that we have to do is find a way to use all the things we already have to create something more useful. 

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Stumbling on A YouTube Video

A lady shares some of her favorite homemade remedies on YouTube, and these are more organic alternatives for chemically induced air fresheners. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that technology is actually on our side and that there are hacks that are freely available to users worldwide. So what can we do with these ‘secrets’? 

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Making Use of What We Already Have

More often than not, we do not realize that there are stuff or ingredients around our homes that can be used to make our spaces feel more refreshing. There can be spices or herbs or even fruits that can be used to make our living spaces a bit more inviting, and who does not love a great smelling home? So let us dive into some of these hacks! 

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Some Hacks to Make Our Lives Easier

Some hacks are entirely ridiculous, but then some hacks can really help us make our lives more manageable and a whole lot easier. So if you have the time and some of the ingredients to try these out, then you seriously should because this will elevate the smells of your personal spaces. Now, let us start with this first one... 

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A Citrus Simmer

If you have some lemons, a bunch of rosemary stalks, and a bottle of vanilla extract just lying around your kitchen, then maybe you should try this little hack. You want to heat a pot of water, then slowly add these ingredients into the pot. This will give your homes that citrusy and sweet smell that is very inviting.

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Why it Works

Before diving into making this citrus simmer, you have to make sure that the stove is on its lowest setting and that you constantly add water, or else this can be a fire hazard. This smell is one of the most delicious smells that you can try to create at home using ordinary kitchen products, and your houses will smell so great. 

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Take the Smell From Your Fridge

Now, this is probably one of the easiest and the most straightforward hacks that are on this list. You basically need a jar and an excessive amount of baking soda and maybe some cheesecloth so that your baking soda will not spread outside of the jar; then you have to leave this in your fridge for up to six months! Although, how is this exactly possible?

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Does it Actually Work?

If you wonder what baking soda can do to attract and get rid of the horrid smells in your fridge, it probably has something to do with its molecular compound. Honestly, one of the most versatile and functional products that you always have to have in your home is baking soda.

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Essential Oils and Toilet Papers

This is a hack that can be done all the time, but we would recommend that you only do it whenever you have guests coming over since the smell can be pretty overpowering. Drop some of your favorite essential oils into the inner tube of the toilet paper that is currently hanging in your bathrooms.

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Use this Hack Whenever You Have Guests

Once somebody uses the roll of toilet paper; then it will spin and release the scent you have dropped on its inner tube. This is a great way to diffuse some beautiful fragrance in your bathrooms, especially if you have some special guest—and be sure to use essential oil with a charming scent.

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Keep Your Clothes Drawers Fresh

Another hack that is pretty straightforward and useful is this one: adding some freshness to your clothes drawer by putting in a bar of soap. It does sound a bit weird in a way, but many mothers can vouch for this hack; ask your parents; maybe they might have done this hack as well.

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Do Not Let the Soap Melt

The smell of the bar of soap that will be putting in your clothes drawer will eventually spread out into the clothing inside the drawer. Be careful since some houses can be very humid in the summer. These bars of soap can melt, causing more dirt than you ought to want to clean, so always check it out.

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Some Gel Fresheners

There are air fresheners that take shape in the form of a gel, and sometimes these gel fresheners can really be harmful to people with asthma. So a great alternative is to cook up some gelatine, add in your favorite essential oils, and let it set in a tiny jar that you have lingering around your houses. Although, you have to make sure of this little detail...

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Sometimes, Flavorless is Great

You have to check the flavor of the gelatine packet you will be buying—sometimes, it is excellent to buy the flavorless one to choose the scent you like better. As we all know, a mix of different scents can make other people nauseous, so be careful about that. 

Image Credits: YouTube/HomeHandyHints

Set Up an Indoor Plant Haven

One of the most effortless and most organic alternatives you can use to create an air freshener is to have some plants in your personal spaces. As we all know, plants give off the oxygen that we need to survive, so not only do they smell earthy, they can also give us oxygen! Plus, there is another upside to setting up an indoor plant haven.

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There Are So Many Plants to Choose From

If you want a particular earthy smell, you can always choose the plants you will be setting up in your homes. These plants can be flowery, citrusy, and even woody on the scent; as long as they are plants, you will have no problem—maybe, a bit of watering now and then is the only task you need to do!

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A Reed Diffuser

A reed diffuser is not particularly ‘homemade,’ but it is a better alternative than a scented candle. If you are allergic to certain scents or if you have asthma, then reed diffusers are the way to go—plus, they are not a fire hazard, unlike scented candles are. However, there is one thing that you have to always keep in mind before buying your very own reed diffuser...

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Always Keep This in Mind

You always have to keep in mind that particular scents can be a bit overpowering, so you always have to measure the essential oils you will be putting alongside your reed diffusers. As we all know, too much of everything is essentially a bad thing, so do not go overboard.

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Essential Oils and Mason Jars

This hack is a bit of an upgrade from a previous hack on this list: taking a mason jar and filling it up with baking soda. That is not everything to it because you would need to add drops of essential oil to this concoction for it to work and for your homes to pick up the scents. Although, there is one thing that ultimately differentiates this hack from the other...

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What Differentiates This Hack From the Other?

The other hack that includes a jar and baking soda can be used in your fridge, but this one is not something you can put in your fridge since you will be dropping essential oils in it. As we all know, these scents can stick, and if you put this in your fridge, your food will pick up its fragrance, and nobody likes oil-scented food. So leave this on a countertop or in a dry space.

Image Credits: YouTube/AprilAthena7

Put Dryer Sheets in the Trash

If you have any odor problems when it comes to controlling your trash, this hack might be the perfect solution! Once you have finished cleaning your trash can, dump a couple of dryer sheets in it before you leave a whole new load of trash.

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Who Knew Dryer Sheets Can Be Used for Trash Cans?

Typically, we use dryer sheets whenever we are drying our clothes, but now this can also help us control our trash gives off. Be careful, though; you would not want to put too much because you would still like to smell the food you will be cooking, so a couple of sheets will do the job. 

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Homemade Pomander

If you wonder what a pomander is, then it is just a ‘fancy’ word for a fruit-based air freshener. The thing is, you would need to choose fruit as a base, and you will need to match its smell with herbs and seasonings that you like, then hang it up. It does sound fancy, and it gives a pleasant smell, but what else can it do?

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Pomanders Are Really Great

Not only can a homemade pomander give off such a great smell, but if you choose suitable fruits and herbs, this can also help if you are experiencing some insect problem. It can also act as a natural insect repellent, and the thing is, it will not harm any insects since it is practically organic!

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Eucalyptus in the Shower

Do you feel like the scent in your showers can be slightly elevated, but you have no idea how to do it? Well, why not tie a bunch of eucalyptus sprigs and tie them around your shower head? Eucalyptus has such a wonderful earthy scent, and it can really bring out an appealing scent whenever you need to take a quick shower.

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The Hotter, The Better

When it comes to maximizing the scent of the eucalyptus, then you need to know that hotter showers are so much better than cold ones. Because a hot shower basically gives off steam that makes the eucalyptus produce an even better scent, so keep that in mind.

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Homemade Fabric Softener

This hack is doable, but the thing is, it is not time friendly since it takes a bit more steps than supposed to just buying a store-bought fabric softener. However, if you want to have a more organic and earth-friendly product, mix some scent booster alongside some water and spray away!

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Is Making Your Own Fabric Softener Worth It?

If you have a bit more time in your hands, then you should do this hack. Also, you have to keep in mind that some scent boosters can stain your clothes, so it is vital to test this product out on a piece of rag before going for a big load of laundry.

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Baking Soda and Carpets

Do you ever wonder how to clean your carpets without having to spend dollars on sending them to a cleaner? The trick is in baking soda; you have to sprinkle in some baking soda all over your carpet to get some of the smelly particles away. You also should not worry about the baking soda remnants if you do this next step properly...

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Why We Should Always Have Baking Soda at Home

You might have heard it time and time again, but baking soda is one of the most versatile products that you need to have in your home at all times! Not only is it great for baking, but its deodorizing properties can really help you take the odor off your carpet; plus, after sprinkling the baking soda, vacuum to remove any excess. 

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Scented Vinegar

If you are looking for a great alternative to an acid cleaner, why not use some vinegar? We know how pungent some kinds of vinegar can smell, so it is important to make a scented vinegar cleaner out of fruits and herbs that you have available in your kitchen. However, how does this cleaner exactly work?

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Vinegar Can Work Magic

A certain amount of acid in vinegar’s particles makes it a great acid-based cleaner alternative. The thing is, you really need to choose a scent to pair it with, and it is as if you are not working with vinegar at all! 

Image Credits: YouTube/Good Housekeeping

Coffee and Vanilla

Who does not love the smell of both coffee and vanilla? If you are a sucker for this scent and want your home to smell like a Parisien Cafe, then add in some whole coffee beans in a cup and add vanilla-scented tea lights in the middle of it. The magic works once you light the candle in the middle...

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Straight to Paris

Once you light up the tea lights in the middle, it will warm the coffee beans around it, and this will cause your homes to smell like a cafe in Paris! This is a genius way to liven up the smell of your personal spaces without having to spend a lot of money on fragrances. You have to be careful and always watch the candles since they can be a fire hazard.

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Sometimes we only need to look around our house to find home remedies to make our spaces feel more inviting and smell more comforting. Which of these hacks are you excited to try out first? Let us know by leaving a comment below, and share this article with your family and friends!

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