Amazing Life Hacks With Apples

Jun 25, 2021Ncuthu W

Love them or hate them apples are a highly nutritional and resourceful fruit. You can find them anywhere you go and they can do just about everything. So we're going to take a closer look at the forbidden fruit and also find out exactly why one apple a day keeps the doctor away! Dig in for some life-changing apple hacks!

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Clean Teeth 

Do you want to keep the dentist away too? Make apples are your best friends! The small amounts of acid in apples and fruit fibrous skin work together to keep your teeth bright and white. Awesome isn't it? Apples also make great beauty products!

Image Credits: Pexels/Zen Chung

Apple Face Mask

If you're a beauty fanatic, we've got you covered. Apple face masks help with inflammation and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It's recommended that you should grate your apple and apply it to your face. Let the fruit hydrate your face for 15 minutes and rinse it off with water.

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Tone your thighs

This tip may sound crazy but it works! Whenever you have your next workout, make sure you take an apple with you. All you have to do is place it between your leg and squeeze - before you know it, you'll start shedding weight on your thighs. If you throw this into your exercise routine, leg day will never be the same again, in fact, it will be better! 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Jonathan Borba

Bird Feeder

We have more in common with birds than you think. It turns out that birds love apples too. Bird lovers can slice some apples up, cover them with some peanut butter, stick the slices together and roll some seeds onto the apple sandwiches. This is guaranteed to bring all the birds to the yard! 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Anders Nord

Apple Stamps

Whether you're into arts and crafts or you're looking for a cute way to keep your little ones entertained, apples can help you out with your creativity. All you have to do is cut your apple in half and carve out the seeds so you have a stamp shape. Once you practice more, you'll be able to try out other designs. 

Image Credits: Instagram/brianamwoods

Tealight Apple Candles

Who knew that apples could be turned into candle holders? Also, they're really easy to make. Just use your knife to cut out the core of the fruit and stick your small candle inside. If you're worried about browning, don't fret, cover your apples in olive oil to avoid any discoloration. 

Image Credits: Instagram/ vlasna

Shrunken Apple Heads

Want to get a fresh look for Halloween? Step aside pumpkins - apples are making it big on Halloween. These shrunken apple heads are so adorable. But what's important to remember is that it takes around 2 weeks for the apples to shrink so do start ahead of Halloween. 

Image Credits: Instagram/ instructables

Fruit Carving

We've talked about apple stamping but now it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty with apple carving. Pick any shape or object you would like to carve. It won't be easy so consider this as your artistic challenge. Show your creative side or actually make something for decorations. Either way, you'll have fun.

Image Credits: Instagram/ sai_carvingandcakecreation

Keeps Bread Soft

Apples contain a whole lot of moisture that will come in handy for the next time you bake. All that's required of you is to stick a slice of an apple in the baking container you're using to bake your goods. Another pro tip is that you can use the moisture from apples to loosen brown sugar. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Caroline Veronez

Dried Apples

There are so many ways to enjoy apples, from incorporating them into your desserts and also, having them dried. Since dried apples are preserved, they never go off. So you can have them as a snack, salad topping, or add them to your baking recipe. While apples have great benefits for humans, they're also beneficial to other fruits. 

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Ripen Other Fruit

If you can't wait to dig into some fresh fruit, don't be shy to place them next to an apple. The ethylene gas that apple seeds exhale can make the ripening process of fellow fruits go faster. So you don't have to wait for your green bananas to turn yellow. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Anne Nygard

Potpurri Air Freshener

You no longer have to use the artificial stuff because guess what? You can make your own fresh homemade apple air freshener. All you need is sliced apple, cinnamon sticks, chamomile, vanilla, almond extract, and some warm water. Throw all that in a warm pan and voila!

Image Credits: Instagram/ pocikmeteor

Stack An Apple With Peanut Butter

You can't go wrong with apples and peanut butter. It's healthy and tasty! All you have to do is cut out the core of the apple and slice it up. Smear the peanut butter on each slice and then stack them up like a cake. Simply delicious! Ever wanted to try out a vegan dessert? 

Image Credits: Instagram/rebecca_does_no_carbs

Make A Vegan Apple Berry Crumble

Apple desserts may be delicious but they can be quite risque when you realize the amount of butter and dairy that go into them. So vegan berry crumble is perfect for those who have sweet tooth but also don't want to worry about overdoing an unhealthy treat. See, we've got your back! 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Chelsea shapouri

Apple Tree Decorations 

There's something charming about adding your own crafts to a Christmas tree. Why not mix in some fragrance and creativity to your tree by hanging some dried fruit on there. For example, check out this apple garland from A Smart Mouth. You might even be tempted to leave your tree a bit longer than usual. 

Image Credits: mike / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Add Snap To A Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Who doesn't love a grilled cheese sandwich? Everyone may have their little rendition of a good grilled cheese but hey, you can always switch things up a bit. We recommend you add some sweetness to your savory sandwich with a grilled brie sandwich with apples. 

Image Credits: Helena Jacoba / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Live Longer 

Apples have various health benefits. They contain anti-aging components so essentially they slow down your aging process. They're also packed in fiber which is great for the digestive system. Let's not even get started on all the minerals and vitamins. Not to mention that eating one apple a day keeps your heart healthy. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Natalie Grainger

Tweak Traditional Apple Pie By Adding Maple And Cheddar Cheese

If you enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, welcome to the club! Maple, apple, and cheddar may not sound like a good combo but you've got nothing to lose if you just try it! The greatest recipes often come from a little out-of-the-box thinking. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Priscilla Du Preez

Make An Apple Oatmeal Face Mask

We mentioned earlier that apples are great for reducing inflammation and they have anti-aging properties. But apples also contain alpha-hydroxy acids that work magic on the skin. When you put that together with moisturizing elements of oatmeal, you're going to have fabulous-looking skin.

Image Credits: Unsplash/Melissa Di Rocco

The Apple And Oatmeal Mask 

It's quite simple and easy. Just peel your apple and grate half of it. Mix the grated fruit with one tablespoon of oatmeal, add one teaspoon of yogurt, and one teaspoon of honey. Slather the mixture over your face and let it work its magic for 10 minutes and then rinse it off of your skin with warm water. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Angelos Michalopoulos

Lemon Juice For Freshness

So we've got another tip for how you can keep your apple slices fresh. If you squeeze a little lemon juice over the fruit, it will prevent them from browning and spoiling. Your apples will be well preserved for snacking later. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Mockup Graphics

Make An Apple Dip Dish 

Who knew that apples could serve as edible crockery? We'll tell you how. Slice off the top and remove the core of the apple and create a little bowl. You can add whatever sauce in there and there you have it! An edible dip dish for your convenience. 

Image Credits: Instagram/ kitchengerme

 Make An Apple Teacup

So you can go two ways with this hack. The first is if you feel confident with your carving skills; you can try a fancy teacup design. Or you could just slice the top off of your apple, cut out the core and create the cup. You pour your tea inside and enjoy the flavors. 

Image Credits: Instagram/ arunadacarving

Make An Apple Lantern

Pumpkin carving is so yesterday and not mention quite difficult to manage. This is something easier that you can give a go. Prepare the apple just as you would if you were making a dip bowl. Then use a knife to carve out all your scary faces. Place a tealight inside and you're done! Remember to use big apples for the best results. 

Image Credits: Instagram/ 3springsfruit

Make An Apple Heart

This is great for the kids or spoiling your loved ones. It's also simple and easy, you don't have to do much. All you need is a heart-shaped cookie cutter to help you along the way.  Press the cookie cutter onto your apple to get the shapes out. Anyone would appreciate a gesture this sweet! 

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Apple Donuts 

Donuts are the most glorious sweet treat but they add a lifetime to the hips! Lucky for you we've got an alternative for you. All you need is large apples, cinnamon, eggs, milk, and whatever toppings you'd like on your healthy donuts. This is guaranteed to blow your mind! We think the next will come in handy for everyone. 

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Cut An Apple Without A Knife

This hack is pretty simple and useful. You just have to remove the apple stem and then place your thumbs into the top part of the apple and apply pressure until the apple breaks into two. This is genuinely one of the most amazing DIY tips we've seen in a while. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Klara Kulikova

Beat Motion Sickness

Green apples have been said to be great helpers when it comes to relieving nausea and motion sickness. So whenever you're on a road trip or enjoying a boat ride, be sure to pack your green apple just in case the nausea flares up. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Jony Ariadi

Get Rid Of A Migraine 

Green apples are also amazing for headache relief. We've been telling you so much about their ability to fight inflammation but the scent also helps release tension. So if you're prone to migraines, it's best to keep an apple nearby. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Khamkhor

Make Your Own Cleaner 

We're in an era where people are running away from harmful chemicals. So why not make your own natural antiseptic, and deodorizing cleaner that actually works? Mix apple cider vinegar and water in a spray bottle and you will have made an effective cleaner.

Image Credits: Unsplash/Kaffeebart

The Natural Sweetener

So far, you've probably gathered that apples are a great alternative for sugar. They have a unique taste and contain fructose, which is a healthier choice than sugar and artificial sweeteners. Try using grated apples instead of sugar next time or even add them to your breakfast meal. 

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Treat Your Allergies 

Apples have a chemical called quercetin that helps the immune system reduce the number of histamines it makes during an allergy flare-up. Histamines are responsible for allergic symptoms so limiting them will help relieve the symptoms. Awesome right? 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Diana Polekhina

Make Tasty Doggy Treats 

We're aware of all the different kinds of foods that you shouldn't be feeding your pets but apples are healthy for animals too! In fact, apples are highly recommended for dogs. They are a healthy alternative to processed dog food but make sure you remove the seeds. Apple seeds have cyanide which is poisonous. 

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Flea Treatment 

Apple cider vinegar works really well to get rid of fleas. Mix it with some water and apply it to your pet's coat. Make sure you massage it into the skin. The vinegar will help you avoid any flea issues as it chases them away, how great is that?! 

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Fix Over-Salted Food

Let's say you added too much salt to a dish you prepared. Just slice a few pieces of the fruit and add them to the pot. The apple slices will suck up all the saltiness without messing up the flavors of the meal, what a clever little apple hack! 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis

Roast Juicy Chicken 

Sometimes roasted chicken can come out dry but next time this won't be an issue for you. Put some apple inside the chicken before roasting it. When it's cooked, just throw the fruit out and prepare yourself for the juiciest roasted chicken you've ever had. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Tengyart

Clean Your Oily Hair 

Suffering from oily hair? A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water will go a long way. Do this after you have shampooed and conditioned your hair for the best results. Also, ensure that you've rinsed it out thoroughly. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Curology

Make Decorative Centerpieces 

You can't go wrong with apples as a centerpiece. Fill up a vase with Granny Smith apples, or bright red apples, to craft a beautiful look that will go well with any occasion. You can even create something that looks like an apple bouquet

Image Credits: Instagram/bysy_creations

Create Edible Place Cardholders  

Apples make awesome place cardholders. All you have to do is cut out a leaf shape on some green paper and write the name of your guest. Then place it near the stem of the apple. Easy and creative right? Your guests certainly won't forget this amazing trick. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Olesia Misty

Fight Dandruff 

You can massage apple juice or apple cider vinegar into your scalp after washing your hair. Allow the juices to soak on your scalp for a couple of minutes before you rinse it off with water Wow, who knew that apples could do this?!

Image Credits: Unsplash/Hean Prinsloo

Helps Digestion 

Apples have a fiber called pectin. It's been proven to slow digestion by increasing water and forming a gel that helps you feel full for a longer period of time. This is why it's been said that apples can help you lose weight.

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Add Apples To Your Salads 

Apples are a versatile fruit and they go with almost any salad you can think of. Cortland apples are great for salads because they have tartness, they're crispy and they don't brown easily. Empire apples are a great pick for salads too. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/Mgg Vitchakorn

Cooked Apples 

Cooked apples go really well with proteins such as chicken, pork, or burgers. You can make a side dish with baked apples with butternut squash as well as sweet potatoes or stuffing. You can't leave out the baked dishes. You can go savory or sweet, either is delicious and healthy. 

Image Credits: Unsplash/ jernejkitchen

Soothe Sunburns  

Apple cider vinegar is the master of all tricks. So check this one out. If you drop a bit in your bath or lightly spray it on the areas that are sunburnt. It will relieve any pain and all of the discomforts you may be feeling. If that isn't a wonderful hack, we don't know what is! 

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Now that you know all there is to know about apples, we'd like to hear what you think. Is there anything that you are excited to try? Don't be shy, let us know in the comments. Remember to like the article and share it with your friends.  

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