Try Not To Laugh: Wedding Proposals Gone Wrong!

Jul 09, 2021Rita Kumar

No matter how long the distance and time, still, that special someone might string your heart with a strange feeling of unconditional love! And you might want to shoot those special words— WILL YOU MARRY ME? — and await the response on the spot! But what will you do if things don’t go as planned? These people have walked the extra mile to flatter their partners with their marriage proposals. Alas! Only if this didn’t happen to them…! Confused about what we’re talking about? Well, take a look at this hilarious compilation & you’ll certainly be very cautious the next time you propose someone!

Careful With The Ring!  

You would never ask for something awful to happen in a romantic scene like this, would you?! Though getting down on one knee amidst a picturesque boat-themed proposal is all news for a romantic drama out there, you cannot probably miss the main element— the ring! Sad! But guess this guy had a hard time figuring out how to complete his proposal without a ring!


Knight In Love

When the classic style is fused with modernism, the outcome needn’t always have to be a trendsetting one! While this guy could’ve chosen a cool way to propose to his partner, he preferred to surprise her in a knight makeover. The embarrassing failure not only made him kiss the ground but also spooked the horse! Now that’s what you call an epic proposal disaster!

Never Underestimate The Falls! 

Now, do you get the picture of why picking waterfall as your proposal backdrop is practically a wrong idea? Guess the falls here weren’t just dramatic. They proved to be supervillains in overlapping their conversation. And what more? The poor guy didn’t expect that he would ring the falls instead of his girl! Sigh…!

In The Public Eye

She just said Nooooo! You see, getting down on one knee for a public proposal stint might sound like a good idea. However, it still counts for some embarrassment if the other person isn’t prepared to reciprocate with a green signal. We wonder how he escaped the people and their awkward reaction that day!

Love Is Blind, But You Need To Watch Where You're Going! 

You see, it’s obvious to get swept away with excitement when you know that your special person is down on one knee and on the brink of raising that question. Still, you got to make sure that you watch your steps no matter how far or near you are! By the time this woman realized this simple concept, it was too late!

In Midtown Manhattan, On That Fateful Day... 

Midtown Manhattan, NYC, sure makes a picturesque venue to escape into a dramatic love scene with your partner. But in this case, it just turned out to be a nightmare for this guy. The crowd kept shouting, and the ambiance sounded of excitement. Still, he couldn’t win over his girl’s heart despite being in love! Now that’s a tragic end to the story. Sigh…!

Sorry Honey, I Forgot The Ring! 

When you’ve finally fixed your mind to propose that special person, please make sure you have the ring with you! Otherwise, you might end up shocked and unable to complete your dramatic scene just like this guy. Whatsoever, his girlfriend didn’t mind it, and that somehow paved the way for a happy ending! But you cannot predict the same scenario in all the cases, though!


Sea-themed proposals are a thing, but only if you know how to rule the situation even with all the unpredictable chaos! For this guy, things seemed pretty fine until this happened to him. Ouch! That would’ve certainly hurt, but the rest of the scene might’ve gotten rid of the pain. But tripping down in front of your partner during a momentary occasion like this could be a colossal disaster!

Knock Knock!!! You Have A Parcel!  

This guy’s “Marry me” moment shapeshifted into an ugly fall at his girl’s place! Perhaps, you cannot ask for anything worse than a mighty fall, especially when your partner is watching you. Sometimes, you might have to come up with a safe idea to work out your plan before planting yourself at the scene. Hopefully, he isn’t hurt after what happened! Hmmm…!


No, not everyone will accommodate something like this to take over their moment of joy. A disaster like this is pretty much of everything to ruin the special day you’ve been planning for so long. Guess this man missed noticing that all was indeed not well with the venue, and it shouldn’t surprise you why he’s spooked up like that!

No Means No!

It takes a lot of courage to stage your proposal scene amidst a huge crowd. Well, this man did manage to pull it off like a pro, but in the end, this happened to him. If you’re able to read that look on his face, then you might get an understanding of what went through him that day. Maybe he should’ve given her more time to green signal his wedding plans before staging the proposal!

BOOM! And There Goes The Ring! 

This footage is worth a thousand words, and do we need to say anything about it again?! Boat-themed proposals are sensational hits among couples nowadays. But it still matters how far you are from the forward gear! But by the time this couple realized any of it, it was... Alas! Too late! 

How Long Is This Gonna Take Me???

If something like this happens to either of us, we would never be able to reverse the time and wear the same level of excitement on our faces! This relatable proposal disaster could’ve actually had a happy ending if it hadn’t been for the intruder! Bad enough! This guy’s proposal plan turned out this way, depriving him of every chance he dreamed of making the occasion special!

Will You "MOORY" Me?

If it was certainly “Will you marry me?” then maybe the girl would’ve given a second thought to take things to the next level. But whoever sees “Moory” instead of marry me will go crazy and maybe even walk off with a wild NOOOO! Though the proposal makes for a dramatic scene, the spelling smudged things up for the worse! Sigh…!

Image Credits: Instagram/thejennifertrip

Goodbye Ring... Goodbye! 

Awwwww how sweet! Makes us want to scream awwww again but not for the dramatic scene! From every perspective, this guy has seemingly been planning the proposal for quite a long time. Still, we don’t think that tying the ring to the balloon was a good idea. Did he get back the ring later? Well, we’re not sure about that one, but we’re certain that his dramatic day bombed his dream!

No, I'm Not Ready For This Yet! 

No, please don’t ask us why she ran away like that! You see, it happens! Not everyone will be open to surprises, especially marriage proposals! While some women blush and even cry with a big YES, some prefer to buy more time to take things to the next level with their partner. So, it’s a no-doubter why she escaped the scene like this!

I'm A Disney Princess & Where Is My Ring?

Not just you or me, even Disney princesses will never green signal a proposal that has no ring in it! Though Snow White here looks staged, the guy certainly seems to have some genuine feelings for her. Alas! His move has bombed back, and little did he know that nothing would work out in favor even if you go down on one knee and have no ring! That's sad!

On The Face! 

Whoa! That was fast! Not only did her decision to take things to the next level end in the grocery store, but guess she’s had a hard time fixing the damage caused in her relationship. Sometimes, it’s necessary to understand what the other person perceives you as. It could be love or even genuine friendship. But a wrong move like an unplanned proposal could put a period for the worse.

Watch Out... Behind You...! 

Guess this guy realized that there was no point in screaming on top of the lungs when the waves came knocking! Shore marriage proposals might work wonders, but only if you know to keep a safe distance from the fierce waves. If not, you might as well be prepared to lose the ring, get wet, and end up with a disastrous proposal mishap like this guy!

Way To Go Mother... Way To Go! 

When proposing your partner, it’s always advisable to be very specific about the venue and the people around you. Sometimes, you cannot afford to have too many excited people as they might end up bombing your scene with an unpredictable act. Guess this couple will never forget their proposal, thanks to the overly excited mom!

What On Earth???

Well, now that gives us a thread of doubts and questions! Was the guy her ex-boyfriend or something? Or did he have a breakup flashback and couldn’t digest seeing someone else propose in front of him? Either way, he’s just made the couple’s dramatic proposal a never-to-happen event that day.

Be Careful With Spelling! 

You see, it takes a lot of effort to win a woman’s heart, and it’s not going to be an easy task if you’re planning for a surprise proposal. Honestly, proposals aren’t frequent occasions in our lives, and it makes sense why you should be too careful with your plan. Though everything took off well with this guy’s proposal stints, the girl was worried over just one thing— her name was misspelled!

Oh Boy! That's Sad! 

Public proposals can become unforgettable nightmares when your partner just walks off on you while everyone watches. No matter how hard this guy tried, still, going down on one knee at an eatery seemed to bomb his excitement for eternity. Moreover, the crowd shouting could’ve made her flee from the scene. Either way, guess this man ruined his love life even before it started!

Amidst A Chaotic Backdrop

While everything about this proposal fell in a picture-perfect place, the couple missed noticing the chaos that’s more interesting than their love scene! Sometimes, you have to keep an eye on everything around you and make sure it’s perfect before spilling those words to your partner. Maybe this guy miserably failed on that note!

When Love Is No More Music To The Ears! 

Alas! Love didn’t end up being musical to his ears! Though women love to be swept away by a storm of surprises, it still makes sense why you shouldn’t try to convince them when they’re least interested. Of all the other things that matter, you cannot force a woman into saying yes when she’s actually not! Guess this guy learned his lesson the hard way!

Bad Cameraman!

The next time you’re planning to propose your longtime love interest, we suggest you make sure to hire a proper cameraman to videotape the event. Or you can seek some help from your best friends too! Whatsoever, please make sure that you never hand over the camera to someone who has zero videotaping knowledge!

Unicorns In Love

Well, why would anyone want to immortalize their special day like this? You see, different people have different perceptions of making their proposal a dramatic one. Either the girl likes unicorns, or the guy likes them! Either way, he’s just walked the extra mile to immortalize his proposal by getting into the character!

Image Credits: Instagram/theknot

The Lord Of The Fake Ring!

Hmmm…! He bought that ring in Italy, and it’s $10,000! Guess this guy was lucky enough to propose a girl who’d reciprocate with an equilibrated level of humor. But if you get down to staging a proposal with a fake ring like this, then you’d better be prepared to return home with a patched eye and broken tooth! Wait a minute… does that even look like a ring in the first place? Duh…!

When Ex Shows Up At The Scene

Before you get down on one knee and shoot the question to your partner, it’s advisable to make sure that none of his or her partners of the past are present at the venue! Sometimes, you can expect unpredicted interruptions during your proposal. It could be a fight in the backdrop, or a football to your face, or even an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend who’d bomb your scene with their weird antics!


No matter how hard you try to look at the couple who’s having their dramatic proposal scene, you cannot forgo awing the cuteness here! Snapping a picture-perfect photobombed proposal might turn out to be a memorable wonder only if the intrusive element is adorable, just like this hawk!

Image Credits: Instagram/flight_risk_22

Who Let The Kid Out?

Proposing the girl or boy of your dreams might seem like an easy task. Perhaps, some of us might put ourselves to sleep with positive vibes erupting from all corners. However, you’ve got to make sure that the venue you choose for staging your proposal is free from interruptions! It could be anything, even a kid like the little villain here!

It's Just Not Happening Here! 

No one will ever like it when someone walks in and halts their wedding proposal that could’ve otherwise had a happy ending. To make the best of your special day, you got to be sure that you stick to proposing to your loved one where there’s almost no crowd or disturbance-causing factors. Whatsoever, this guy’s proposal turned out to be unforgettable and utterly incomplete!

And She Tumbled Down! 

Who wouldn’t love a mind-boggling proposal while you’re being watched by thousands among the crowd? But if it turns out to be an ice rink, then you have to cross your fingers and hope that things work the way you planned, precisely without a fall! But before this couple realized any of this, it was too late & you know why!

Overly Excited

Sometimes, your playful and easy-going attitude might take a toll on you when you least expect it! Guess this guy fits the barrel perfectly in this criterion. Though he planned a picturesque proposal scene, he never saw what was coming for him that day! No matter how hard you dream about your “Will you marry me?” scene, you have to be ready to encounter either an overly excited partner or too shocked to believe one or a blend of the two at the scene!

It's The Kid Again! 

Before you go down on one knee to stage your proposal, make sure there are no kids around the place! If not, your special day could turn out to be an irreversible nightmare that’s too cute yet intrusive for all the wrong reasons! Despite being successful with his proposal stint, this guy’s special moment has been invaded by this kid!

No Love, No Proposals, No Intruders... Simple! 

That’s a big NO! Perhaps, no one will ever want to get their special moment bombed by someone like this. Though intrusive circumstances like this while proposing someone isn’t that uncommon, it still makes a colossal impact on the footage or photo you’re taking to immortalize the moment. Guess this couple is going to have the cowboy in their proposal video for eternity!

Never Ever! 

Now that’s a dirty way to propose to someone! Though not many will like the idea of writing a proposal like this, someone has seemingly done it for real! What more? Whoever he or she was proposing has even replied with a straightforward rejection on the same frame! Honestly, no one will ever give a green signal to an awkward proposal like this, so it shouldn’t surprise you why the blunt “NO” is there!

Image Credits: Instagram/that_ramon

Uh-Huh... Not Again! 

Well, that’s what you call a coincidence! Though the girl could’ve tripped seconds earlier, or the guy could have gone down on one knee a bit later, fate hastily brought them together like this! It’s quite evident that a proposal packs some fear deep down, but several intrusions and petty chaos are always there to test your faith on time and love!

She's Got A Reason To Get Mad At Him! 

To anyone who has experienced this scene in their lives, trust us, it’s not so easy to forget what you were thinking on the spot! However, from every angle, this guy has seemingly gone down on one knee to give his girl the most nightmarish surprise of her life! But he had to just pretend that he is not proposing by doing this in the end! We wonder whether she got mad at him later! Well, you may never know!

Ring Matters!

When you’ve fixed your mind to propose your love interest, the first thing that would strike your mind apart from flowers and chocolates is obviously a ring! But what happens when you bring a fake ring to the scene? Though this guy used a balloon ring to woo his girl, still, genuine diamond solitaire matters the most, right?!

Image Credits: Instagram/howtheyasked

Gone Live Too Soon! 

Did this happen for real? Well, yes it did, and it was on live TV too! We’re not sure what happened to them later, but we’re sure that the news anchor didn’t like it a bit! Guess love blindfolded this guy who didn’t think twice before getting his proposal antics broadcasted on live TV. Well, what do you think? Did she say yes or…?!


Finally, this is why we emphasize why you shouldn’t stage a public proposal! The humiliation might take a huge toll on you apart from the rejection, just in case. Whether this guy managed to find another girl or not, this incident would remain an immortal embarrassment that might make him think twice before exhibiting another public proposal stint again!

While some of you can’t wait any longer to green signal your proposal plans, some might have already moved to the next level in the love scene! No matter what, these proposal mishaps aren’t just epic failures, but are a handful of relatable ordeals that are too hilarious to leave without a smile! Have you seen anyone propose in a way that left you in pure splits? Let us know more about your experience and thoughts in our comments section! And please don’t forget to share this article with all your friends, especially those whom you know are going to propose to someone anytime soon!

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