The Women of Two and A Half Men

Jul 31, 2021James Montalvo

Who would forget Two and a Half Men? The show lasted for 12 seasons and it became one of the most popular sitcoms in recent memory. Over the course of the hit sitcom, dozens upon dozens of Hollywood's top television actresses made appearances. Do you remember who they were? If you are curious where they could be now, well, here is a look back at those amazing actors and what they're doing now.

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Starting us off is someone you'll definitely recognize because of her more recent exploits. However, on the show, Alan plans a double date, and that's how Charlie meets Linda. He is immediately attracted to her, but she didn't feel the same way. That is why she turns him down and keeps on rejecting him. To his surprise, she is the judge of his when he was caught DUI. She then gave him a shot after, but their little romance did not last too long.

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Ming-Na Wen is the amazing actress who voiced Mulan in the 1998 animated movie. She also returns for a cameo in the live-action recent remake of the movie. Her other movies are Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-it Ralph 2, SGU Stargate Universe, Sofia the First, and Eureka. She and her husband Eric Michael Zee were married in 1995. These days you'll see her in The Mandalorian.

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When Mandi was introduced to the show, Kandi and Alan were married. Mandi came to Charlie’s house looking for her daughter during her visit, but then she ended up hitting it off instantly with Charlie. She actually looked attractive and much younger than she really was. Many people mistake her daughter for her sister. Alan, however, is not happy to see his brother and mother-in-law starting to get close.

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Gail played the role of Helen Pryor in the TV show American Dreams before being a part of the sitcom. She has a lot of TV show and movie appearances just like her role in Ms. Fields in the horror film Lycan and Stevie Grayson in the show Revenge. The 54-year-old actress continues to try her luck in love despite being married 6 times. No giving up on love, indeed. 

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Alan thought he finally found the one when he met Paula at a nightclub. They seem to get well instantly. Paula confessed that she was Paul before the operation but Alan did not mind it. They both started dating. Paula told him that she is up for an open relationship and that she can date her ex-wife Rachel. However, they ended the relationship when Paula kissed Rachel. They realized they were still in love with each other and Alan was left alone.

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After appearing on the show, she got opportunities in various series. She played Barbara Wilkerson in the series Murder in the First and Lora Fuller on Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street. She married the famous Fabrizio in Titanic, Danny Nucci. They both share 12 years of wonderful marriage with their adorable daughter.

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Alan met Shannon at his ex-wife's wedding. They made out on the wedding day and figured out that she is the groom's ex-fiance. They don't mean to do anything else more than kissing, however, they had a common agenda which is to make the newlywed jealous. They pretended to make love and made a real scene. Shannon even yelled Alan’s name, with the hope to make Herb jealous. However, this was a failed mission. 

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After appearing once on the sitcom, Tammy had a role on the soap opera The Young and the Restless. She also appeared in one episode of Criminal minds in 2014. Nothing much in her acting career. However, this 48-year-old has been married to Guri Weinberg since 1997 and very happy with it until now. 

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Charity is Alan's high school sweetheart and when Alan found Charlie is dating her, he decided he wanted revenge. He tried to get with Charlie’s then-girlfriend, Gabrielle, but it was too uncomfortable so he went home. When Charlie got home, he found his brother with Charity and Charlie declared that they were even. 

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Justine has not been granted so many acting roles. But after her minor role on Two and a Half Men, she appeared in an episode of CSI: Miami, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and voiced several characters in the video game Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Her marriage with actor/screenwriter John Allen Nelson since 2007 is going strong.

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Walden came to a point where he wanted to adopt a child to give his life more meaning. He even convinced Alan to pretend they were gay so they could be granted easily for the adoption. Ms. McMartin was a social worker who helped them adopt a 6-year-old boy named Louis. However, when she finds out that they lied to her, she takes back Louis. Alan tries to convince her to give them Louis by sleeping with her. When she saw how comfortable Louis is with them, she eventually granted the adoption.

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Maggie's character is doing well even before the sitcom. She also appeared in Angel from Hell, The Great Indoors, and O’Hara in Psych which she played Juliet. This 37-year-old actress married actor Ben Koldyke, who is best known for his role as Mr. Robinson in A Las Vegas Wedding in 2015.  

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Charlie and Miss Pasternak first met when she suspended Jake for giving her the bad finger. Then, the two started dating not so long after and the impact of this for Jake is quite good. However, he earns these good grades without even exerting any effort. Things got messed up when the teacher revealed that she has been in serious trouble that resulted in her being banned from her old profession. Charlie then ended their relationship when he realized that she was suffering from mental illness. This made her venture into dancing to earn a living. 

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This marvelous actress had a lot more projects with her great acting. She has been a part of several famous TV shows such as My Name is Earl, Two Broke Girls, Mad About You, Another Period, Bordertown and The Soul Man, both in 2016, Impulse in 2018, Dirty John in 2020, Friends, and Mom in 2017. Acting has been the field she loved the most, however, she also became interested and passionate about music. In fact, she has been a member of the famous country-rock duo Smith & Pyle. However, her love life is not as successful as her career. She had been married and divorced twice over the years. Maybe she hasn't found the one yet. 

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Known to be Alan’s ex-wife, Judy has been consistently on the show. The former couple had an unusual relationship while trying their very best to raise their son Jake. They often argue about a lot of things including child support and her spending on luxury goods and cosmetic surgery. When Judith fell in love with Jake's doctor, things got more complicated. But then she figured out that he was cheating on her and they finally divorced.

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After the show ended, Hinkle has been a part of a lot more projects including Deception in 2013 and Speechless from 2016 to 2019. She also has played Rose Weissman in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel since 2017 and Janice Gilpin in 2017’s Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and 2019’s Jumanji: The Next Level. She has a loving son named Ben with her husband Randall which she met in 1992. 

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Dance teacher Mia casually made her way in and out of Charlie’s life. Charlie seems to like the chasing game and that is what happened to the case of Mia. He even learned to dance just to get closer to her. Mia set some conditions just like he had to quit his bad habits to date her. When she found out that Charlie is still indulging in his vices, she decided to leave him. Later on, she came back in hopes to have a child with Charlie. He then proposes to her and they travel to Las Vegas. However, they ended their relationship when she learned that Alan would not move out to Charlie's home. 

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Now, the 43-year-old Candian actress continued to star in well-known TV shows and movies just like her role as Det. Jessica Angell on CSI: NY between 2006 and 2009. Other recurring roles for her have included parts on Lost Girl, Mistresses, and Rogue. She also had guests on countless TV series such as Supernatural and Hawaii Five-0. Her current appearance is with MacGyver and the thriller Expectant. Her Instagram has numerous updates on her new roles to selfies and shots from her hobby as an equestrian and everything else she does. You must check it out. 

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Evelyn Harper is Charlie and Alan's neglectful, unloving, and perfectionist mother. She appeared in every season of the show, for a total of 101 episodes. She is the only person who can give a piece of advice to her sons that’s why they grew to hate her and call her "satan". She is known for having numerous rich and old former husbands, most of them are already dead. Evelyn does whatever she wants, whenever and wherever, and doesn't go out of her way to be kind to her two boys or her grandson. Still, her character adds color to the show.

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Holland Taylor is a high profile and already successful actress even before the show. She appeared in countless movie classics, including George of the Jungle, The Truman Show, and Legally Blonde, but is best known for her television work like All My Children, Bosom Buddies, Kojak, The Practice, ER, and Ally McBeal. Evelyn Harper also starred in Mr. Mercedes from 2017 to 2019 and the 2020 movie To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You. She received her eighth Emmy nomination in 2020 for her role in Hollywood. And with regards to her love life, Taylor has been in a relationship with Sarah Paulson since 2015.

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How can we forget about the weird stalking neighbor Rose? She made the film more exciting with her persistent attitude. She refuses to take no for an answer and keeps on stalking him almost every single day. Luckily she got a shot with Charlie and she developed an obsession after what happened to them one night. It might be a one-time thing for Charlie but it is a big deal for her. Charlie ended up agreeing to marry her before they ran off to Paris. Unluckily, he died before they could exchange their vows.

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This woman is just like any other woman on this list who is a well-established actress even before the show started. Melanie started acting at the age of 17 in Heavenly Creatures. Since then, she has landed a variety of roles, including the role of Lurlynn in Sweet Home Alabama opposite Reese Witherspoon. She has been once married to Simpson but they ended their marriage after seven years. Lynskey is now married to Jason Ritter and happily living their life with their daughter.

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Chelsea is a pretty and cunning woman. This might be the reason why Charlie ends up falling for her. She becomes the first woman to whom Charlie sincerely confesses his love without a doubt. They even got engaged and almost married. However, Chelsea broke up with Charlie when she realized she loves Alan's lawyer. Charlie also ends up sleeping with her best friend and college roommate, Gail which made it even. 

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Taylor is a star who has guest roles on shows like Charmed, Las Vegas, Ghost Whisperer, NCIS, Shameless and more. She also appeared in numerous shows like The Young and the Restless and the 2019 film In Bed With A Killer. She is currently living happily with her husband, the songwriter Paul Taylor and their two lovely children. Despite her on-hands parenting, she continues to act, model, and even dabbles in archery. 

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Charlie feels like Sherri is the female version of himself. He thought that she is the one, however, Sheri kept playing hard to get all the time while they were dating that made Charlie tired of it. He eventually broke up with her but when they bump into each other at an optician, Alan asks her out again. It doesn’t last long, though, and they ultimately decided to break up for good.

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Jeri Ryan has numerous projects such as Leverage, Body of Proof, Helix, Major Crimes, and currently Amazon Prime’s hit series, Bosch. But she's best known for her role on Star Trek: Voyager as Borg Seven of Nine. This role landed her a Saturn Award. This 49-year-old actress married French chef, Christophe Eme in 2007 and the couple now has two children.

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Gretchen was the sister of Lyndsey’s fiance who Alan wanted to impress a lot. He even goes to the extent that she even lied that he owns the apartment and a lot more. He continually goes by his alter-ego Jeff Strongman and gets carried away with his new identity, enjoying every bit of life he says. One day, Gretchen opens up to him about how her ex-husband lied to her all the time. That's when Alan finally confessed and she decided to leave him after knowing the truth. 

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She is an actress who has been doing a lot of projects even before her role as Gretchen Martin in the show. She is also a producer, known for Father of the Bride in 1991, According to Jim in 2001, and Shade in 2006. She has been married to Brad Paisley since 2003. And they both share two wonderful children.

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Bertha is one of the most favorite female characters in the show. Even if she is a cynical housekeeper who worked when and how she wanted, she was still loved and enjoyed by everybody. She never got fired for some reason despite she's always making fun of Charlie and Alan. After Charlie’s unfortunate death, Walden still hires her to be his housekeeper and she gladly accepts.

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Conchata is a marvelous character, no wonder why she won two-time outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series nominee at the Primetime Emmys. Before her death in October 2020, the 74-year-old actress continued to act and was a part of different tv shows, movies, and even on Broadway. She was happily married to fellow actor Arnie Anderson and has a daughter. 

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Charlie's mother got engaged to a guy named Teddy, which is Courtney's father, and yet the two still dated. Alan warned his brother that she seems like a sociopath but Charlie didn’t care anyway. Eventually, she was able to convince Charlie to lend her some money and buy her a Ferrari. When he decides to propose, he finds out that her real name is Sylvia and that she and Teddy are con-artists. In fact, they were actually lovers and both ended up in prison. Charlie was still happy to have her back. However, she kept conning him, that's why they finally broke up for good.

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Jenny was a famous star long before she appeared on Two and a Half Men. She is an ex-playboy bunny who even had her own TV show in the 90s. This bombshell blonde was even once married to Jim Carrey but they ended their marriage in 2010. She was also in Return of the Mack, where she acts alongside her real-life husband, Donnie Wahlberg, who founded this famous 80s boy band. She also became a writer and an activist. 

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Liz is Alan’s ex-wife’s sister that made their relationship even messier. When Alan and Judith got married, Liz once went out with Charlie but somehow doesn’t remember him. At Jake’s 11th birthday party, she upset her sister when she tried on hitting Alan. Then a confession burst out that Alan first asked Liz out before Judith. They were both upset with each other and went to their rooms. However, neither of the sisters went through with it.

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After her appearance in the sitcom, she got a role of a lifetime on the long-running TV show Desperate Housewives playing one of the main characters, Susan Mayer for 8 years. She then continued to appear in TV shows such as The Odd Couple where she played Charlotte and the show Supergirl. This 52-year-old actress was married two times, but both marriages failed and she is now single. Not so much luck in love, we guess. 

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We get to realize Jake is just like his father. Jake dated Tammy, a mother of three and a tattoo parlor owner. When he introduced her to his dad, Alan disapproved because of their age gap. Their relationship eventually fell apart after she found out that Jake went out with one of her Daughters, Ashley. Aside from that, Tammy also went out with Walden somehow, so it was all messed up for them. 

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Jaime is already quite popular and has appeared in movies such as Not Another Teen Movie and I Love you, Man, even before the sitcom. She also played Annie Watson in I Hate My Teenage Daughter for two years and had been on the CBS show Mom where she’s playing Jill Kendall. However, she seems to have shifted her focus to a TV show recently. This impressive actress has been nominated for a Golden Globe and an Emmy. 

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The girl who got around is the 22-year-old Kandi. She first was with Carlie, then with Alan, and then Judith’s divorce lawyer. When they went to Las Vegas, Alan married her and they live together. But when Kandi got her dream acting job on a detective show, she eventually broke up with him for various reasons. It was mainly because she didn’t want to have kids and just wanted to chase her dreams instead.

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April is now 37 years old and continues to accept acting projects. After the show, she had minor roles in TV shows like Mom and The Big Bang Theory. Aside from these, she was also a part of Love me or Else. The actress was also famous for dating the famous singer Josh Groban. But now, she is still single. 

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Bridget is the person behind why Walden wanted to commit suicide when we first meet him. She was Walden's ex-wife that he desperately wanted back. However, she thinks he was too immature and refused to take him back. Bridget changes her mind when she finds out that Walden is already dating Zooey. She went to the beach house trying to win him back but she was rejected so drove mad and crashed her car into his house.

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This actress is so talented that she manages to be very busy now that she's 42. She had a long line up of acting and non-acting jobs since finishing the show. She was the casting director for the 2015 movie Entourage and recently voiced for a children’s animated TV show called Story Bots. She has also voiced a character in the FX animated comedy Archer since 2009 and was a cast in the newest remake of Halloween, a classic horror movie. She even published a book titled I Don’t Know What You Know Me From Confessions of a Co-Star.

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Zoey is the first serious girlfriend that Walden dated after his divorce from Bridget. She was a British beautiful single mom that the audience was so thrilled about. He did propose to her but she said no. It was found out later on that this was because she was cheating. Walden gave Zoey’s daughter a destructive dog for her birthday for his revenge.

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The British actress got a job voicing a character on Disney’s animated show Milo Murphy’s Law after the sitcom. She also became a part of Thrust. She is married to Lord Frederick Windsor, who is actually the son of Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin. This made her the most high profile lady on this list. 

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Wanda appeared only once in the show. She was said to be a woman who Charlie had ventured away with to Las Vegas. This is because Jake had a poster of her on his wall. She caused a scene by showing up drunk at his house and tried to pursue him again. However, Charlie is already with Chelsea at that time so he resists and tries to push her to leave the house. And she did, finally putting an end to being a temptress of Charlie.

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The former Guess model is now 37 years old and still acting. She has continued to appear in different films and TV series. She has been a part of Law & Order: SVU, Bent, Shameless (in 4 episodes as "Meg"), Casual, and Telenovela. Her relationship with female comedian Mav Viola is no secret.

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You might have noticed that some of the famous stars of today have been once a part of the show. If you miss them, you are surely not alone. This show reminds us of a lot of things in the past and a lot more good and humorous shows. As these women get old, their physique might also have changed but their remarkable talents and acting continue to linger in our memory, now and forever. 

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