Hilarious Signboards That Scream “BEWARE OR ELSE...”

Aug 08, 2021Rita Kumar

Some people have just gotten hard-headed in keeping uninvited people off their territory with their out-of-the-world warning signs! While these signs pave the way for mild laughter, still, guess most of the wordings erupt an inner meaning that’s best known to these owners, landlords, and site managers! What are you waiting for, take a look & indulge in some laughter! 

Image Credits: Instagram/lumpysgarage

He Means It

How good is a day out shopping in the mall only to return to a vehicle that no longer exists! Well, guess this warning depicts the right amount of everything to unruly people who halt their car in no-parking zones. And, for those with unauthorized car parkers, guess this warning is going to cost them too much just in case they fail to follow or even read it!

Image Credits: Instagram/itsgrampadale

The Maze

They’ve promised that every Thursday rescuers will hoard the place to bring out at least two-thirds of those lost in here! We wonder what people will eat in case they’re stuck in this corn maze for a week or so. Well, this spooky cornfield just reminds us of the 2011 horror-thriller, Husk. Don’t you think so?!

Image Credits: Reddit/Thisisminemind

What…? Are You Kidding Me?

Now, this makes a clear warning that no one is allowed to take a humble seat on the pew. However, the authorities have elegantly used the Holy verses to make visitors understand that they’re not allowed to cross the lane now or ever, at least till the next announcement is made. Sigh! 

Image Credits: Instagram/squared_pegs_

Forget The Dog, Beware Of The Owner!

Guess this grandma is fiercer than her dog. Maybe she doesn’t like the company of uninvited visitors at her place. From our perspective, looks like she already has a dog but isn’t willing enough to let trespassers in at any cost. So, in the end, she’s decided to publicize herself as the most ferocious granny whom trespassers need to be scared of!

Image Credits: Instagram/rachel_outandabout

Not Really!

Whoever nailed this warning sign to the wall means it. And it utterly suits parents who just don’t care what or where their kids are while shopping and whatnot. Though whatever has been mentioned on the warning isn’t going to happen for real, it still proves the point that unsupervised children need equal attention and care.

Image Credits: Instagram/austrianstacker

Someone Is Aggressive!

We’re not sure whether this is a secret trick to attract visitors to their underground parking facility. But whatever made a goose turn into an aggressive threat in the locale? If the board has it, then guess there’s indeed a ferocious goose on the loose and visitors need to stay alert by all means!

Image Credits: Instagram/mapl2810

Forget Napping Under A Tree

How nice it would be to enjoy a sun-kissed nap under a coconut tree after a heavy lunch! But after eyeing this warning, we’re not going to even dream about napping under fruit trees, and definitely not coconut tree! Just imagine waking up to hard blows on the head in the middle of a heavenly slumber. By the way, tender coconuts aren’t that tender either, definitely not on our heads!

Image Credits: Instagram/franinkl

The Chucky Sisters

Well, guess this owner is daring at heart and wouldn’t mind a bit to show who’s the boss when it comes to dealing with intruders. We’re not sure if Chucky is in there in that property, but guess his sisters are always on the lookout for trespassers! But what if someone steals the dolls and even that stone slab? Possibilities are infinite, right?!

Image Credits: Instagram/shadia_joon

Only In Australia

Apart from being one of the most alluring tourist destinations in the world, Australia is also home to abundant wildlife, most of which don’t exist anywhere else on the planet. And this signboard is the proof of it all! Forget the snake, right now, we’re really spooked by the Tarantula. Oh my goodness, there are gators too. Never miss this warning on your next trip to Australia! Sigh…! 

Image Credits: Imgur/BlackDeathZombieSwede

Quit Stealing Underpants

Guess quite a lot of shoplifting has been going on in this cloth store. While most of the garment stores have trial room facilities, some people don’t mind wearing them and even leave without getting caught. Maybe too many undies were missing and that’s when this store owner realized what he has to do next to stop people stealing more pairs from the store!

Image Credits: Instagram/kookykitsch


We’re not able to come to a meaningful conclusion about why this signboard is erected here! Maybe it’s a way of warning visitors to keep a distance from hippos. Anyway, who would want to go near a hippo and get showered like this! Guess it’s the apparent splatter zone no one would want to enter at any cost! 

Image Credits: Instagram/beans6385

And They Came Tumbling Down! 

First, we thought that whoever glued this warning to the wall is caring towards their visitors. But what we read further made us say— What, seriously?! Though the person who’s behind this warning doesn’t want anyone to tumble down the stairs, he’s still emphasized that they fall fabulously in case they miss a step or two!

Image Credits: Instagram/bfm.90

Who Wants To Get Manured?

Looks like this gardener has had enough trouble with trespassers! He has kept his warning sign short, precise, and to the point. That accounts for more trouble, especially if trespassers lurk into his property in plain sight. No one will want to end up becoming manure for someone’s garden! Though the sign makes us laugh, who knows, the gardener might mean what he’s erected!

Image Credits: Instagram/geoff_photos

Never Upset Boo…

Not only is this venue under 24-hour surveillance, but it also flaunts a weird warning that isn’t likely to sit well with many of us! If you’re not a horror fan already, then forget the pleasant view from here. You just got to focus on keeping the invisible buddies from getting upset. Well, if you ask us, we would never break into a scenery like this! 

Image Credits: Instagram/exuviameadows

Someone Is Hungry

This property owner has found a unique way to get rid of trespassers. Not only has he welcomed uninvited visitors, but he has also given a smart twist to his warning. Guess his dog’s appetite is way better with a bowl of pet food than…you know…! After reading this, no trespasser will dare to enter his premises, at least, not when the owner’s dog is in near sight!

Image Credits: Instagram/brenda_mcqueen_neil

The Possibilities Are Endless

Who will dare to enter this premise after reading this warning sign?! The owner has at last found a way to keep trespassers far from his territory and he can’t thank his “unsupervised” dog enough for keeping guard 24/7! And not just that, the possibilities are endless in this scene and it could mean anything, unlimited and ghastly!

Image Credits: Instagram/zenwolfdog

Don’t Count On Hugs Here

Guess this site manager has scavenged a unique way to keep uninvited folks at bay despite making some grammatical mistakes! For whoever sees the hug part mentioned in this warning might get too carried away. But we hope trespassers took note of the word “Hideously” mentioned on the warning sign and it’s not going to be pleasant in any way either!

Image Credits: Instagram/m.mollie

Think Twice

Now that’s what we call the ultimate warning sign. Though it looks funny, guess the garage owner means every word he has captioned on the board. Don’t you think that this sign is a gateway to more trouble if trespassers continue to break into the place behind the owner’s back?! Well, in that case, they just got to be sure of what’s going to happen next if the owner finds out! 

Image Credits: Instagram/lumpysgarage

What? No Way…

Forget the dog squad, this property is protected by chickens. And not just ordinary chickens, “highly-trained” ones! We wonder how this owner has managed to train his chickens to take care of that huge property in the background. Well, you cannot underestimate chicken power and maybe these feather warriors could prove you wrong by all odd means!

Image Credits: Instagram/hensingtonmanor

The Ultimate Warning

After reading this, guess no one will dare to throw things at the crocs. But in case they continue to repeat their unruly behavior, the authorities know what to do with them! We really don’t understand what urges people to throw things at animals, especially the ones in the zoo. Well, we can only wait for some headlines just in case someone is sent to the croc ranch to retrieve their thrown item back!

Image Credits: Instagram/imparfaitementheureuse

It’s For The Sprinters

No one is going to trespass this property, at least, not until they learn to beat Usain Bolt! We really wonder about the consequences if the trespasser doesn’t make it before nine seconds across this farm. Sadly, the aftermath of sneaking into someone else’s property is going to be too heavy for the intruder, especially from behind! 

Image Credits: Instagram/arodriols


Looks like this landlord is done enough with scattered wheelie bins and trash around his premises. How absurd it is to even think of leaving trash on someone else’s property. Well, some people don’t get it straight and that’s why such signboards and warning notices are erected to remind them who’s got the brains! Agreed— landlord here has gotten a bit smarter than the pollutants around him!

Image Credits: Instagram/beerandcoddiwomble

Someone Is Looking For A Free Proofreader

Now, this property owner is seemingly a writer and we bet his screenplay flips over hundreds of pages. Instead of going the rude way, he’s managed to keep intruders off his premises by warning them this way. Well, guess it’s better to stay off the boundary than proofreading so much for free.

Image Credits: Instagram/delainamwaldron

The Last Three Words…

From the look of it, guess this property is authentic and brushed with a vintage flavor from all sides. But it suits well in our imagination as no one can ever make it into the property now or ever! The owner strictly emphasizes that his premises are under the surveillance of two bad wolves and he means what he’s captioned!

Image Credits: Instagram/lovecoversdesigns

No Finger Food Please

It’s an obvious act that people don’t keep their hands to themselves while visiting a zoo. Perhaps, some tend to get too carried away with the wilderness and even try to touch them. But what if the animal on the other end of the cage snacks on the fingers? Well, this sign might look funny, but just think about the consequences!

Image Credits: Instagram/shikari_shambhoo

No Stealing…Better Behave!

Who knows— this shopkeeper might’ve dealt with too many shoplifters in the past! Guess that’s why he didn’t think twice before gluing that short and not-so-sweet notice on the window. Now, who would dare to sneak out with something and pay double the price? Duh!

Image Credits: Instagram/theresesvanevikdanielsen


A picturesque setting like this is good enough to attract our attention and compel us to take some stunning pics and videos. But for aerial views, guess no one will dare to take their drone cams owing to the bee problem here. We wonder whether bees are disturbed only by drones or even visitors. Well, as long as no one pelts their hive, guess things will seemingly be safe without a sting!

Image Credits: Reddit/skittlesbian

Well, No Comments!

We wonder whether this owner keeps account of who passes through his property. Guess he has some updated technology and surveillance system to monitor trespassers who don’t shut the gate, or else he’s going to face a lot of hassle in collecting his fine! We wonder what the owner will do if someone sneaks away without his notice! 

Image Credits: Instagram/33linden


Do you believe in re-birth? Well, we’re not sure about that concept either! But according to whoever put up this signboard, only those who believe in re-incarnation are allowed to go near the big cats. It’s a risky attempt to go near these massive felines, and some people just don’t understand the danger even a bit. In that case, warning signs like this will continue to emerge in almost every wildlife sanctuary!

Image Credits: Instagram/queensindian

The Goat Thief

You see, someone has been lifting this woman’s goat every other night. That’s when she decided to warn the thief to stay away from her goats. Still, her warning has ended up being too sweet and we only hope that the goat robber has quit lifting the animals from their pen! But wait, what if he is up next to steal this colorful warning sign? Well, you may not know what's up with robbers! 

Image Credits: Instagram/tomofsears

Gators On Duty

Who would ever want to risk their everything in falling bait to gators?! Contrary to belief, guess visitors in this zoo have gone to the extreme to disturb the reptiles by all odd means. Now we understand the inner meaning behind this otherwise funny sign. However, we're skeptical about whether people stopped climbing the walls and barriers after reading this sign! 

Image Credits: Instagram/ryantberry91

No, It’s Not The Real Frogs! 

No one will dare to break into this property after eyeing this warning sign. We really wonder what the owner means by “frogs!” And not just ordinary ones, these are 25 giant leaping frogs! With a colossal number on guard duty, we only hope that no one crosses the limits with this property owner and his territory!

Image Credits: Instagram/him_83

He’s Got The Aim

It starts with a plain hi and goes on to scare whoever the dog owner is! Well, no one would want to be darted this way. Did you see that— he also claims that he’s got a good aim too? We only hope that this dog owner obeys the warning or else he’s going to have some tough time with his neighbor!

Image Credits: Instagram/e3ltd

Or Else…

Though this trail looks like a picturesque setting, like other property owners, this guy is not so welcoming towards trespassers. And this signboard is the ultimate proof of it all. Does that mean that there’s no further entry into the premises? Well, maybe, or else the consequences are going to be really unthinkable according to him!

Image Credits: Instagram/theartofangel

What’s The Choice?

The consequences of not obeying this warning are seemingly going to be quite heavy and unforgettable! We wonder what’s keeping the owner busy that he’s just made it a point to exhibit a warning sign like this. Well, maybe he’s just not into considering any more disturbances and has come up with this idea to enjoy his space. Sigh…!

Image Credits: Instagram/jane.tyler.10

Falling Goats? Duh…! 

There’s so much in this signboard apart from hilariousness. You see, wild animals, especially big cats, always store some leftovers from their catch on trees. So, if you’re in the middle of an adventure in the woods and think of taking a nap under a tree, you can expect a goat on your lap anytime soon!

Image Credits: Instagram/matthew.glass

Er, What?

We really wonder if that’s how the blind curve is denoted on a signboard. Well, it makes no sense to us and even the person snapped holding it seems thoroughly spilled out by it. Is it about blind people walking on the curve? Or is the curve blind? Either way, the illustration erected on the signboard is utterly outlandish!

Image Credits: Instagram/codyozz

Dragon Monkey!

Speaking of woods, you can imagine all kinds of animals and birds there. But this signboard seems to warn visitors of either monkeys or birds. But wait for a second, is the monkey having wings, or is the bird having limbs and a long tail? Is it a dragon monkey by the way? You may never know what lives in the jungle, so you just got to be sure!

Image Credits: Instagram/north6682

You Break It, You Buy It!

How awry it would be to pay for something that slipped off your grip and shattered on the floor. While some shopkeepers forgive when you break something unknowingly, this shopkeeper has decided to teach shoppers a lesson if they break things around. Well, makes sense but guess people will be more careful while holding these ceramic pieces. And some will also try shopping somewhere else that’s void of such warnings! 

Image Credits: Instagram/melee757

Alright, Where’s The Fence?

The gate is closed and everything abides by the owner’s warning. But we have a question— where is the fence? We rubbed our eyes twice, thrice, and counting, but are still not able to see any fence here. Are our eyes deceiving us or are you able to see what we’re not able to spot? Well, if you’re able to spot any fence here, please let us know! 

Image Credits: Instagram/sighert

Free Ride Anyone?

Stealing things is a big offense. Alright, that’s precisely what this shopkeeper is trying to tell people who're planning to shoplift things from his stall. Now since the ride is free, shoppers still have to decide whether they prefer going home in their car or take a free ride to the local station! Sometimes, free offers aren’t always bright and full of bliss, right?! 

Image Credits: Instagram/xishiwanders

Yeah, Be Silent!

The jungle is silent? Did it stop talking? When did that happen? We really want to know about the forest that’s silent. Whoever has nailed this sign to the tree is trying to convey something to the world, but we’re still not able to crack what it is! Maybe they’re asking visitors not to disturb the sleepy lions and tigers!

Image Credits: Instagram/susaninstockholm

BIGFOOT Is On The Loose! 

What? No way— if Bigfoot is on the loose, then forget the adventure in the North American forests! But according to this warning, Sasquatch has seemingly jumped from Canadian folklore and has landed onto a camping site. What if Bigfoot is really on the loose, and this warning says not to run from him. Well, it also warns visitors not to chase the creature. We only hope that Sasquatch doesn’t end up chasing campers off the ground!

Image Credits: Instagram/squatchymountain

Judge for yourself— do these signboards foster an inner meaning apart from giving us a glimpse of hilariousness? Well, you may not know which ones from these were erected with utmost grudge and frustration! Have you put up a signboard anytime or have you come across a warning sign that left you pure splits? Share your experience with us along with your thoughts in our comments section. And please don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family!

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