Funniest Things Found On Google Street View

Aug 27, 2021Thato

When Google introduced Street View, their idea was to make it easy for people to navigate unfamiliar locations. Since they introduced it in 2007, Google Street View has helped many people navigate this ever-changing world, but it has also done one other thing. It's exposed to what people (and animals) get up to when they think no one is watching.

Image Credits: Google Street View/MikeR

Even Superheroes Need Their Rest

Google Street View captured this superhero taking a much-needed nap after a full night of fighting crime. However, he's sleeping in a fetal position, which may damage his street cred and make him an easy target for villains. 

Image Credits: Google Street View/JonRafman

Pink Hair Don't Care

This good samaritan looked to have had a big night painting the town pink and decided to rest on the pavement—a decision they regret, even more so because it's now embedded on the internet forever. Now the whole world knows that they wear uggs.

Image Credits: Google Street View/Google Street View Guy

Money Heist: Italy

Google Street View captured these guys in Italy. They looked like they were on their way to either a costume party or a real-life enactment of Money Heist. But with the way things are going in the world, they may just be a bunch of regular guys in hazmat suits taking a stroll.

Image Credits: Google Street View/MikeR

Get The Whoof Out of Here

This dog wasn't too happy when he saw a Google camera trying to take pictures. It decided to do something about it, and that's the last anyone heard of it. But legend has it the dog got ahold of the camera and is now preparing to release a video about what happened that day.

Image Credits: Google Street View

Stay Out of Cats' Business

This cat looks like it's just woken up from a nap only to find an unwelcome visitor and it's home. Google Street View captured this very confused-looking cat hanging out in a cat sanctuary at the Largo di Torre Argentina in Rome, Italy.

Image Credits: Reddit/Belocity

Waking Up in Strange Places

A lot is going on in this picture. First, let's ignore the disappearing dog and focus on the man who seems to have woken up in the trunk of someone's car. It's unclear if someone put him there and left or if he just wondered in the somehow, only he knows.

Image Credits: Google Street View


There are very few things that are as embarrassing as falling off a bike in the middle of traffic. But what makes this worse is the timing; Google was able to get a perfect shot of this biker as they were falling. 

Image Credits: Google Street View/Google Street View Guy

The Gothic Mannequin

This mannequin looks like it fell straight out of Marylin Manson's truck. Everything about it screams haunted house. There so many questions surrounding it. Who left it there? What happened to its other leg? Imagine stopping at a traffic light late at night and seeing this mannequin on the side of the road.

Image Credits: Google Street View/Google Street View Guy


If you ever wondered whether or not there's life on other planets, Google Street View looks to have found the answers. It captured what looks like a metallic UFO that may or may not be from this planet. Let's just hope that it comes in peace.

Image Credits: Google Street View

Seeing Double

Google Street View seems to have captured what looks like evidence of a parallel universe, or it may be its just two elderly twins wearing the same clothes. But it truly is a bizarre picture. After all, how many elderly twins have you seen wearing the same clothes?

Image Credits: Google Street View/JonRafman

What is Going on?

There's so much going on in this picture that it's tough to figure what exactly was happening. There's a ballerina, four bystanders, and a man sleeping on the side of the road. My best guess is that they acted out a very unusual broadway scene before Google decided to interrupt them.

Image Credits: Google Street View

Caught In The Act

This image looks like the cops were in the middle of breaking up a fight. But this picture raises many questions, like why is that woman sitting in a desk chair? Is she working, or did she just want front row seats to the action?

Image Credits: Google Street View

Getting Away From The Scene

Google Street View caught these young men fleeing the scene of what appears a crime. But what's even more bizarre is that they are holding on to cardboard boxes. So it's either they stole them or were just trying to get as far away as possible.

Image Credits: Google Street View/JonRafman

A Giant Ninja Turtle 

Google Street View spotted this giant turtle taking a shortcut on the grass in his skimobile while wearing a safety helmet. It is proving once again that you're never too big to wear a helmet or ride a skimobile.

Image Credits: Google Street View/StreetViewFun

The Man In The Blue Mask

This is one of the strangest pictures ever to be taken on Google. Not only is the man wearing a blue wrestling mask, but he's also riding a dog like it's a racehorse. The poor dog looks like it has been through better days. Hopefully, PETA sees this photo.

Image Credits: Google Street View

Project Nine Eyes

Artist Jon Rafman started a photo project called The Nine Eyes of Google Street View, where he aimed to collect beautiful and unusual images captured by Google. He named the project after the nine lenses mounted on a Google Street View car. And this is one of the pictures in that collection.

Image Credits: Google Street View/JonRafman

Have a Coke

This man didn't take kindly to being under surveillance. He looks to have thrown an object at the Google camera. Luckily, he has a lousy aim; otherwise, we wouldn't be able to show you this bizarre photo.

Image Credits: Google Street View

Someone Stood Santa Up

Google Street View managed to capture a rare picture of what Santa Clause looks like on a regular day. With a white beard and a red jumpsuit, this strange man looks like he's been stood there a while and wasn't too pleased with the camera looking in on him.

Image Credits: Google Street View

Taming a Free Sprit

This picture of a man trying to tame an agitated horse also belongs to Jon Rafman's photo collection. The Nine Eyes of Google Street View photo album was originally published in 2011 and contains several other fascinating images.

Image Credits: Google Street View/JonRafman

Japanese Pigeon People

Google captured a rare picture of the infamous Japanese Pigeon People from Tokyo. The photo of these strange characters was taken at a sidewalk in Tamagawa-Josui, a tiny channel in the Musashino district of West Tokyo.

Image Credits: Reddit/bawsinmymouth

This Is a Stick Up

Google looks to have caught two little kids in the middle of a make-believe robbery. These little boys play with their toy guns in the park with adult supervision, which isn't so bizarre. But what if we told you those were real guns, and that was an actual robbery?

Image Credits: Google Street View

Caught In The Act II

Google Street View caught these people trying to hide a body in the back of their truck. The Google camera had taken photos of people who looked to be committing crimes, but then it turned out to be nothing. So are these people hiding a body, or are they just giving their pass-out friend a ride?

Image Credits: Google Street View/JonRafman

Horsing Around

The last thing anyone on Google Street View was expecting to see was a horse eating a banana while having tea with a flamingo. The Google camera took this picture of the man with a horse head sitting on the road's side in Canada.

Image Credits: Google Street View

What Are Those?

Someone decided to wrap mannequins in duct-tape and throw them in the dumpster. Or at least we hope those are mannequins; one of them looks too perfectly formed to be a mannequin. Which means only one thing… It's a robot.

Image Credits: Google Street View

When Money is Tight

Whatever you do, make sure your funeral insurance is paid up. You don't want your coffin to be on the back of a bicycle like the one in this image. We can only hope that the coffin was empty, but if it wasn't, then we can only imagine what happened at the funeral.

Image Credits: Google Street View/Google Street View Guy

The Disappearing Car

At first glance, this looks like a typical picture of a woman passing by. But if you take a closer look at the car that's parked on the side of the road, you'll notice that it looks like its fading away. It's hard to tell if that car is really disappearing or just a cool optical illusion.

Image Credits: Google Street View

Single Monsters Club

If you ever wondered what the main characters in horror films do during the day, Google finally has the answer. They all come together to and try to hijack cars on the backroads. Afterall scaring people all night isn't going to pay the bills. 

Image Credits: Google Street View/JonRafman

Reaching For The Stars

Google Street View captured this man having the time of his life. Have you ever seen someone being this happy while mowing the lawn? There's no doubt that whatever song he's playing on his headphone is hit.

Image Credits: Google Street View/streetviewfun

Over the last 13 years, Google Street View has managed to capture people in their natural habitat doing bizarre things that they wouldn't normally do in public. So next time you think about doing something crazy when you think no one is looking, remember that Google Street View might just be around the corner.

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