The Weirdest Cults Around The World

Cults have been around for thousands of years, and one of the worst things about them is that they prey on the weak and innocent. They make promises about a better life and suck people in without their knowledge. The leaders benefit in many ways thanks to money and even some depraved acts. Eventually, people think that the weirdest things are the norm, and most cannot see that they have been inducted into a cult. Let’s find out more about these weird groups, including one that was recently the source of a huge human trafficking scandal!

The Branch Davidians

This sect was created in the 1950s, but the leader, David Koresh, became immensely powerful in the 1980s. Although the original founder was Benjamin Roden, Koresh called himself “the last prophet”. The group was initially a division of the Shepherd's Rod/Davidians, which was an American branch of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Image credits: Drivepedia

Image credits: Drivepedia

Koresh got the members of the branch to believe that he was a representative of God, and he often convinced minors to commit illegal things like sexual relations. After the FBI got the case, they sieged their Mount Carmel Center property. It took 51 days and around 76 people died, including the infamous leader. Evidence found later revealed that they didn’t even call themselves Branch Davidians anymore and had stolen the identities of the church members to buy the Mount Carmel Center ranch.

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