Most Hilarious Texts Parents Ever Sent to Their Kids

We all love sending texts messages, and when our parents embraced technology, everything became even simpler. However, the drawback is that you might send your mom the wrong text and vice versa. The following pictures show the weird, but funny, side of your parents using smartphones. Let's take a look!


Image credits: Pinterest

Image credits: Pinterest

Moms are always looking to get their daughters married. Things might be different with women embracing feminism, but we know that there are still people out there always on the lookout for the perfect boy for their girls. This mother, on the other hand, was making fun of the fact that her daughter is single, and it’s hilarious. Although, we feel a little sad for the girl because who knows what’s going on in her life that she is not dating at the moment. We applaud the mother, however, for having a great sense of humor.

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