30 of the Most Expensive Celebrity-Owned Superyachts

We all know that celebrities live luxurious lives that we wish we had. With all of the attention they get, being recognized almost everywhere they go, how do they get away from it all? Well, they hop on their megayachts, of course! The most famous Hollywood celebrities, musicians, and business people have incredible yachts that will make you gasp. Let's get right to it!

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Topaz

Image Credits: Finance101

Image Credits: Finance101

Although Leo DiCaprio doesn't own this superyacht, it is the boat he likes to party in, and he pays a lot for this privilege. Apparently, the yacht costs 3,750,000 euros to charter for a week. In 2014, the actor famously threw an 80s themed party aboard, which may have been inspired by his work on the "Wolf of Wall Street." Famous guests included Orlando Bloom, Jamie Foxx, and many others.

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