Extremely Dangerous Jobs Of The 20th Century

Are you familiar with the expression "it's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it?" It can apply to many of the dangerous jobs that we have listed here. Wherever people live, they need to provide for their families, and throughout time, people have pushed themselves to accomplish great things. Whether they were building extraordinary monuments like the Eiffel Tower or coming up with life-changing products, people have always worked through tough situations. Would you have managed one of these jobs?

It Was A Dangerous Job, But Someone Had To Carve The Presidents Into Mt. Rushmore

Image Credits: HistoryDaily

Image Credits: HistoryDaily

In the 20s, as South Dakota state historian Doane Robinson wanted to boost tourism in the Black Hills, he had the idea of carving historical figures into massive granite pillars. Eventually, the site chosen was Mount Rushmore. Work began in 1927; 400 workers were tasked with chiseling their way into the mountain, removing 450,000 tons of rock as they sculpted the famous faces.

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