It's Not Junk! 35 Items That Are Worth Big Buck

Do you have thousands of dollars' worth of collectibles in your house? Well, if you have any of the items on this list, you just might! Everyone has a few items lying around the house or in an attic that just seem to be worthless. From old toys to clothing, and even old books and magazines...but don't throw anything out before reading this article. If you have any of the items on the list, you'll thank me later.

1. Nintendo Game Boy

One of the seminal video game machines of the 80s, the Game Boy was one of the first viable portable consoles. Most models will sell for around $10-20, but there are a few special limited edition ones that sell for insane prices. The special editions released only in Japan for the initial Pokemon games can go from anywhere between $750-2000 if they are boxed and in mint condition. One rare prototype went as high as $4000 in August 2019.

Image credits: wikimedia commons

Image credits: wikimedia commons

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