The Best Wrong Number Texts

Everyone has accidentally called or texted the wrong number, at least, once in their life, and it’s not something to remember most of the time. The person will tell you, “Oh, sorry, wrong number. Bye.” However, the following conversations prove that some people are way more hilarious than others as they decided to keep the texts going. Some even sent the best memes and pictures for the occasion. Let’s discover more!


Image credits: Bored Panda

Image credits: Bored Panda

While none of us are medical experts, there is a high chance that the patient has the aortoiliac occlusive disease, which is the blockage of the aorta, the most important blood vessel in the human body. It could also be an obstruction of the iliac arteries, which are the branches that the aorta forms starting at the belly button to give blood to your legs as well as the organs in your lower body. What happens is that the buildup of plaque stops the blood from flowing. The aorta and iliac arteries are the 2nd most affected by the peripheral arterial disease, but the 1st blood vessels are those in the thigh. It even affects 12-20% of people over 65 years old.

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